Mills County, Iowa
Pacific Grove ~ Martin Chapel Cemetery
Veteran Burials

Anglen, Clarence E. WW2 Y East 6
Baker, James (maybe) GAR GAR marker/wooden cross Between two trees.
Baldwin, Thomas J. Confederate Y West 24
Barker, Scott Vietnam Y East 7
Bartles, Harold P. WW2 Y West 3
Blowers, Richard Vietnam Y West 37
Blunt William Civil War - Confederate Y (small stone on north hillside, maybe) West 6
Booton, George M. GAR Y West 4
Brown, Frank GAR Y West 8
Burgess, Kenneth B. Vietnam Y East 2
Carpenter, Boyd D. WW2 Y East 3
Clark, Erwin M. WW2 Y East 9
Clark, James H. GAR Y (back west area) West 44
Curtis, Gene Korea Y West 3
Curtis, Jack W. Korea Y West 3
Evans, Dale R. Sr. Vietnam Y East 1
Evans, David E Sr. Vietnam Y East 12
Evans, Donald Vietnam Y (veteran) East 12
Fager, Orville C. WW2 Y East 1
Fisher, A. L. Jr. WW2 Y East 7
Fisher, Caleb GAR Y West 9
Fisher, Clarence E. Korea Y West 4
Fisher, Clarence E. Spanish American Y West 5
Fisher, Frank C. F. WW2 Y West 2
Fisher, Joe Korea Y East 9
Fisher, Leonard E. WW2 Y (American Legion) West 12
Fisher, Michael D. Vietnam Y (American Legion) West 12
Fisher, Raymond L. WW2 Y East 8
Fisher, Wilbur L. WW2 Y West 14
Fleming, Duane Erman Vietnam Y West 15
Frazier, Charles E. Korea Y East 10
Fuhrman, William Korea Y East 3
Gamblin, John P. GAR Y West 38
Goodreau, Elmer WW2 Y (back west area) West 44
Goodreau, William W. WW2 Y (under tree) West 47
Green, William O. Jr. WW2 Y West 9
Gregg, Robbie Persian Gulf Y West 39
Hammers, Joseph E. WW2 Y East 4
Hammers, Joseph K. WW2 Y East 4
Harless Bernard WW2 Y East 12
Harms, Donald W. Korea Y West 24
Harris, Alfred E. WW2 Y East 14
Henton, Francis M. GAR Y (back west area) West 44
Howard, Asa GAR Y West 19
Hughes Charles E. Vietnam None East 3
Hunter, John W. GAR Y East 15
Janssen, Edward H. WW2 Y East 5
Kilgore, Levi GAR Y West 7
Lanum, Ray L. Korea Y West 15
Livengood, Andrew J. WW2 Y East 15
Livengood, Elmer WW1 Y East 6
Livengood, Elmer WW2 Y East 14
Livengood, Freddie WW2 Y (American Legion) East 14
Lundy William H Sr. Korea Y West 34
Matteson, Charles J. WW1 Y East 11
Miles, Lee A. Korea Y East 9
Monroe, James C. WW2 Y West 28
Morris, Ronald L. Vietnam Y West 28
Nuss, Gerald E. WW2 Y East 14
Oswald, Charles H. Vietnam Y West 6
Owens, Edmund WW1 Y West 5
Parham, Thomas A. WW2 Y East 14
Perdue, Darrell F. WW2 Y West 29
Perry, Donald D WW2/Korea Y East 5
Perry, Roy D WW2 Y East 5
Pont, Leroy R. unknown Y (American Legion) West 12
Prax Francis Korea/Vietnam Y West 30
Richardson, Robert T. Korea/Vietnam Y West 4
Richmond, Lester R. Korea Y West 38
Rupe, James H. WW2 Y East 11
Savage, Holis C. Vietnam Y West 7
Scott, George Vietnam Y West 26
Shannon, Jerry Korea/Vietnam Y West 6
Shannon, Larry R. Korea Y West 6
Shannon, Roy O. WW1 Y West 6
Shannon, Terry E. WW2 Y West 6
Smith, Joseph E. WW2 Y West 29
Sweeny, John GAR Y West 22
Thomas, Marlin R. Sr. Korea Y (American Legion) East 15
Turner Oscar L. WW2 Y West 28
Turner, Jack L. Korea Y East 10
Turner, Otis Sr. Korea Y West 28
Vanderpool, Clifford WW2 Y East 11
Wade, Leonard R. Vietnam Y West 38
Williams Donald D. National Guard West 3
Williams, Virgil H. Vietnam Y West 28
Wilson, Alfred Tex Korea Y West 14
Wingfield, James M. Vietnam N West 28
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Submitted by Scott C. Larson

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