Mills County, Iowa
Pacific Grove ~ Martin Chapel Cemetery
East Row Burials

Rows - East 1- 15
Section and Row
Anglen, Clarence E. 13-Mar-1912 4-Jan-1981 WW II, father East-6
Anglen, Roger Joe 5-May-1905 5-May-1905 Mortuary marker East-11
Anglen, Sam L. Sr. 5-Nov-1934 22-Aug-1989 - East-6
Anglen, Sharon L. 14-Dec-1937 no data - East-6
Baker, Jesse 14-Feb-1904 30-May-1975 - East-13
Barker, Darlene Kite 20-Dec-1921 4-Apr-1999 Mother of Scott Barker, Kenneth, Gen, and Bill Kite East-7
Barker, Scott 7-Sep-1961 13-Jun-1987 Earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal East-7
Bents, John H. 25-Mar-1905 12-Sep-1974 - East-13
Bents, Mabel 24-Mar-1905 16-Jun-1905 - East-13
Bernhardt, Viola Lavonne 10-Jan-1928 3-May-1973 Mother East-12
Burgess, Kenneth B. 28-Feb-1952 3-Sep-1989 Vietnam, US Air Force, A free spirit. We will always love and miss him East-2
Carpenter, Boyd D. 6-Jun-1920 2-Mar-1987 Cpl, US Army, WWII East-3
Chapin, Chontelle Ann no data no data 1-Feb-75 East-13
Clark, Erwin Milton 14-Nov-1917 6-Jun-1956 IA PVT, Co.I, 168 Inf. WW II, BSM East-9
Clark, Lorenzo D. 23-Feb-1905 11-May-1905 - East-9
Clark, Roy M. 1-Apr-1911 26-Nov-1989 - East-9
Davis, Lora 16 Apr 1891 20-Apr-1976 - East-4
Drews, James Warren A. no data no data Wooden cross only East-10
Essy, Edward Jr. 4-Oct-1960 3-May-1973 Son East-12
Essy, Elaine Elizabeth 21-Apr-1958 3-May-1973 Daughter East-12
Etherington, Billy 11-Apr-1905 10-Jun-1905 - East-8
Etherington, Evelyn 15-Feb-1905 6-May-1905 Wife East-9
Etherington, Harry 14-Feb-1905 5-May-1905 - East-9
Etherington, Harry Ernest 9-Sep-1901 26-Feb-1981 - East-9
Etherington, Marjorie 2-Aug-1911 3-May-1981 - East-9
Evans, Carol I. 2-May-1947 no data - East-1
Evans, Dale R. Sr. 13-Dec-1945 5-May-1999 Vietnam, FOE Emblem, married 25 Jun 1966 East-1
Evans, David E. Sr. 30-Apr-1947 6-Nov-1990 Vietnam, married Aug 5, 1971 East-12
Evans, Janice M. 24-Jun-1936 no data - East-12
Evans, Russell D. 30-Jun-1915 11-Sep-1977 - East-12
Evans, Selma A. 21-May-1918 5-May-1982 - East-12
Fader (sic), Alvin 9-Mar-1905 24-May-1905 Father East-2
Fader (sic), Nell 10-Mar-1905 18-May-1905 Mother East-2
Fader, Infant no data no data - East-10
Fader, Ivan no data no data - East-10
Fader, Joseph no data no data - East-10
Fager (sic), Orville C. 12-Jun-1913 22-Sep-1976 PFC, US Army, WW II East-1
Farrell, Billy no data no data Stone on ground East-14
Farrell, Bruce David 15-May-1955 18-May-1955 - East-14
Fisher, Abe L. 17-Mar-1905 no data - East-11
Fisher, Abraham Lincoln 7-Nov-1925 24-Oct-1976 US Navy, WW II East-7
Fisher, Dean C. 18-Apr-1905 18-Jun-1905 - East-10
Fisher, Edith Lavonne no data no data 1927, dau of Erdis & J. East-8
Fisher, Erdis C. 21-Mar-1905 27-May-1905 M. 25 Jul 1923 East-8
Fisher, Hazel P. 27-Jun-1907 8-Jul-1975 - East-8
Fisher, J. L. (Jay) 16-Mar-1905 8-Jun-1905 Married 25 Jul 1923 East-8
Fisher, Jerry 22-Aug-1937 28-Mar-1946 Son of Mr.& Mrs. R.B. East-10
Fisher, Joe 11-Apr-1905 23-Jun-1905 Korea East-9
Fisher, John A. 20-Feb-1905 12-May-1905 - East-5
Fisher, Leon 26-Apr-1905 6-May-1905 - East-11
Fisher, Linnie E. 21-Mar-1905 25-May-1905 M. 13 Dec 1923 East-11
Fisher, Lola E. 21-Feb-1905 29-Apr-1905 - East-5
Fisher, Raymond L. (Jarb) 22-Mar-1905 27-May-1905 PVT, US Army, married Aug 1929 East-8
Fisher, Robert B. 20-Jun-1901 28-Feb-1979 Father East-10
Fisher, Sela M. 20-Mar-1905 14-Jun-1905 Mother East-10
Fisher, Vern Leroy 25-Apr-1905 26-Apr-1905 Son of J. & Erdis East-8
Fisher, Vesta May no data no data 1924, dau. of Erdis & J. East-8
Fisher, William L. 13-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905 Father East-9
Fisher, Zilla E. 20-Feb-1905 8-May-1905 - East-9
Frazier, Charles E. 22-Apr-1905 25-May-1905 - East-10
Frazier, Laura L. 24-Apr-1905 no data - East-10
Fuhrman, Janice C. 21-Nov-1936 12-May-1988 - East-3
Gearhart, Mildred M. 18-Mar-1905 29-Apr-1905 Dau.of Alex & Iva Hunter East-13
Hammers, Betty J. 18-Apr-1905 no data - East-4
Hammers, Clyde 1-Mar-1905 2-Sep-1975 - East-4
Hammers, Joseph E. 18-Apr-1905 8-Jun-1905 - East-4
Hammers, Joseph Keith 31 Apr 1956 14-Mar-1987 US Navy East-4
Hammers, Lena 10-Mar-1905 13-May-1905 - East-4
Hammers, Rovena 8-Apr-1905 21-Apr-1905 - East-4
Harmon, Baby no data 1-Aug-1958 Son of Joe & Lola East-5
Harris, no data no data 1957 Mortuary marker East-14
Harris, Alfred E. 8-Sep-1924 14-Jan-1992 Pvt, US Army, WW II East-14
Harris, Curtis C. 12 Aug 1886 7-Aug-1968 Father East-14
Harris, Leroy "Buck" 15-Dec-1915 9-Dec-2000 - East-14
Harris, Martha A. 25-Feb-1905 14-May-1905 Mother East-14
Honey, Edwin 24-Feb-1905 3-May-1905 - East-7
Honey, Lorraine Oshlo 19-May-1917 no data - East-7
Honey, Velma 3-Mar-1905 6-Jun-1905 - East-7
Hunt, Baby no data no data Son of Lester & Esther Fisher Hunt East-8
Hunt, Esther L. 8-Feb-1915 8-Oct-2001 - East-8
Hunt, Lester I. 26-Sep-1910 21-Sep-1997 - East-8
Hunt, Lester I.Jr. 2-Mar-1935 9-Mar-1935 - East-8
Hunter, Alex 10-Feb-1905 21-Apr-1905 - East-13
Hunter, Armitta L. 17 Dec 1845 no data His wife East-15
Hunter, Effie 12-Feb-1905 7-May-1905 - East-13
Hunter, Eugene 01 Jun 1870 18-Jan-1948 - East-15
Hunter, Frank 19-Feb-1905 10-Apr-1905 Father East-14
Hunter, Iva 25-Feb-1905 no data - East-13
Hunter, Jack 7-Feb-1905 29-Apr-1905 - East-13
Hunter, John S. 05 Apr 1836 15-Oct-1920 East-15
Hunter, John W. 25-Mar-1905 5-May-1905 - East-14
Hunter, Lester C 3-Oct-1947 4-Oct-1947 - East-13
Hunter, Lucy 14 Feb 1872 3-May-1954 - East-15
Hunter, Maude 08 Feb 1898 23-Oct-1916 - East-15
Hunter, Ollive 19-Feb-1905 26-Apr-1905 Mother East-14
Hunter, Roger L. 3-Aug-1944 4-Aug-1944 - East-13
Hunter, Violet 4-Apr-1905 9-Apr-1905 Sister East-14
Janssen, Mary Lou 28-Mar-1958 15-Feb-1959 Dau of Eddie & Leanna East-5
Janssen, Waymon baby 5-Jul-1978 16-Jul-1978 Son of Caleb and Diane East-3
King, Kenneth C. 23-Mar-1905 24-May-1905 - East-3
King, Ruth V. 27-Mar-1905 no data - East-3
Little, Orval no data no data Unmarked East-7
Little, Sterl S. 18-Mar-1905 26-Apr-1905 - East-7
Little, Vina C. 10-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905 - East-7
Little, William O. 6-Feb-1905 18-Apr-1905 - East-7
Livengood, Andrew J. 23-Mar-1905 3-Jun-1905 WW II, Son East-14
Livengood, Elmer 21-Feb-1905 17-May-1905 - East-6
Livengood, Elmer 1-Apr-1905 12-Jun-1905 Son East-14
Livengood, Freddie 21-Mar-1905 2-Jun-1905 American Legion East-14
Livengood, Samuel S. 12-Feb-1905 26-Apr-1905 Father East-6
Livengood, Sarah L. 17-Feb-1905 21-May-1905 Mother East-6
Manning, Nels no data no data Red rock cement block, no inscription East-3
Matteson, Charles J. 30 Mar 1890 11-Oct-1958 IA PFC, Co. A, 355 Inf. 89 Div WW I PH East-11
Matteson, Charlotte S. 25-Jan-1906 1-Feb-1987 Aunt Lottie East-11
Meade, Myrtle 3-Feb-1905 8-May-1905 Mortuary marker East-4
Miles, Elizabeth J. 15-Apr-1920 29-Aug-1980 Mother East-9
Miles, Lee (Alfred Lee) 1-Apr-1905 3-Dec-1977 Father East-9
Moore, Emma J. 3-Feb-1905 7-May-1905 - East-5
Moore, Eustus L. 7-Mar-1905 7-May-1905 - East-5
Moore, James A. 27-Jan-1905 23-Apr-1905 - East-5
Moore, John A. 13 Oct 1883 14-May-1958 - East-5
Nuss, Cora E. 30-Mar-1905 22-Jun-1905 Mother East-14
Nuss, Gerald E. 8-Jul-1918 11-Dec-1975 WW II, father East-14
Parham, Dorothy M. 1-Sep-1921 25-Feb-1987 - East-14
Parham, Thomas A. 7-Aug-1904 27-Jun-1978 WW II East-14
Parks, Mavis Anglen 13-Jan-1916 12-Aug-1975 Mother East-6
Perry, Roy D. 25-Mar-1905 2-Jun-1905 Pvt US Army WWII East-5
Phillips, Archie E. 6-Mar-1905 20-May-1905 - East-6
Phillips, Sara E. 9-Mar-1905 8-May-1905 - East-6
Powles, Ora Marie 26-Mar-1905 7-Jun-1905 Mother East-5
Racer, Joe no data no data No marker East-3
Rupe, Eva M. 27-Mar-1905 15-Apr-1905 - East-11
Rupe, Henrietta 18 Apr 1884 17-May-1975 - East-11
Rupe, Hobert F. 28-Mar-1905 24-May-1905 - East-11
Rupe, James Henry 20-Jan-1903 12-Aug-1969 IA SGT, US Army, WW II East-11
Rupe, Leona 24-Mar-1905 23-Jun-1905 - East-11
Rupe, Samuel L. 23-Feb-1905 30-Apr-1905 - East-11
Thomas, Marlin Raplh Sr. 15-Mar-1936 15-Mar-1995 A1C, US Air Force East-14
Thompson, Eddie 18-Mar-1942 29-Sep-1977 b.Okla. d. Neb. East-1
Turner, Jack Leroy 30-May-1938 23-Oct-1993 Father and best friend East-10
Turner, Kelly I. 28-Mar-1966 17-Feb-1988 Son East-10
Vanderpool, Clarence E. 28-Feb-1905 no data - East-11
Vanderpool, Clifford no data no data Son of Pearl & Clarence, d. Battle of the Bulge WW II East-11
Vanderpool, Pearl E. 06 Jun 1886 5-Jan-1969 - East-11
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