Student Directory, Summer 1931; Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls

Students from Marion County

Note: The students were listed by town; the transcriber has added the county. The Marion County Coordinator has added tentative identification of the parents or the young person's residence according to the 1930 census.

Name City/Twp County Parents or Residence
Black, Cleo Frances Knoxville Marion dau of Robert D. and Ollie E
Durham, Myrtelle Nadine Dallas Marion dau of Benjamin and Ethel
Flanders, Hallie Elizabeth Knoxville Marion Haddie; dau of Marcellus and Eva J.
Lewis, Richard Oral Knoxville Marion teaching in Pella, Marion Co, IA
Momyer, Marjorie Elizabeth Knoxville Marion  
Orcutt, Susie Mae Dallas Marion dau of Race Orcutt, widower
Smith, Freeda Fern Knoxville Marion  
Van Zante, Mabel Pella Marion dau of Evert A. and Tunie Van Zante
Ver Steeg, Dena Pella Marion dau of Lizzie Versteeg, widow
Visser, Isyle Fern Bussey Marion  
Stuart, Helen Faye Columbia ? Marion, Taylor or Wapello  
Coil, Helen Margaret Cooper ? Marion or Greene  
Braun, Clara Dorothy Hawkeye ? Marion, Des Moines, Fayette or Hancock.  
Braun, Helen E. Hawkeye ?Marion, Des Moines, Fayette or Hancock  
Becker, Alma Eunice Merrill ?Marion or Plymouth co.  
Givens, LaVerne Amelia Merrill ?Marion or Plymouth co.  
Kehrberg, Wilma Louise Merrill ?Marion or Plymouth co.  
Core, Mary Elizabeth Pleasantville Marion Co dau of Blaine and Mary L Core
Flanagan, Helen Rae Pleasantville ?Marion or Appanoose co. teaching in Franklin, Clinton Co, IA
Mott, Mildred Pleasantville Marion Co dau of Robert and Ellen
Rees, Genevieve Gertrude Pleasantville Marion Co dau of Charles and Lillian
Williams, Ruth Margaret Pleasantville Marion Co dau of George and Julia

Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall; reformatted by Al Hibbard, 9 Oct 2013.