Class of 1898, Monroe High School

Submitted by Michelle Amsbury, who wrote, "Here is a great photo. I always wanted to know who my Great Grandmother's classmates were. She is the one at the top by the teacher. Nina Edith Sheeler and her mother Sadie (Gray) Sheeler lived in Marion County. The girl in front on the left with the white bow is Bessie French McComas. The young girl on the far right is Florence McKee Fisher. Information given by my Grandmother Irma Nelle Hetherington Townsend." Can anyone identify the other girls and the teacher? If so, please email the county coordinator.

RESPONSE: "In the Monroe High School Alumni 1875-1985 booklet, the girls in the class of 1898 are Myrtle Comey, Bessie R. French, Margueretta Gibson, Lulu Marshall, Florence McKee and Nina Edith Sheeler. So that’s “who,” if not which ones." ~ from Mary Donahue (31 May 2008) Thanks, Mary!

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