Early Residents of Lake Prairie Township

The following is a complete list of the American pioneers who were here when the Hollanders came, and the majority of whom settled in Lake Prairie and adjoining townships in 1843-44. A number of these sold their land to the Hollanders in 1847 and moved to other parts of the country, and some remained here to become leading factors in the growth and development of Pella and vicinity. Taken from K. Van Stigt's history of Pella:

Awtry, Giles Finley, Walker Matthews, O. Raynor, James O.
    Matthews, O. Jr. Rome
Brown, Jacob C. Gillaspy, George Matthews, Simpson B.  
Buffington, James A. Gillaspy, Samuel Metz, Andrew Scott, John
Buffington, S. W.   Mikesell, John H. Stanley, Wilson
Buffington, W. H. Hall, Claiborn Miller Stevenson, S.
Buffington, A. C. Hamilton, John B. Moore, Elias  
Bambridge, Levi Hamilton, Robert ** Mudgett, John Tuttle, Thomas **
Brown, Andrew J. Howard, Charles McDermit, Wm. Tice, David

Barker, Francis A.

Harsin, G. W.   Tice, Allen
Binckly Hiskey, Daniel Nossaman, Wellington **  
  Harp, Charles Nossaman, Levi Welch, William
Clark, Green T. **     Warren, James L. Dr. **
Curtiss, Israel C. ** Iler Price, James Watts, Richard R.
Crum, Isaac   Prunty, Elias Walters, Conrad
Coakley Karr, Andrew

Parsons, S. P.

Whaley, John B.
  Karr, George Porter, Joseph Wilson, John Scott
Durham, David T. Kinney, David Peter, Samuel Wilson, Fremont

Deweese, James M.

Koons, Asa Poever, J. B. Worth, David B.
Donnell, Jonathan Karr, William   Walker. John
Donnell, Alexander B.   Reay, David Williams, William
  Lanhead, Allen Roberts, S. S.  
Earl, Daniel Launsbury   Yearns, Mordichia

** More information about these men, transcribed from the Souvenir History, will be found at Iowa Biographies Project.

Transcribed from Souvenir History of Pella, Iowa, pp. 18-19
gt/21 Nov 2006, reformatted by Al Hibbard 11 Oct 2013