A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875, Business Directory

Knoxville (City and Township)

Anderson & Collins Atty. at Law and Real Est. Dir.
Stone & Ayres Attys. and Real Estate Agents
G. K. Hart Attorney at Law and Justice of the Peace
D. C. Foster Attorney at Law and Real Estate
George Jackson Barber
B. Steunenberg Boot and Shoe Maker
Chas. Steele Blacksmith (Sec. 18)
Daniel Smick Blacksmith and Dealr. In Imported Norman Horses
John Reichard Bridge Ridr. & Stock Dir. (Sec. 11)
Phillip Stambach Bakery, Restaur'nt and Confect'ery
Andrew Shilling Carpenter (Sec. 25)
W. T Israel Carpenter
Alex S. Turner Carpenter
David W. Dukes Carpenter and Joiner
James W. Dukes Carpenter and Joiner
Geo. F. Buzzard Carpenter (Sec. 25)
Lorenzo Dickerson Cooper and Broom Mnfr.
H. J. Bonifield Contractor and Coal Miner
A. J. Kerr Dry Goods
Collins & Reed Dry G'ds, Clothing, Boots & Shoes
James McClelland & Son Furniture Dealer
John S. Bittenbender Grain Dir. and Stock Raiser
E. H. Booth Hotel, "Tremont House," Livery Stable
E. H. Amos Hotel, "Amos House," Liv'ry Stable
H. Huffman Hotel and Livery Stable
G. Z. Mulky Mason (Sec. 22)
Boyle & Black Millers, "Knoxville City Flouring Mills"
John Weaver Mason and Plasterer
Wm. Bussing & Bro. Millers, Prop'rs "City Flour Mills"
Joseph Brobst Notary Public
James Mathews & Son Nursery and Fruit Farm
J. L. McCormack Publisher Marion Co. Democrat
F. C. Barker Publisher Knoxville Journal
Ardery & Schinnick Physicians and Surgeons
Hamilton J. Scoles Physician and Surgeon
A. D. Wetherlel Physician and Surgeon
Wm. E. Wright Physician and Surgeon
N. R. & C. W. Cornell Physicians and Surgeons (Eye and Ear Specialists)
Robt. H. Pollok Pianos and Organs
Silas King Pottery Ware Man'fr (Sec 17)
E. F. Sperry Real Estate and Insurance
M. F. Marshall Surveyor (Sec. 32)
E. D. Young Undertaker and Cabinet Maker
J. M. Jones Woolen Mills
Parsons, Lytle, & Seamen Wagon & Carriage Mfrs. Blksmths.


J. R. Brobst Attorney at Law
Jacob Metz Furniture Manufacturers
S. H. Young & Co. General Merchandise
J. H. Love & Co. General Merchandise
Charles Quick Hotel "National"
Leopold Luke Hardware and Stoves
J. W. Bireley Livery Stable
C. T. McConnell Publisher Marysville Miner
Julius C. Davis Woolen Manufacturer


H. Overberg Butcher
J. & T. H. Mark General Merchandise
D. P. Cathcart General Merchandise
Norris & Barnes Hotel and Blacksmith
William H. Axline Physician
Samuel Buzard Physician and Surgeon


F. A. Harding General Merchandise


P. H. Bousquet Attorney at Law
G. P. H. Zahn Att'y, Land Agt. and Notary Public
E. Van Houten Agricultural Implements
E. R. Cassatt, Pres't
W. M. Fisher, Cashier
Bank, First National
Henry Van Maren Blksmith, and Agl. Implts. Agent
Blattner & Herbig Brewers
G. Van Vliet & Co. Bakery and Confectionery
Thomas Allun Carpenter and Joiner
Banner G. Bowen Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Notions, etc.
Kruidenier Bros. & Co. Dry Goods, Carpets, Groceries and Clothing
D. S. Huber Grain Dealer
Scolte, Beard & Co. Groceries and Crockeryware
C. Bongers Hotel, "American House"
McGaffie Bros. Lumber Dealers
Geo. Blair Livery Stable
Jasper Olney Music Dealer
Geo. C. Grout Music Dealer
Pella Manufact'ng Co.
B. F. Keable, President
J. B. Cotton, Treas. and Sec'y
G. Thomassen Miller, Flour and Woolen Mill
Masteller & Co. Publisher Weekly Pella Blade
H. Neyenesch Publisher Pella Week Blad.
B. F. Kearles Physician
N. C. Towne Real Estate Agent


J. Steiarnamann Blacksmith
Silas Gamble Carpenter and Joiner
G. W. Barrett Carpenter and Joiner
Wm. Dewrose Coal Operator
Isaac N. Crum General Merchandise
W. B. Keller General Merchandise
J. B. Hendershot Grain and Stock Dealer
Koller & Reed Millers, Propr's "Challenge Flour Mill"


Smith & Hughes General Merchandise
Riley Parker Hotel
Williams Bros. Manfrs. and Patentees Washing Machines
G. D. Lind Physician
M. J. Faivre Physician


Whitlach & Schaffer Druggists
J. T. Clark Hotel
P. M. Shaefor Physician


Abraham Erb, Sr. Boots and Shoes
Lyster McClellan General Merchandise
Harper & Robinson Publisher Inquirer


Calvin C. Wilkie Physician and Surgeon

Red Rock

E. W. Starr Attorney at Law

Liberty Township

D. J. Pack Carpenter (Sec. 26)
Chas. Perry Saw Mill (Sec. 8)

Indiana Township

J. L. Mathew Carpenter (Sec. 4)
Young Pearson Physician (Sec. 28)

Washington Township

J. T. Black General Merchandise (Sec. 31)

Franklin Township

David C. Foster Auctioneer, Dealer Fine Stock and Land (Sec. 22)
J. W. Albery Carpenter (Sec. 25)
Aaron Evans Coal Bank
J. D. South Ins. Agt. (Sec. 32)
A. A. Welsher Saw Mill (Sec. 22)
Abraham Riggle Wagon Maker (Soc. 14)

Clay Township

Jefferson Crosby Miller and Wagon Maker (Sec. 13)
Peter Sherman Stone Mason (Sec. 31)

Pleasant Grove Township

Lafayette Jolly Physician (Sec. 25)

Swan Township

James Logan Carpenter (Sec. 22)

Summit Township

S. S. Roberts Millwright (Sec. 28)


Baldwin & Mears General Merchandise


A. G. Fridley Blacksmith and Dealer in Agricultural Implements
John Willes Justice of the Peace and P. M.

Dallas (Town and Township)

A. Bau?? Coal Bank (Sec. 19)
Parker Bucklew General Merchandise

Transcribed by Greta Thompson, April 2003, reformatted by Al Hibbard 11 Oct 2013