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Shown below are veterans of World War I who came from Madison County.  Highlighted names are linked to a photo of the soldier in uniform.


Service Branch

Service Record

Farson, Frank P.    
Faux, Arthur O.   Enlisted 11 Sep 1917, discharged 28 Jul 1919
Fitzgerald, William A.    
Fogler, Guy Edwin  US Army  
Fogler, William C.    
Ford, Clair  US Army Company M 132nd Infantry, honorably discharged 11 May 1919
Ford, Eugene  US Army Company A, 168th Infantry, died 27 May 1918 in France
Foreman, James W.    
Frey, Harry Ralph    
Fry, Denton Cooper  US Army Mechanic, Company I, 76th US Infantry, 13th Division, enlisted 28 Aug 1918, discharged 27 Jan 1919
Fry, Earn  US Army Private First Class, Company K, 137th Infantry
Fry, Horace H.    
Fry, Rolland J.  US Army Sergeant, 163rd Iowa Depot Brigade
Fuson, Lester E.    
Gaekle, Rigobert    
Gallopher, Frank G.    
Gamble, Rupert W.    
Gardner, Ernest J.    
Garnett, Milton    
Garrett, Russell Raymond US Navy  
Gates, James A.    
Gettys, Loyd W.   Corporal - died 27 May 1918
Gideon, George  US Army 168th Infantry, Rainbow Division
Gilbert William J. B.    
Gilbert, Dana E.    
Gilbrech, Earl    
Gilleran, William L.    
Gillespie, Gaylord Guye  US Army Died of pneumonia 14 Oct 1918 at Camp Dodge
Gillespie, Raymond R.    
Givan, Lloyd R.  US Army  
Glass, Harry Lee    
Glover, Harold C.   Died 22 Dec 1918
Goode, Henry Harley   Enlisted 18 Sep 1917, discharged 11 Apr 1919
Goodson, John L.    
Goodwin, Arthur G.    
Gordon, Charles B. US Army  
Gordon, Willard A.    
Gorman, John C. US Army 128th Field Artillery, 35th Division
Goshorn, Robert    
Gowin, George C.  US Army Sergeant, 163rd Iowa Depot Brigade
Gray, Fred O.    
Green, Clarence R. US Army Lieutenant, Company A, 168th Infantry, died in France 27 May 1918
Green, Erastus H.    
Green, Fred E.    
Green, Lyle B.    
Greenwood, Guiher I.    
Griffith, Ray B.    
Grimes, James Arthur    
Grimes, Thomas Jefferson US Army  Horseshoer - 211th Engineer Regiment
Gripp, Alva C. US Army Corporal, Company A, 168th Infantry, died in France
Griswold, Frank C.    
Griswold, Glen H.    
Groves, James W.  US Coast Guard 16th Company, Artillery Corps, died 26 Jun 1919
Gubser, Karl H.    
Guiberson, Clarence P.    
Gundry, William H.    
Guye, Clyde V.    
Guye, Harold W.    
Gwaltney, Christopher C.    
Hagan, Fred C.    
Haltermen, Clifford J.    
Hamilton, Clair    
Hamilton, Ernest C.    
Hamilton, George    
Hamilton, Lloyd H.    
Hamilton, Murl B.    
Hammer, Roy    
Hann, Everett E. US Army Company A, 168th Infantry, died 28 May 1918 from enemy gas attack, Lorraine, France
Hann, Forrest M.    
Hansen, William    
Harmer, Stuart P.    
Harper, Willard W. US Army Company A, 168th Infantry, died 26 Aug 1919
Harrell, Everett    
Harrell, Walter    
Harris, Charles A. US Army Company C, 212th Engineers
Harris, Henry A.    
Hart, Emmett H.    
Hartfield, Thomas J.    
Hartsook, Lyle K.    
Hatfield, Klenn R.    
Hatfield, Roy L.    E3
Hawthorne, Raymond S. US Navy
Hayden, Walter W.    
Hench, Alvin US Army Private First Class, Company A, 168th infantry, died from wounds in France, 18 Oct 1918
Henderson, Francis    
Hendricks, Richard R.    
Henry, Will H.    
Herndon, Henry    
Herren, Ray M.    
Hester, Ralph G.    
Hester, Thomas M.    
Hiatt, Clell US Army Company A, 168th Iowa Infantry, died 30 Jul 1918 in the battle of Sergy
Hiatt, Verlan Odell US Army  
Hill, Orville    
Hills, Robert C.    
Hircock, Lannie R.    
Hoadley, John E. US Army Private First Class, Company L, 137th Infantry
Hodges, Bailey Ross   Fortress Monroe, Va
Hodges, Frank G.   Ft. Samuel Houston
Hodges, John W.   France
Hogan, Frederick W.    
Hogue, Grover Cleveland US Army Private, 4th Company, 163rd Depot Brigade
Holden, Harold K.    
Holderbaum, Raymond L.    
Holiday, Lloyd L.    
Homes, R. A.    
Hope, Claude A. US Army Air Corps Private
Hopkins, Dale    
Houlette, George T.    
Houlette, William D.    
House, Howard T.    
Howell, Dorwin C.    
Hubbard, Dewey    
Hubbard, Robert B.    
Huffman, Elmer P.    
Huffman, Walker G.    
Huglin, Carl Albert US Army Corporal
Hulbert, Joseph M.    
Hull, Lawrence W. US Navy  
Hultz, Loren    
Hummel, Alvin F.    
Hunter, Fred    
Hunter, Ralph B.    
Hunter, Robert L.    
Husted, Alonzo F.    
Huston, Francis W.    
Huston, J. Franklin    
Hutcheson, Charles    
Hutchinson, William E.    
Iiams, Everett    
Iiams, Henry    
Irons, Wilbur L.    
Irvin, Charles T.    
Irvin, Fred US Army Died 17 Feb 1919 at Camp Dodge from complications of being gassed
Irvin, Harry P. US Army Company A, Rainbow Division
Irvin, Hiram C. Jr. US Army Corporal, Company A, 160th Infantry, died 28 Jun 1917
Irvin, James W. US Army Company A, Rainbow Division
Irvin, Thomas H. US Army Company A, Rainbow Division
Jackson, Charles W.    
Jackson, Earl    
Jackson, Enos D.    
Jackson, Joseph T.    
Jackson, Wallace G.    
Jacobson, Arthur C.    
Jacobson, John H. US Navy Seaman, Armed Draft Detail, Navy Yard, New York, enlisted 07 Apr 1917, discharged 04 Feb 1919
James, Lloyd Sloan US Army Rainbow Division
Jamison, Gordan A.    
Jamison, John M.    
Janes, Joseph Harrison US Army  
Jefferys, Don Elbert US Army 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division, died 14 Oct 1918, buried in the Suresnes American Cemetery, France 
Jessup, Eldon H.    
Jickling, Glenn D.    
Jobson, Lindsay R.    
Johnson, Joseph Ambrose    
Johnson, Lars P.    
Johnson, Luther    
Johnson, Smith B.   Enlisted 04 Sep 1917, discharged 25 Feb 1919
Johnson, William Leo    
Johnston, Denver    
Johnston, Howard A.    
Johnston, Hugh Lloyd US Army Private, 163rd Depot Brigade
Jones, Arthur G.    
Jones, Henry N. US Army Vol. Co. A  130 MCBN, died and buried in France in 1918
Jones, Lester    
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