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Shown below are veterans of World War I who came from Madison County.  Highlighted names are linked to a photo of the soldier in uniform.


Service Branch

Service Record

Abrahams, Leonard Sylvester US Army Enlisted 15 Aug 1918, discharged Jan 1919
Acheson, Jim    
Acheson, Ray Joseph US Army Private, Company C, 101st Infantry
Ackelson, Earl Frank US Army Private, Company A, 168th Infantry
Ackelson, Vernon E. US Army Private, Company A, 168th Infantry
Adams, Buell C.    
Adams, Oren O. US Army Private First Class, Company A, 168th Infantry
Adcock, Robert G.    
Addy, Edmond T. US Army Private, Battery A, 27th Field Artillery
Addy, Everett McCleary US Army Mustered Dec 1917 into Battery E, Company C, 63rd Artillery at Ft. Flagler, Washington. Arrived in France 02 Aug 1918. Discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, 13 March 1919.
Addy, Orvy D.    
Aikin, Gilbert L.    
Aikins, Charles W. US Army Major - See obituary for details of his distinguished military career
Akin, Ray    
Akin, William D.    
Alexander, Alvin    
Alexander, Paul M. US Army Wagoner, Sup Company 2, Infantry
Alexander, Worth U.S. Army Private 1st Class  Headquarters Detachment 163 F.A. Brig Cas Det 47, 163 D.B. A.E.F. from August 18, 1918 to January 8, 1919. Enlisted at Winterset, Iowa 04 Sep 1917.  Discharged 21 Jan 1919 from Camp Dodge, Iowa.
Algreen, Bruce T.    
Algreen, Harry C.    
Allgeyer, Joe    
Allgeyer, Lloyd J.    
Amy, Clifford US Army Died of pneumonia at Camp Dix, New Jersey, 23 Sep 1918
Anderson, Charles R.    
Anderson, DeWitt B. US Army Private, Coast Artillery Corps, Enllisted 19 Dec 1917, discharged 04 Jan 1919
Anderson, Harry F.    
Anderson, John US Army  
Anderson, Nevin B.    
Anderson, Ray L.    
Anderson, Roscoe    
Anderson, Warren    
Armstrong, Ralph V.    
Atkinson, Harold P.    
Baker, Lee    
Bale, Fonso    
Ballard, Lloyd R. US Army Corporal, Company A, 168th Infantry
Banks, Leaman F.    
Banta, Floyd    
Barker, Henry R.    
Barnes, Rev. F. G.    
Bass, George    
Beach, Kenneth    
Beeler, Otto Ray US Army Mess Sergeant
Beeson, Benjamin    
Beeson, Ira M.    
Beger, William C.    
Benge, Joseph    
Benge, Harold W. US Army Company A, 168th Infantry, died in France in 1918
Benman, Frank C.    
Benman, Fred C.    
Bennett, Jasper    
Berry, Lyle    
Berry, Orra    
Bertholf, Cole    
Bertholf, Don    
Bishop, Walter Whewell US Army Enlisted 04 Sep 1918, discharged 05 Jun 1919
Black, Charles E.    
Black, Garrett DeWitt    
Blair, Charles L.    
Blair, Earnest V.    
Bole, Thomas G.    
Bond, Dale    
Bosley, Homer Dean    
Bosley, Howard K.    
Boyce, Earnest    
Brazzle, Leo L.    
Breeding, Robert A.    
Breen, George    
Breen, Patrick    
Breshears, Joseph L.    
Bricker, Charlie L.    
Bricker, Clarence G.    
Bridges, John L.    
Brittain, Alfred C.    
Brittain, William    
Brobst, Everett L.    
Brock, Raymond Ozro US Army Enlisted in 1917 and was sent to France as Sergeant with Company A. 168th Infantry, 42 Rainbow Division. While in France he was commissioned a 2nd Lieut. and assigned to Company A. 356th Infantry, 89th Division. He served through five major battles of World War I, was severely wounded and was awarded the Purple Heart.
Brooker, Clarence B.    
Brown, Claude    
Brown, Lawrence Allen US Army Enlisted 15 May 1918, discharged 18 Dec 1918
Bruett, Robert L.    
Burch, Harry E.    
Burchfield, Earl E.    
Burg, George C.    
Burg, John R.    
Burger, Albert W.    
Burger, Charles M.    
Busch, Lawrence    
Busch, Wilbur F.    
Busch, Willie A.    
Bussanmas, Frank C. US Army l09th Ammunition Train, died of septicemia, 03 Mar 1918 at Camp Cody, New Mexico
Bussanmas, Sylvester    
Cain, Edward    
Cain, Willie B.    
Caldwell, Roland J.    
Callison, Dale A.    
Callison, Thomas 75th Batallion, Canadian Infantry Died September 6, 1918, interred at Ligny-St. Flochel British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Campbell, Arthur A.    
Campbell, Carl Hamilton US Marines Corp Private, died 28 Nov 1920
Campbell, George C.    
Carey, Edgar H.    
Carey, Tobias F.    
Carey, Walter L.    
Case, William I. US Army  
Casper, Dwight    
Caudle, Leslie R.    
Chaplin, Floyd    
Chaplin, Wirt    
Chapman, Benjamin F. US Army Private, Company B, 351st Infantry
Clampitt, Frank US Army Enlisted 06 Aug 1918, released 29 Jul 1919
Clanton, Loy Orval    
Clarke, John Samuel US Navy AS2
Clausen, Walter M.    
Clearwater, Edgar    
Cline, Patrick    
Cline, Walter    
Clopton, Charles C. US Army Private, ICL 313th Field SIC Infantry, 88th Division
Cockayne, Kenneth Myles US Army Private, enlisted 11July 1918, discharged 26 July 1919
Cody, Elmer M.    
Coghlan, Clinton E.    
Cole, Glenn S.    
Collins, Edward J.    
Colton, Lloyd H.    
Compton, Clarence R. US Army 120th Infantry, Cas. Det. No 320  
Compton, Fred J. US Army Company I, 165th Infantry, 42nd Division
Compton, George L.    
Compton, Phillip W.    
Conn, Clifford C.    
Conn, Harry G.    
Conner, John A.    
Conrad, John Newton US Army Private 1st Class, 163rd Depot Brigade
Cord, John    
Corkey, Rev. J. S.    
Corkrean, James    
Countermine, Rev. J. W.    
Cox, Boyd V.    
Craven, Lawrence Lewellyn, Dr. US Army  
Crawford, George W.    
Crawford, Jacob Isaac US Army Enlisted 29 July 1918 and discharged 02 Apr 1919
Crawford, Perry K.    
Creger, Arthur D.    
Creger, Fonda    
Creger, Gail    
Creger, Merrill S.    
Criss, David H.    
Criss, J. Willard    
Criss, Leonard    
Criss, Roy J.    
Croft, Bruce C. US Army Enlisted in Company A, 168th Infantry in April, 1918, killed in action in France 15 Jul 1918.
Croft, George A.    
Croft, Hubert    
Croft, Ralph H.    
Croft, Robert L.    
Crossley, James J. US Army Lt. Colonel, 42nd & 46th Division
Crosswait, Scott T.    
Crow, Charles G.    
Crow, O. Wayne    
Cunningham, Emory H.    
Cunningham, Forest L.    
Cunningham, Fred W.    
Dabney, Richard T.    
Daugherty, Kyle    
Davidson, Henry E.    
Davis, Dall E.    
Davis, Fred N.   Died 28 May 1918
Davis, Harold James    
Davis, Rev. L. F.    
DeBok, William H.    
DeBord, Fred C.    
DeBusk, Elmer F.    
DeLong, John William US Army Company M, 328th Infantry, 82nd Division, A.E.F. Died 25 Aug 1918 in France
DeMar, Owen E.    
Dennis, John A.    
DeVault, Grover G. US Army Corporal, 26th Engineers
Dickinson, Louie L.    
Diggs, Earl    
Digs, Robert C.    
Dippold, William A.    
Doheny, Martin M   Died 28 Oct 1918, buried at sea
Donnelly, John C.    
Dooley, Thomas B.    
Dorrell, Wallace L.    
Doud, Hubert    
Douglas, Laurence R    
Dowler, Asa P.    
Downs, Abany B.    
Downs, David M.    
Downs, Joseph G. US Army Company A, 168th Infantry, died 27 May 1918 in action in France
Downs, Roy G.    
Downs, Loy H. US Army PFC, Medical Department
Drake, Alfred D.    
Drake, Edgar A.    
Drake, Edgar W.    
Dudney, Joesirous US Army Died 02 Oct 1918 at sea on way to France
Dulan, John    
Eads, Clifford C.    
Egy, Glenn    
Egy, Walter J. US Army  
Eisele, Fred H.    
Ellsbury, Earnest Ray    
Ely, Clarence S.    
Ely, Ralph D.    
Eppard, Ralph Glen US Army Corporal, died of pneumonia 19 Jan 1919 at Camp Pike, Arkansas
Epperson, Nelson    
Ergenbright, Jay W.    
Estel, Ray    
Estell, Rolla    
Evans, Alfred E.    
Evans, Chester    
Evison, Frank L.    


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