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Shown below are veterans of World War I who came from Madison County.  Highlighted names are linked to a photo of the soldier in uniform.


Service Branch

Service Record

Tate, Horace Greely US Army Private, 341st Battalion Tank Corps
Tate, John M.    
Terrill, Charles    
Terry, Ben    
Terry, Jesse    
Thayer, Fred    
Thomas, Loyal P.    
Thomas, Vern US Navy  
Thomas, Wayne    
Thomassen, Fred    
Thompson, Ray S.    
Thompson, Thomas R.    
Thomsen, Herman W.    
Thomson, Elmer    
Thomson, Mark L.    
Thornton, Neil O.    
Thrailkill, Charles A.    
Tidrick, Clarence L.    
Tidrick, Glenn Mardis US Marines  
Tilton, Theodore A.    
Toson, Olivo US Army Medical Corps, 168th Regiment, died 19 Oct 1918
Tough, Henry A.    
Tracy, Roy F.    
Travis, William US Army  
Trester, Boise    
Trotter, Charles    
Trucks, Charles Raymond    
Trundle, Alvin D.    
Trundle, Elbert H.    
Trustee, Henry William US Army Wagoner, 4th Engineers
Tucker, Charles E.    
Tucker, Grant N.    

Ugland, Oswald



Vance, Lynn



Vance, Robert N.

US Army

Company A

VanDenberg, Otto



VanScoyk, Earl B.



Victora, Fred



Voshell, Elliott B.



Waechter, Henry O.



Waechter, Loyd Ulrich

US Army

Company A 168th Infantry, died 31 Jul 1918

Wagner, Carl J.



Wagner, Daniel F.



Walker, Otis Clyde

US Army

Private, 80th Transport Division, discharged 26 Jun 1919

Walker, Raymond E.



Walker, Reid B.



Walker, Virgil C.



Walters, Cecil L.



Walters, Matt C.



Warren, Orvie P.

US Army

Dec 1917 - Mar 1919

Warrington, Rollie



Weaver, Ralph Horace

US Army


Weaver, Toot V.



Weems, William R.



Wehrkamp, Albert H.



Wehrkamp, Walter G.

US Army


Weidmann, William A.



Wesslund, Martin L.



Wesslund, Walter L.



Wharf, C. Raymond



Wharff, Cecil



White, Charles O.



White, Herbert J.



White, Frank James


Private First Class, Company A

Whitworth, Carl W.



Wilcox, Glen



Wiley, Clarence E.



Wilkins, Sidney J.



Wilkinson, George Arthur

US Army

Sergeant, Company A, 168th Infantry, died 25 Oct 1918

Wilkinson, Guy A.



Wilkinson, Neil



Willcox, St. Clair

US Army

Company A, 168th Infantry, died of pulmonary tuberculosis in France 23 Dec 1917

Williams, George T.



Williams, Kenneth E.



Williams, Ralph



Williamson, Plennie H.

US Army

Died of pneumonia 17 Oct 1918 at sea on way to France

Willis, George



Willrich, Charles E.



Wilson, Dempsey E.



Wilson, Embree



Wilson, Ersie L.



Wilson, James E.



Wilson, John R.


Enlisted 21 Feb 1918, discharged 03 Mar 1919

Wilson, Lewis F.



Wilson, Walter I.

US Army

Died of pneumonia 15 Oct 1918 at Camp Dodge

Winters, Malcom D.



Wintrode, John H.

US Army

Sergeant, Company A, 168th Infantry

Wirth, Edward


Died 1918

Wise, Laurence M.



Wishmier, Henry C.



Witt, Archie



Witt, Ralph P.



Wood, Hallie R.



Woodruff, Edward R.



Woodward, Floyd


Corporal died 

Woodward, Willis Floyd

US Army

Corporal, Company A, 168th Infantry, died of wounds 15 Sep 1918

Wright, Fred F.



Wright, Lark



Wright, Lyle



Wright, William O.



Young, Alfred R.



Young, Charles A.

US Army

Company 4. A.R.D., died of wounds 06 Nov 1918 in France

Young, Elmer J.



Young, Harrison W.



Young, Harley E.

US Army

Private, Company A, 168th Infantry, died 04 Feb 1919 in France

Young, Ted



Youngman, Fred P.



Youngquist, Martin G.



Zeller, Joseph W.




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