Shown below are veterans of World War I who came from Madison County.  Highlighted names are linked to a photo of the soldier in uniform.


Service Branch

Service Record

Palmer, Floyd US Army Private, 4th Replacement & Training Regiment
Palmer, James D.    
Palmer, John W. US Army 339 Field Artillery
Parker, Albert T.    
Parker, Clarence E.    
Patterson, Bradley M.    
Paul, Elmer J. US Army 302nd Infantry
Paullin, Raymond A.    
Peak, Bruce    
Peter, J. Michael    
Peters, Frank Robert US Army Private, Company D, 120th Machine Gun Battalion
Peters, Michael Irvin US Army Company B, 349th Infantry, died 27 Sep 1918
Peterson, Charles R.    
Peterson, Rudolph H.    
Peterson, Theodore A.    
Phillip, Don P.    
Phillip, Roy B.    
Phillips, Edwin G.    
Phillips, John Gaylord US Army Private
Phillips, Mansell L. US Army 13th Field Artillery, died 27 Oct 1918
Phillips, Russell L.    
Piatt, Lester L.    
Pilcher, Charley R.    
Pinckney, Ernest E.    
Pindell, Merl L.    
Pitcock, Eli W.    
Pitcock, George    
Poindexter, Charles R.    
Porter, Harold V.    
Powell, Ernest E.    
Powers, Everett   Died 27 May 1918
Preston, Leslie M.    
Price, Charles P.    
Price, Raymond Robert US Army Sergeant, Signal Corps, died of service related diseases 19 Sep 1919.
Pritchard, Charles US Army 84th Brigade, 42nd Division, Infantry, died 06 Sep 1917
Pritchard, Elias    
Pritchard, Sam    
Proctor, John H.    
Pullman, Emerald A. US Army Corporal, Supply Company, 139th Infantry, 35th Division
Pyle, Earl W.    
Ramsey, Fred William US Army Private, 42nd Rainbow Division, 168th Infantry
Ramsey, Worth J.    
Ray, Fred J.    
Reed, Almond F. US Army Inducted May 27, 1918, Company E, 349 Infantry, 88th Four Leaf Clover Division, 2nd Battalion, mustered out 11 June 1919
Reed, Eddie US Army Enlisted May 13, 1918, discharged August 3, 1919
Reed, John F.    
Rees, George W.    
Rehard, Floyd E.    
Reigle, Lloyd A. US Army Enlisted 29 July 1918 and was discharged 08 Feb 1919
Reinhart, Leo M.    
Rhoades, Ross    
Rhodes, Earl H.    
Richmond, Nelson G. US Navy Died 12 Aug 1919
Ritter, Ernest J.    
Roach, D. C.    
Roach, Harry D.    
Roberts, James US Army Company I, 110th Infantry, discharged 24 May 1919
Robinson, Everett Lee US Army  
Robshaw, Floyd    
Rogers, Lewis Porter US Army 1st Lieutenant, Company A, 124th Machine Gun battalion, died 27 Sep 1918, France
Rogers, Ned H. US Army Died 31 Jul 1918, France
Rose, Russell    
Ross, Robert L.    
Roth, Joseph Syperanis US Army  
Rowe, Galen Evan Sr.    
Rowe, Maurice D.    
Rowe, Neil F.    
Rowe, Thomas P.    
Rush, Joseph H.    
Ruth, William H.    
Saffell, Homer L. US Army Corporal, Battery F, 336th Field Artillery
Salsbury, Jesse Russell US Army Died 26 May 1918, France
Sandridge, David P.    
Sands, Sammy R.    
Sawhill, George US Navy  
Sawhill, Raymond    
Sawyer, John K. US Army  
Sayre, Glenn S.    
Seidler, Walter    
Severns, William B.    
Seward, Earl J.    
Seward, Lyle W. US Army Private First Class, 210th Engineers
Sexton, Harold M.    
Sexton, Ralph B.    
Shackelford, Howard    
Shade, George W.    
Shearer, Claude M.    
Shoemaker, Glenn    
Shoemaker, William H. US Army Corporal, Company A, 168th Infantry, died 26 Jul 1918
Shutt, Walter J.    
Silliman, James W.    
Silliman, Walter C.    
Simmons, John I.    
Simon, Lee R.    
Simpson, B. H.    
Sisk, Francis    
Slavens, Nitus S.    
Slayden, Fred M. US Army 313 Trench Mortar Battery, 163 Artillery Brigade, died 16 Jan 1918
Slick, Benjamine D.    
Sloan, James Lloyd US Army Private 1st Class, Company A, 168th Infantry, enlisted 09 Apr 1917, discharged 19 Mar 1919
Smalley, Anson J.    
Smith, Ellis C.    
Smith, Elmer E. US Army Private, Company L, 87th Infantry
Smith, Glen F.    
Smith, Glenn F.    
Smith, Harry H.    
Smith, Herbert L.    
Smith, Hugh    
Smith, James A. US Army Private First Class, 306th Battalion Tank Corps
Smith, Jay Earl US Army Private, Company G, 312th Infantry
Smith, Joseph    
Smith, Marcus M.    
Smith, Ralph C.    
Smith, Robert Albert Roy US Army  
Smith, Roscoe B.    
Spain, Francis J.    
Spain, Anthony    
Spence, James A.    
Spence, Thomas    
Spencer, David T.    
Spencer, James A.    
Spencer, Lloyd H.    
Spencer, Myron L.    
Spencer, Ralph V.    
Spera, Raymond Eugene US Army 88th Infantry
Stanford Fred    
Steele, Edward L.    
Steele, Jay W.    
Steen, William H.    
Steiger, Marquis    
Stephenson, Elmer    
Stephenson, John US Army Enlisted 22 Jul 1918, discharged 04 Mar 1919
Stout, George    
Stout, Lylton    
Stout, Rufus    
Street, James O.    
Strong, Arthur R.    
Sulgrove, Everett S.    
Sulgrove, George B.    
Sulgrove, Orie    
Sulgrove, Willard M.    
Switzer, Harry Merrill    


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