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Shown below are veterans of World War I who came from Madison County.  Highlighted names are linked to a photo of the soldier in uniform.


Service Branch

Service Record

Kalbach, Harry W.    
Kale, Harry Wilson US Army Private, enlisted 24 Jun 1918, discharged 11 Jun 1919
Keeney, Earl Elmer US Army Private, Company C, 132nd Engineers
Kelleher, Louis J.    
Kemper, Karl    
Kemplin, Harvey    
Kemplin, Riley William. US Army Private, Company E, 307th Infantry, enlisted 22 July 1918, discharged 18 May 1919
Kent, Fred Henry US Army Private
Kerns, Walter A.    
Kerr, Ray    
Killen, Don J.   Died 14 Sep 1919
King, Harry C.    
Kinnarid, Everett    
Kirby, William W.    
Kirvin, Vincent Patrick US Army Killed in action in France, 17 Sep 1918
Kitt, Guy Ralph US Army Private
Kivett, Eugene M.    
Kivett, Lee H.    
Knight, Francis A.    
Knox, Joseph W.    
Kohl, Leo M.    
Krell, Stanley M.    
Krogh, Jens J.    
Krugler, Clarence W.    
Laughlin, G. D.   Corporal died 1918
Laughlin, James Edward US Navy Died of pneumonia at Seattle, Washington, 8 Oct 1918
Laughlin, Joseph T.    
Laughlin, Martin P.    
Laughlin, Pete M.    
Leach, William Ray    
Leggett, Walter Rex    
Lehman, Ralph M.    
Lenocker, George E.    
Lenz, Frank J.    
Leonard, Byram    
Leonard, John D.    
Lewis, Ralph William "Monk" US Army Private, enlisted 26 May 1918, discharged 19 Apr   1919
Lewis, Robert J.    
Lewman, Neb US Army Cook, Company H, 335th Infantry
Lillard, Max M.    
Linge, Thorvald N. US Navy Enlisted 23 May 1917, discharged 02 Oct 1920
Little, Arthur    
Little, Clarence V.    
Little, Hiram C. US Army Horseshoer, 168th US Infantry
Little, Russell G.    
Livingston, Forest O.    
Looper, Lacy Vern US Army Private First Class, Company L, 351st Infantry
Lucas, William Robert    
Luddington, Wallace W.   Died 15 Jul 1918
Lull, Alonzo J.    
Lundgren, Morton    
Lyon, William R.   Died
Mack, Bernal Buford US Army  
Mackey, Eilbert E.    
Macy, Edgar W.    
Mahannah, Starr S.    
Maher, William J.    
Manders, Frank    
Manthei, Carl C. US Army Inducted into Company H, 303 Engineers 05 Oct 1917, promoted Corporal 21 Nov 1817, Sergeant 05 Feb 1918, discharged 21 Apr 1919
Markley, Eugene V.    
Marley, Thomas F.    
Marquardt, August C.    
Marquardt, Oscar E.    
Marsh,Charles A.    
Martens, Fred B.    
Martin, Lester R.    
Martin, Willis L.    
Martino, Ernest    
McAtee, William J.    
McCauley, Alec D.    
McCauley, James S. US Army Private, Company A, 129th Infantry
McClure, William P.    
McComb, Lynn T.    
McCombie, Harry    
McCombie, Harry E. US Army Rainbow Division - France
McCulley, Everett    
McDaniel, David R.    
McDaniel, Francis M.    
McDonald, Lee    
McDonald, William Wallace    
McFadden, Samuel    
McGowan, Nile A.   Corporal died 1919
McKibban, Glenn A.    
McKibban, Lee V.    
McKibban, Nelson J.   22 July 1918 - 18 Dec 1918 
McKinney, Luther Crit US Army Private, Company F, 315th Engineers, survived the war.
McLennan, Mervyn D.    
McNamara, Eugene    
McNamara, John J.    
McNamara, Richard    
McNeley, Charles F.    
McPherson, Fletcher D.    
Mease, Jay L.    
Mendenhall, Ed S.    
Mewhirter, Fay B.    
Meyer, Fred W.    
Michiner, Howard P.    
Miller, Alfred    
Miller, Elmer R.    
Miller, Fred M.    
Miller, John Abraham    
Minard, Ralph D.    
Mleynek, Charles P.    
Moats, Felix E.    
Moffitt, James E.    
Moody, John F.    
Moore, Edgar A.    
Moreland, John J.    
Morey, Ralph M.    
Morford, Fred H.    
Morgart, Ralph John   Died in service 12 Oct 1918.
Morris, Vera E.    
Motcow, John US Army Private
Mount, Jay A.    
Mullins, Dale W.    
Neal, Frank    
Neff, Lawrence Edward US Army Company 10 SATC, died of disease at Ames, Iowa, 13 Oct 1918
Neff, Maurice L.    
Nelson, Bert, William US Army Private First Class
Nichols, Elijah    
Nichols, George R.    
Nierman, Fred C.    
Norman, Clarence G.    
Norman, Norwood    
Norris, Buril J.    
Null, Alden E.    
Null, Carlton    
Nunan, John P.    
Ogburn, Arthur    
Ogburn, Martin US Navy Water tender
Ogburn, McKinley Cecil US Navy  
Ogburn, Melvin    
Ogburn, Merritt W.    
Ogburn, Milton Arthur US Army Sergeant, Company F, 3rd Infantry
O’Laughlin, Harry    


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