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Shown below are veterans of the Korean War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in the Korean War.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Rankin, Frank L. US Navy  
Read, Jerald    
Reed, Glenn R. US Navy Served 1952-1956
Reed, Robert E.    
Rinard, Duane R. US Army Master Sergeant 1st Class
Rinard, Richard    
Ringgenberg, John    
Robbins, Sherman    
Roberts, Kenneth    
Roberts, Kenneth    
Robinson, Warren    
Robshaw, John    
Robshaw, John    
Roby, Donald F.    
Roby, Otis L.    
Rogers, Jerry L.    
Rogers, Ralph    
Ross, Everett    
Ruth, Cheryl H.    
Sawyer, Stephen    
Sawyers, Keith    
Schieiffarth, Eugene R.    
Schoenenberger, Chester    
Schoenenberger, James    
Schoenenberger, Saul    
Schoonover, George H.    
Scott, Bobby    
Scrivner, John P.    
Seward, Paul L.    
Seward, Wilbur    
Sharp, Robert    
Shaw, Donald    
Shaw, Robert    
Sheldon, Kenneth    
Sheldon, Leonard    
Silletto, James E.    
Silliman, W. Doyle    
Silverthorn, Dwight    
Sirdoreus, Fred, Jr.    
Sirdoreus, Harold F.    
Slater, Darold  Dean US Army Enlisted 05 Sep 1950, discharged 09 Sep 1952
Slaughter, Richard    
Sloan, Larry R.    
Smith, Arthur    
Smith, Charles D.    
Smith, Floyd W.    
Smith, Franklin    
Smith, Gail Lee US Army Private
Snelson, Frances E.    
Snyder, Harold E.    
Songer, Lyle    
Stark, Robert W.    
Stephenson, Clifford Wayne

US Air Force


Stephenson, Glenn    
Stevens, Eldon    
Stonehocker, Ben    
Stoneman, Loren    
Stout, Otho L.    
Sulgrove, William S.    
Swan, William    
Thayer, George B., Jr. US Navy  
Thomas, Gerald    
Thomas, Niol    
Thompson, Floyd H.    
Thompson, Richard T.    
Thornburg, Dean    
Tidrick, Dean W.    
Tidrick, Lee    
Tilton, Teddy W.    
Tracy, Beryl    
Trailkill, Ramon    
Trester, Harold    
Trevillyan, Charles    
Trevillyan, Delbert    
Tucker, Max    
Tuttle, O. Jay    
Umsted, Gene    
VanWerden, William L.    
Vincent, Alice L.    
Wallace, James, Jr.    
Wallace, Thomas    
Waltz, Joseph H.    
Waltz, Russell L.    
Warnock, Ralph R.    
Wearmouth, Russell    
Weems, Byron    
Welch, Dale    
Westphal, John    
Wetzel, Chancey    
Wheeldon, Richard    
Wheeler, Harold    
White, Robert W.    
White, Ronald R.    
White, Willis F.    
Wilkinson, Herbert    
Wilkinson, Hubert    
Williams, Russell    
Wilson, Maurice    
Wintrode, John H US Army Sergeant
Witt, Harold Eugene US Army 323rd Engineers LE Company activated 15 Aug 1951, discharged 01 Aug 1953
Woodley, Merritt    
Worm, LeRoy    
Wyatt, Jerry    
Wyatt, John V., Jr.    
Young, Donald    
Young, Lewis    
Young, Noel    
Younker, Lesley H.    
Zika, Clarence J.    



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