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Shown below are veterans of the Korean War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in the Korean War.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Addy, Dale Eugene National Guard  
Addy, Paul Albert    
Adolphson, Robert, Jr.    
Alexander, Eugene Clark US Army  
Algreen, Billy Ray    
Allen, Billie    
Allen, Robert Phillip    
Allison, Duane    
Allison, Kenneth Leon US Navy

19 Sep 2007

Anderson, Wallace Lee US Army  
Archer, Philip    
Ashley, Lyle    
Atcheson, Orian    
Ayers, John Martin US Army Sergeant
Bailey, Floyd J.    
Bailey, Lawrence Wayne US Air Force Enlisted Nov 1950
Baker, Ralph    
Baker, Russell D.    
Bane, Jerry L.    
Barcroft, Robert J. US Navy  
Bare, Robert Osborne US Marines Lt. General
Bartholomew, Clark R.    
Baumgardner, Darrell    
Beaman, Dale Eugene    
Beardsley, Jimmy Elbridge US Army  
Beeler, Gene Douglas US Air Force  
Beem, Owen Leroy    
Bennett, Charles    
Bennett, John    
Benoit, Jack L.    
Benson, Robert Harold US Army  
Berry, Leslie L.    
Berry, Robert Marvin    
Bierma, Clyde E.    
Bierma, Ronald    
Billeter, Kenneth Leroty US Army  
Billeter, Virgil    
Black, Laverne H. US Marine Corps  
Blair, Lee Wilbur US Navy  
Blake, Jean A.    
Bodwell, Duane    
Bradenburg, Dale I.    
Brandt, Donal E.    
Breeding, James A.    
Bridenstine, Reese Wayne US Navy  
Brokaw, Kenneth Earl    
Brown, Richard    
Brownlie, Phillip Eugene US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant
Bruns, John William US Navy  
Bruns, Robert Marion US Navy  
Buckles, Allen G., Jr.    
Bumbarger, Bernal    
Burt, John D.    
Butler, Jerry T.    
Buttrey, Lyle    
Cameron, Richard    
Campbell, Robert    
Carey, Charles Lyman US Navy EM3
Carson, Raymond W. Army Med. Corps.  
Carter, Richard Martin US Army PFC
Christensen, Loren E.    
Christensen, Philip    
Clark, Donald Ralph US Navy BM3
Clarkson, Philip W.    
Clausen, Walter Benjamin US Air Force SSGT
Claussen, Edmund    
Cline, Gail E.    
Cline, Murray N.    
Conner, Austin T.

US Army

Private 1st Class, Light Weapons Infantryman, seriously wounded in action by missile 10 Oct 1951, discharged 31 Aug 1952.
Collins, Willard    
Cook, Kermit Clair    
Cook, Wayne    
Countryman, Ward D.    
Cox, Phillip    
Crase, Merrill    
Crase, Robert    
Creger, George    
Creger, John    
Creighton, Robert L.    
Criss, Arthur Earle

US Navy

Crow, James Franklin    
Cummings, Kenneth Cleo    
Cummings, Robert    
Cunningham, Hugh    
Darnell, Robert D.    
Davis, William    
DeWitt, Keith Holmes    
Dippold, Harlan H.    
Dorman, Howard    
Dorrell, Nicholas    
Douglas, Marvin US Navy Enlisted 31 Jan 1952, discharged 26 Jan 1956
Drake, Duane Holmes US Army  
Driscoll, Charles Carl US Army  
Driscoll, John Edward    
Dudney, Floyd US Army  
Duncan, Dick    
Dunmire, Harry    
Durfey, William LaFern    



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