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Shown below are veterans of the Korean War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in the Korean War.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch

Service record

Edgington, Clair Wayne    
Eivins, Darrell Dean    
Ekleberry, Charles    
Emerson, Robert    
Enright, Robert Eugene US Marine Corps

Enlisted 20 Dec 1950, KIA Jan 25, 1952

Estell, Floyd Leo US Army 1st Lieutenant, Signal Corps, National Guard thru 31 Aug 1961, final rank - Major
Faust, Wilbur Cecil    
Faux, Alvin Ray    
Faux, Russell Eugene    
Faux, Stanley    
Faux, Wallace D.    
Faux, Willis Wayne    
Fear, Glenn Elroy    
Fenimore, Billy    
Fenimore, Richard Eugene US Army  
Flesher, Darrell Lee    
Fletcher, Paul H.    
Fogler, Robert    
Ford, Robert C.    
Fox, George A.    
Frederick, Benjamin Morgan    
Frederick, Jimmie D.    
Frey, Harold Arthur US Army  
Gamble, John Arnold US Air Force  
Gamble, Wilbur Guy    
Gardner, Lawrence Elmer US Army


Garnett, Phillip A.    
Gaspari, Richard    
Gifford, James Albertice US Army Served from 1943 to 1966, retired as Major.
Gilbert, Marlyn Delore    
Gilleland, Duane Gordon    
Givan, Everett Louis US Navy Enlisted 05 Jan 1951, discharged 15 Nov 1954
Godby, John Foster    
Goettsch, LaVerne William    
Golightly, Sanford    
Golightly, Wilbur Gene US Marine Corps


Gonseth, Charles    
Graham, James L.    
Gray, Bernard    
Gray, John E.    
Greenwood, Gene    
Greenwood, Richard    
Griffith, Wayne Wallace US Army  
Haines, Lyle    
Ham, Gailen    
Ham, J. Dale    
Hamilton, Leo    
Hammans, Wayne    
Hansen, Howard    
Harper, Maynard    
Harper, William    
Harrell, Billie    
Harrell, James    
Harris, Roy    
Hartley, Edwared J., Jr.    
Hartman, Dale    
Harvey, Stephen    
Hatfield, Maurice W.    
Hayden, Merrill US Army  
Henderson, Alonzo    
Henkle, Wilbur    
Henry, Duane    
Henry, Earl W.    
Herren, Donald    
Hester, Robert    
Hiatt, William Holmes  

KIA 19 Dec 1951

Hibdon, Emmett    
Hildebrand, Norman    
Hildebrand, Orson, Jr.    
Hildebrand, Richard L.    
Hines, Billie C.    
Hinman, Harold    
Hircock, Billie    
Hircock, Roger    
Holdebrand, Phillip    
Honnold, Verle Winton "Bill" US Air Force  
Hope, Lawrence Claude US Army

Specialist 4th Class, Artillery

Hope, Richard D.    
Horn, Kenneth    
Horn, Leroy C.    
Howell, Doyle    
Howell, Mark    
Howell, Paul    
Howell, Robert    
Howell, Walter K.    
Huntoon, Howard M.    
Hylton, Jimmie D.    
Jacobs, Glendal    
Jacobson, Lester Herman US Army Corporal, 13 Apr 1951 to 27 Jan 1953
Jacobson, Raymond    
Janes, Howard W. US Army

Corporal, KIA 10 May 1952

Jensen, James    
Jensen, Walter    
John, Michael    
Jones, Ervin A.    
Jones, Kenneth    
Jones, Merrill C.    
Jordan, Charles    
Jordan, Jerrold W.    



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