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Shown below are veterans of the Korean War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa. Information courtesy of the Winterset Madisonian.
County Coordinator's Note:  Little effort has been made by anyone to compile comprehensive information regarding those who served in the Korean War.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Kale, Wilson    
Keating, William U.S. Army

Corporal, First Calvary Division, 7th Regiment

Kent, Harold    
Kent, Roderick    
Kiddoo, Bill    
Kile, Richard D.    
Kile, Wayne E.    
Kingery, Herbert W.    
Kingery, Wayne W.    

Kirk, Benjamin F.

US Army

 Corps of Engineers

Kirk, Frank    
Kirk, Raymond, Jr.    
Koch, James    
Koehler, Richard Gene US Navy  
Kordick, Charles B.    
Kordick, Earl C.    
Kordick, Wayne    
Kuhns, Lester    
Kuhns, Russell    
Ladd, John    
Lamb, Richard    
Lamphiear, Harold    
Lamphiear, Samuel    
Lane, Don    
Lathrum, Jesse J.    
Lathrum, Johnnie    
Leeper, Ronald R.    
Leggett, Ronald E. US Navy  
Lenocker, Ted US Army Corporal, Military Police, POW Command
Lentz, Larry R.    
Letz, Philip D.    
Libby, Ernest L.    
Lienemann, Arthur L.    
Lienemann, Donald Edward US Navy  
Lienemann, Lawrence    
Lienemann, Virgil B.    
Lienemann, William H.    
Linsley, Norman    
Love, Robert W.    
Lull, Howard D.    
Lull, Robert, Jr. US Army Sergeant
Lyddon, Marvin     
Lyddon,Richard L.    
Madsen, Billie    
Marquardt, Lester L.    
Martens, Frederick    
Martens, Wayne N.    
Martin, Charles    
Martin, Phillip D.    
McCauley, Dick    
McCauley, Robert    
McDonald, Leonard Lewis US Army Corporal, Company A, 479th Engineer CBT Battalion
McDowell, Ted W. US Army  
McFarlin, Lloyd    
McFarlin, Robert Eugene US Navy  
McKinney, Earl    
McKinzie, Raymond C.    
McLaughlin, Eugene    
McLaughlin, Marvin M.    
McNamara, Michael John US Air Force  
McNamara, Patrick C.    
Mease, John    
Mease, Paul L.    
Miles, Milo, Jr.    
Mitchell, Dale    
Mitchell, Donald    
Mitchell, Wendell    
Monaghan, John F.    
Moore, Dale B.    
Moore, Ivan    
Moore, James Curtis US Navy Electronics Technician 2nd Class
Moore, Robert K.    
Morris, Kenneth    
Morse, Edgar    
Mower, Floyd E.    
Myers, Loren D.    
Nellis, Howard D.    
Nelsen, Maynard L.    
Niblo, Marion    
Niblo, Robert Eugene US Air Force Staff Sergeant
Nichols, Fred    
Nitchals, William    
Oglesbee, Carl R.    
Palmer, Max US Army Enlisted 19 Feb 1951, discharged 03 Aug 1951
Parker, Raymond E. US Army  
Parks, Harold L.    
Patterson, Ernest J.    
Payne, Kenneth    
Peterson, Clyde F.    
Pettit, Donald    
Pettit, Lilbert Loven US Army  
Phearman, Claren    
Pitcock, Leonard    
Porter, Gerald    
Post, William J.    
Pratt, George W.    
Pritchard, Dickie D.    
Purscell, Lawrence H.    



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