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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.


Given Name
SAGE Ansley H. Lockridge  
SAGE Joseph Lockridge  
SAGE Samuel G. Lockridge  
SAGE William Lockridge  
SAUNDERS James Liberty  
SAUNDERS Job Liberty  
SAUNDERS John Liberty  
SAUNDERS Nathan Liberty  
SAUNDERS Richard Locust Grove  
SAYLES Thomas Penn  
SCHENOVING Frederick Round Prairie Surname possibly SCHNERINGEN?
SCHWARTZ Abram Liberty  
SCOTT Alexander W. Cedar  
SCOTT James O. L. Cedar  
SCOTT Joseph Locust Grove  
SCOTT Sabret Cedar  
SCOTT Simon Polk  
SEARS Christopher Polk  
SEARS Daniel Round Prairie  
SEARS David Locust Grove  
SEARS David M. Round Prairie  
SEARS Jacob Locust Grove  
SEARS Jacob L. Locust Grove  
SEARS James A. Round Prairie  
SEARS John Locust Grove  
SEARS Joseph Locust Grove  
SEAY James W. Locust Grove  
SEAY Jesse Locust Grove  
SEAY John M. Locust Grove  
SEAY Warren M. Locust Grove  
SEELEY Seymore Liberty  
SENS David Liberty  
SHAFER Daniel Des Moines  
SHAFFER C. S. Fairfield  
SHAFFER Christian Walnut  
SHAFFER Jacob Walnut  
SHAFFER John Walnut  
SHAFFER Philip Walnut  
SHAMP Jesse Cedar  
SHAMP M. C. Liberty  
SHAMP Thomas B. Liberty  
SHAMP W. I. Fairfield  
SHAPPA Christian Walnut Surname possibly SHOPPA?
SHAPPA Francis Walnut  
SHARP Isaac Fairfield  
SHAW Robert Fairfield  
SHEARER Valentine Walnut  
SHEDD Warren Fairfield  
SHELDON Orville O. Cedar  
SHELLEY William Fairfield  
SHELLY George Black Hawk  
SHELLY John Black Hawk  
SHELLY John Lockridge  
SHELTON M. T. Fairfield  
SHELTON Marion Fairfield  
SHIELDS John Fairfield  
SHIPLER Austin L. Liberty  
SHIPLER Peter Liberty  
SHIPLER Samuel Des Moines  
SHIRABELS John R. Fairfield  
SHIRTS S. D. Fairfield  
SHMITLINE I. George Lockridge Surname possibly SCHMIDTLEIN?
SHOUP A. T. Fairfield  
SHUFFLETON John Fairfield  
SIDORUS Francis J. Walnut  
SIDORUS Jacob Walnut  
SIMMONS John Des Moines  
SIMMONS Nathaniel Cedar  
SIMMONS William R. Lockridge  
SIMPSON Alexander Black Hawk  
SIMPSON James Locust Grove  
SIMPSON Samuel Penn  
SINCOE Henry Round Prairie  
SKAGGS Andrew Des Moines  
SKETOE Joseph Des Moines  
SKINNER Hugh R. Liberty  
SLAGLE C. W. Fairfield  
SLAVINS William H. Liberty  
SLOAN John A. Locust Grove  
SMAILS John Locust Grove  
SMAILS Robert Locust Grove  
SMALL Thomas W. Walnut  
SMITH Albert Round Prairie  
SMITH Albert Walnut  
SMITH Andrew Locust Grove  
SMITH Carlile Liberty  
SMITH David Polk  
SMITH David Liberty  
SMITH David Polk Not a duplicate
SMITH David A. Penn  
SMITH Elias Liberty  
SMITH Elijah Liberty  
SMITH F. B. Liberty  
SMITH Greenup Liberty  
SMITH Hiram Liberty  
SMITH J. C. Fairfield  
SMITH James G. Polk  
SMITH James L. Penn
SMITH John D. Polk  
SMITH John J. Des Moines  
SMITH John J. Liberty  
SMITH Madison Penn  
SMITH Newby Cedar  
SMITH Robert Polk  
SMITH Sampson Locust Grove  
SMITH William Fairfield  
SMITH William Locust Grove  
SMITH William H. Locust Grove  
SMOCK John Fairfield  
SMOTHERS Nathan Lockridge  
SNIDER Jacob Walnut  
SNIDER James Polk  
SNIPES Elen Locust Grove  
SNOE George Round Prairie  
SNOOK Casper Fairfield  
SNOOK H. S. Fairfield  
SNOOK Henry Fairfield  
SNOOK Jacob Fairfield  
SNOOK Joseph Fairfield  
SNOOK Peter G. Fairfield  
SNOOK Peter Jr. Fairfield  
SNOOK Peter Sr. Fairfield  
SNOW Philander Lockridge  
SOLLENBARGER David Des Moines  
SPAINHOWER Jacob Walnut  
SPAINHOWER Samuel Walnut  
SPARK Jackson Lockridge  
SPARKS A. R. Fairfield  
SPARKS Richard Black Hawk  
SPEAR James Cedar  
SPEARS Eli Round Prairie  
SPENCE Leroy Liberty  
SPENCER George Penn  
SPENCER James Liberty  
SPERRY John Locust Grove  
SPICER Hial A. Fairfield  
SPIELMAN John Walnut  
SPRAY John C. Penn  
SPURLOCH Harvey Polk  
SPURLOCH Mathew Polk  
SPURLOCH William B. Polk  
St. CLAIR William G. Fairfield  
St. JOHN B. R. Liberty  
STAFFORD John Liberty  
STAM David Lockridge  
STANLEY Andrew J. Liberty  
STANLEY Joseph Liberty  
STANLEY Josiah Liberty  
STARK J. Duane Fairfield  
STARR N. A. Locust Grove  
STEEL John Liberty  
STEEL Nathaniel Fairfield  
STEEL R. W. Fairfield  
STEVENS A. H. Fairfield  
STEVENS Andrew C. Lockridge  
STEVENS Elijah Penn  
STEVER Adam Fairfield  
STEWART Archibald Polk  
STEWART John C. Black Hawk  
STEWART Richard Round Prairie  
STILWELL William Locust Grove  
STONE Willis C. Black Hawk  
STOTGER Andrew Lockridge  
STOUT Charles Round Prairie  
STOUT Elvis Round Prairie  
STOUT Hosea Lockridge  
STOUT John J. Round Prairie  
STOUT Newton Round Prairie  
STOUT William Round Prairie  
STRONG Finley Round Prairie  
STRONG J. M. Fairfield  
STRONG John Fairfield  
STRONG Thomas L. Cedar  
STUART William Round Prairie  
STULLABERGER Reuben Walnut  
STURGESS William D. Round Prairie  
STUVER Amon Fairfield Surname possibly STEVER?
SULLIVAN A. R. Fairfield  
SULLIVAN John W. Liberty  
SUTTEN Hannibal Liberty  
SWITZER David Fairfield  
SWITZER Jonathan Fairfield  
SWOOP John Liberty Surname possibly SWOPE?

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