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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.

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SURNAME Given Name Township Comment
PADGIT James Lockridge  
PAGE John B. Penn  
PARK Azariah Black Hawk  
PARK Jacob Black Hawk  
PARKE Daniel Lockridge  
PARKE George Lockridge  
PARKER Addison Cedar  
PARKER Benja. Fairfield  
PARKER Joseph M. Round Prairie  
PARKER William Lockridge  
PARROT James S. Fairfield  
PARSONS John R. Lockridge  
PARSONS Jonathan Liberty
PARSONS Robert Lockridge  
PATON John Polk  
PATRICK William Fairfield  
PATTERSON Alexander Cedar  
PATTERSON James Cedar  
PEEBLER Andrew W. Des Moines  
PEEBLER David Des Moines  
PEEBLER Michael Liberty  
PEEBLER Michael Sr. Liberty  
PEEBLER William Liberty  
PENEGAR John Cedar  
PETERS David Polk  
PETERS Isaac Polk  
PETERS John Polk  
PHEASANT John Walnut  
PHEBUS John Polk  
PHILLIPS David Fairfield  
PICKERING David Penn  
PICKRELL Alvah Penn  
PICKRELL Elionel Penn  
PINEGAR Henry Cedar  
PITKIN William Liberty  
PITMAN Moses Des Moines  
PITZER John A. Fairfield  
PLOUGH Jacob Fairfield  
PLOUGH Robert Fairfield  
POFFINBARGER Christian C. Polk  
POINTER Shadrach Black Hawk  
POLAND Robert Des Moines  
POLSON Henderson Liberty  
POULSON Thomas Liberty  
POWEL Charles Penn  
POWEL David C. Penn  
POWEL John Penn  
POWELL Enos C. Cedar  
POWELL George Walnut  
POWELL William C. Penn  
PRATHER Cornelius Des Moines  
PRATHER James R. Liberty  
PRATHER John L. Des Moines  
PRATHER Jonathan C. Liberty  
PRATHER Lloyd Liberty  
PRATHER Martin T. Walnut  
PRATHER Rezen R. Liberty  
PRATHER Thomas H. Liberty  
PRICE Frederic Jr. Round Prairie  
PRICE Frederic Sr. Round Prairie  
PRICE John Round Prairie  
PRICE Joseph Polk  
PRICE Peter Round Prairie  
PRITT William Fairfield  
PUMPHREY Serene C. Des Moines  
Given Name
QUACKENBUSH Irvin Black Hawk  
QUACKENBUSH Nathaniel Black Hawk  
Given Name
RAMEY Henry Polk  
RAMEY Jacob Polk  
RAMEY William Polk  
RAMEY William H. H. Locust Grove  
RAMSEY Mungo Fairfield  
RANDALL J. J. Liberty  
RANDALL John Penn  
RANKIN Campbell Liberty  
RANN E. S. Fairfield Surname possibly RAND?
RAY D. P. Fairfield  
REAGER William Fairfield  
REASER John R. Fairfield Surname possibly REAGOR?
REEDER John J. Walnut  
REMINE Moses Locust Grove  
REPLOGLE Jacob Des Moines  
REYNOLDS Ezekiel Liberty  
REYNOLDS James P. Liberty  
REYNOLDS John S. Locust Grove  
REYNOLDS Moses N. Liberty  
RHODABAUGH Abraham Liberty  
RHODES Ira G. Walnut  
RICE Randall Fairfield  
RICHARDSON Aaron Sr. Penn  
RICHARDSON Martin Walnut  
RICHESON James Fairfield  
RIDER Daniel Fairfield  
RIDER Jacob Polk  
RIDER John Fairfield  
RIDGEWAY John C. Round Prairie  
RIDGEWAY Squire Round Prairie  
RIGG Thomas Locust Grove  
RILEY George Round Prairie  
RISTINE Barnet Fairfield  
ROBB John F. Liberty  
ROBB Joseph P. Liberty  
ROBB Samuel Locust Grove  
ROBERTS Humphrey Liberty  
ROBERTS Thomas Polk  
ROBINSON A. T. Liberty  
ROBINSON Benjamin Polk  
ROBINSON George W. Polk  
ROBINSON John Polk  
ROBINSON Sawyer Locust Grove  
ROBISON John Fairfield  
ROBISON John Jr. Locust Grove  
ROBISON Thomas I. Locust Grove  
ROBISON William C. Locust Grove  
ROCKE John Lockridge  
ROCKE Josiah Lockridge  
RODGERS John W. Locust Grove  
RODGERS William J. Walnut  
RODTH Daniel Cedar Surname possibly ROTH?
RODTH Joseph Cedar  
ROEDER Louis Lockridge  
ROGERS Charles Fairfield  
ROGERS John T. Fairfield  
ROGERS T. T. Round Prairie  
ROLAND John B. Cedar  
ROLAND Micajah B. Cedar  
ROSE Lauren Lockridge  
ROSS Sullifand S. Lockridge  
ROSS William I. Lockridge Middle initial possibly J.?
RUGGLES George Black Hawk  
RUGGLES John Black Hawk  
RUMFORD John Des Moines  
RUSH John Des Moines  
RUSSEL Daniel Round Prairie  
RUSSELL Milton Fairfield  

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