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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.

M   N   O

Given Name
MADDEN Reuben Cedar  
MAHOOD James Fairfield  
MAJORS S. P. Des Moines  
MARLOW Nathaniel Fairfield  
MARLOW William Locust Grove  
MARLOW William E. Locust Grove  
MASON Owen Liberty  
MASSINGALE Dempsey Lockridge  
MASSINGALE William Lockridge  
MATHEWS John Lockridge  
MATHEWS William Locust Grove  
MAXSON William Fairfield  
McCAHEN James Locust Grove  
McCLAIN Joseph B. Liberty  
McCLAIN William A. Liberty  
McCLEARY Benjamin Des Moines  
McCLEARY Isaac Liberty  
McCLEARY John H. Des Moines  
McCLEARY Simpkin Des Moines  
McCLELLON James M. Lockridge  
McCLERY John Fairfield  
McCLINTOCK Joseph Liberty  
McCOMB John Fairfield  
McCOMB William Fairfield  
McCORKLE Joseph Locust Grove  
McCORMICK Andrew Lockridge  
McCOY John A. Liberty  
McCRACKEN Hiram Penn  
McCRILLIS John Lockridge  
McCULLOCH Charles H. Polk  
McCULLOCH Thomas Polk  
McCULLOCH William Cedar  
McCULLOUGH James Round Prairie  
McCULLOUGH John Cedar  
McDANIELS Daniel Fairfield  
McGAW James H. Penn  
McGAW William Y. Penn  
McGUIRE Charles Lockridge  
McGUIRE James Liberty  
McKEE David Jr. Penn  
McKEE David Sr. Penn  
McKENNEY J. M. Fairfield  
McLAIN Josiah Cedar  
McLEAN Daniel Fairfield  
McLEAN William Fairfield  
McMAINS James Locust Grove  
McMAINS Samuel Locust Grove  
McMULLIN George W. Des Moines  
McNEALY Samuel Cedar  
McNEALY William Cedar  
McPHERSON John T. Penn  
McQUIRTER John Liberty Surname possibly McWHIRTER?
McREERY David Polk Surname possibly McCREERY?
McREERY George Polk Surname possibly McCREERY?
McRENNOLDS Edward Polk  
McREYNOLDS Edmond B. Polk  
McREYNOLDS Peter A. Polk  
McVAY William Locust Grove  
MEEK Franklin Fairfield  
MEEKER Martin Lockridge  
MEEKER Nelson I. Lockridge  
MEHAFFY Samuel Des Moines  
MENDENHALL Daniel Fairfield  
MESNER John Jr. Walnut  
MESNER John Sr. Walnut  
MESNER Michael Walnut  
MESSICK James W. Fairfield  
METZLER Frederick F. Lockridge  
MILICAN John Black Hawk  
MILLER Isaac Polk  
MILLER Martin T. Liberty  
MILLER Thomas Round Prairie  
MILLER William Des Moines  
MILLIGAN Benja. Fairfield  
MILLS John Black Hawk  
MILLS Ralph R. Liberty  
MINTER David K. Penn  
MINTON John Penn  
MITCHEL James G. Penn  
MITCHEL John G. Penn  
MITCHEL John W. Penn  
MITCHEL John W. Penn Not a duplicate - same name listed twice.
MITCHEL Samuel M. Penn  
MITCHELL Henry B. Fairfield  
MOFFATT George Cedar  
MOFFITT George Round Prairie  
MONTGOMERY William Lockridge  
MOORE Alexander Round Prairie  
MOORE Hiram Cedar  
MOORE John F. Round Prairie  
MOORE Robert Round Prairie  
MOORE Samuel Cedar  
MORE Henry Des Moines  
MORGAN Lambeth Round Prairie  
MORGAN Levi Round Prairie  
MORRIS Jonathan J. Walnut  
MORRISON Tho. Fairfield  
MORRISON William C. Des Moines  
MORRISS Robert Locust Grove  
MORROW James Fairfield  
MOTE John Black Hawk  
MOUNT Benjamin Walnut  
MOWERY David Polk  
MULVANY John Round Prairie  
MURRAY Edmund F. Walnut  
MURRAY Eliel Walnut  
MURRAY James N. Walnut  
MURRAY John Walnut  
MYERS David Black Hawk  
MYRES Jacob Fairfield  
MYRES William Fairfield  
Given Name
NANNEST Amos L. Polk Surname possibly VANNESS?
NEEL George Penn  
NEGUS Charles Fairfield  
NIECE Jonah M. Walnut  
NIMMOCKS ? Des Moines Given name Ruel?
NOBLE Chris. Fairfield  
NOBLE John S. Black Hawk  
NOBLE Samuel Fairfield  
NOBLE Samuel Liberty  
NOBLE William W. Fairfield  
NORDYKE Adin Penn  
NORDYKE Caleb Penn  
NORDYKE Solomon Penn  
NORTON Hiram Liberty  
NOTSON Nicholas Fairfield  
Given Name
OAKS Levi Walnut  
OGDEN Andrew J. Fairfield  
OGDEN William B. Fairfield  
OLES George Fairfield  
OLIVER David M. Polk  
ORNDUFF John Locust Grove  
ORR James Liberty  
ORR William L. Fairfield  
ORRILL William A. Locust Grove  
OSBURN James Black Hawk  
OSBURN John Black Hawk  
OSBURN Thomas Black Hawk  
OSBURN William Black Hawk  
OVERHULTZER Henry Lockridge  
OWENS Mathias Fairfield  

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