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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.

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Given Name
IMBLER Daniel Locust Grove  
IMBLER David Locust Grove  
IMBLER Samuel Des Moines  
INGERSOLL Joseph Des Moines  
INGLASS Abraham Lockridge  
INGOLD Ambrose Black Hawk  
INGRAM Charles Locust Grove  
INGRAM John F. Locust Grove  
IRELAND John A. Locust Grove  
IRELAND Jonathan Locust Grove  
IRWIN Richard W. Fairfield  
Given Name
JACKSON Stephen V. Des Moines  
JACOBS Samuel Des Moines  
JAMISON Alexander Round Prairie  
JAMISON John Round Prairie  
JAMISON Robert B. Des Moines  
JAQUES William Polk  
JENKINS George W. Fairfield  
JENKINS James Liberty  
JENKINS Leonard Liberty  
JENKINS Lloyd Liberty  
JOCKNIK Gustavis Lockridge  
JOHNSON David Walnut  
JOHNSON Dorastus Fairfield  
JOHNSON George W. Liberty  
JOHNSON Hugh Liberty  
JOHNSON William Locust Grove  
JOHNSTON Andrew Walnut  
JONES David Penn  
JONES Eli Round Prairie  
JONES Evan Penn  
JONES Harrison Polk  
JONES Peter Walnut  
JONES Richard Round Prairie  
JONES William C. Cedar  
JONES Wyley Fairfield  
JUDD William Locust Grove  
JUNKIN Joseph Jr. Liberty  
JUNKIN Joseph Sr. Liberty  
Given Name
KARNES   Fairfield See CARNS
KELTNER David Lockridge  
KELTNER Henry Fairfield  
KELTNER Morgan Fairfield  
KENADY B. B. Fairfield  
KENDALL Jeremiah Fairfield  
KENYON James Fairfield  
KERCHEVAL Samuel C. Locust Grove  
KERNS Solomon Penn  
KERR Archibald Fairfield  
KERR John Fairfield  
KERR William Lockridge  
KETCHUM Platt Walnut  
KIENTS Christian Walnut  
KINWORTHY Jesse Black Hawk  
KIRK Alexander Round Prairie  
KIRK Eli Cedar  
KIRK Jacob Round Prairie  
KIRK John R. Cedar  
KIRK William R. Cedar  
KIRKPATRICK James O. Round Prairie  
KIRKPATRICK Samuel Liberty  
KNERR Adam Walnut  
KNERR Frederick Lockridge  
KNERR George J. Walnut  
KNERR Henry Lockridge  
KNERR Valentine Walnut  
KNESS George Polk  
KNESS Martin Locust Grove  
KNIGHT D. B. Fairfield  
KOONS Dillen Locust Grove  
KRUMM Jacob Walnut  
KUMP Casper Des Moines  
KYLE Charles Lockridge  
KYLE John C. Lockridge  
Given Name
LAFFERTY Columbus Des Moines
LAMBERTH Thomas Round Prairie  
LANDERS Abraham Des Moines  
LANDERS John Lockridge  
LANGDON A. M. W. Fairfield  
LANGDON Samuel W. Cedar  
LANMAN Ruben Fairfield  
LATHERS James Locust Grove  
LATTA Alexander Walnut  
LATTIN William F. Polk  
LAUGHERY David Fairfield  
LAUGHLIN Alexander Locust Grove  
LAUGHLIN David Des Moines  
LAUGHLIN Harvey T. Locust Grove  
LAWRENCE N. Fairfield  
LAYTON William L. Round Prairie  
LEACH George Liberty  
LEACH William Fairfield  
LEAMER Joshua Fairfield  
LEE Henry Round Prairie  
LEE Johnson J. Des Moines  
LEE Joseph Cedar  
LEE William H. H. Round Prairie  
LEECH David Fairfield  
LEECH Neffel Fairfield  
LEFFLER Henry Walnut  
LEFFLER Jacob Walnut  
LEIGH George Des Moines  
LEISURE James M. Polk  
LEMBERGER John Walnut  
LEMMONS Luther Round Prairie  
LEONARD Henry Round Prairie  
LEONARD Herrod Round Prairie  
LEONARD John Round Prairie  
LEWIS Andrew Polk  
LEWIS John Locust Grove  
LEWMAN William Black Hawk  
LINDER John Locust Grove  
LINDER Joseph Locust Grove  
LINDSEY David Liberty  
LINDSEY Robert Liberty  
LITTON Benjamin Round Prairie  
LITTON Burton Round Prairie  
LITTON Cager Round Prairie  
LITTON Washington Round Prairie  
LONG David Lockridge  
LONG Jesse Cedar  
LONG John Lockridge  
LONG Robert Polk  
LONG William Walnut  
LONG William K. Polk  
LOOMIS Gilbert Liberty  
LOOMIS Nathaniel Cedar  
LOOMIS William Liberty  
LOONY Thomas J. Walnut  
LOUDON Andrew Cedar  
LOVE William Liberty  
LOVELESS Sidney Des Moines  
LUTZ Peter Des Moines  
LYNCH William S. Round Prairie  
LYNN John Sr. Penn  
LYNN Robert Lockridge  
LYONS William Fairfield  
LYONS William H. Fairfield  


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