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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.


Given Name
HACKNEY Jacob T. Liberty  
HACKNEY William Liberty  
HALL Hosea Cedar  
HALL James Fairfield  
HALL John Round Prairie  
HALL Wesley Liberty  
HAMILTON William L. Fairfield  
HAMPSON E. C. Fairfield  
HANAWALT George Walnut  
HANAWALT John Walnut  
HANAWALT Samuel Walnut  
HANKINS Daniel Liberty  
HANNA David Fairfield  
HARBOR E. A. Round Prairie  
HARDIN Henry Black Hawk  
HARLEY John Des Moines  
HARMON George Des Moines  
HARMON Henry Cedar  
HARMON Henry Des Moines  
HARMON Jacob Cedar  
HARMON Jacob Des Moines  
HARMON John Des Moines  
HARPER John Cedar  
HARPER John S. Cedar  
HARRIS Admiral Lockridge  
HARRIS Edgar Walnut  
HARRIS Isaac Locust Grove  
HARRIS James Polk  
HARRIS Mathew Liberty  
HARRIS Nathan Lockridge  
HARRIS Reuben Locust Grove  
HARRIS Samuel M. Penn  
HARRIS Samuel T. Penn  
HARRISON Hugh Liberty  
HARRISON Shadrach Penn  
HARRISON Thomas J. Des Moines  
HART Alson Lockridge  
HARTEN James Round Prairie  
HASSMON William Penn  
HATCH George Des Moines  
HATHORN Jesse Walnut  
HAWK William Penn  
HAYES Seth Locust Grove  
HAYES Seth W. Locust Grove  
HAYMOND John C. Penn  
HAYWOOD James Penn  
HAZELWOOD Joseph Fairfield  
HELENBRAND Michael Walnut  
HEMNONS James M. Round Prairie  
HEMPHILL Adley Liberty  
HENDERSON Agrippa Locust Grove  
HENDERSON Samuel Locust Grove  
HENDERSON Thomas Penn  
HENDRICKS William A. Fairfield  
HENN Bernheart Fairfield  
HENRY Job Round Prairie  
HERD Forest W. Penn  
HERR Samuel Fairfield  
HERRINGTON Nelson J. Fairfield  
HESTON Joseph Penn  
HESTON Phineas Sr. Penn  
HIATT Greenberry Polk  
HIBBS James Cedar  
HICKENBOTTOM Joseph Lockridge  
HICKENBOTTOM Stephen Lockridge  
HIDER Daniel Round Prairie  
HIGHLAND Frederick Cedar  
HILL Abner Des Moines  
HILL Robert Fairfield  
HINDMAN William Lockridge  
HINSHAW Jesse Black Hawk  
HITE Henry Locust Grove  
HITE Jacob Black Hawk  
HODSON Aumal Penn  
HODSON James F. Penn  
HODSON Robert Penn  
HOLLIS James Fairfield  
HOLSIZER Jacob Liberty  
HOOVER George W. Des Moines  
HOPKINS Robert Fairfield  
HORTON Urias Lockridge  
HOSKINSON Isah Fairfield  
HOUGHLAND William H. Fairfield  
HOUSTON Richard C. Liberty  
HOWARD Albert Round Prairie  
HOWARD Alson G. Lockridge  
HOWEL(L) Henderson Round Prairie  
HOWEL(L) James F. Round Prairie  
HOWEL(L) John Round Prairie  
HOWEL(L) Matson Round Prairie  
HOWEL(L) Peter Round Prairie  
HOWEL(L) Thomas Round Prairie  
HOWERTON Thomas Locust Grove  
HUEY John T. Fairfield  
HUFF John Round Prairie  
HUFFMAN Henry Fairfield  
HUFFMAN Jacob Fairfield  
HUFFMAN John Fairfield  
HUFFMAN Philip Fairfield  
HUFFMAN William Fairfield  
HUFFSTUTTER George Locust Grove  
HUGHELL Samuel Des Moines  
HULL James Des Moines  
HULL Samuel A. Des Moines  
HUMPHREY George Liberty  
HUMPHREY Homan Lockridge  
HUMPHREY Rawleigh Penn  
HUMPHREYS F. T. Locust Grove  
HUMPHRIES Alf. Fairfield  
HUTCHENS John Fairfield  
HUTCHENSON William Fairfield  
HUTTON Charles Cedar  
HUTTON Joseph Des Moines  

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