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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.

F   G

Given Name
FAGEN James Fairfield  
FEE John Fairfield  
FEIGLER Samuel Fairfield  
FELL George Cedar  
FELL John Cedar  
FELL Joseph Cedar  
FELL Mahlon Cedar  
FELTY Aaron Locust Grove  
FENSTERMAKER Reuben Fairfield  
FINNEY Lewis H. Des Moines  
FISHELL Henry Des Moines  
FISHELL John Des Moines  
FISHER Elias Des Moines  
FISHER George Jr. Des Moines  
FISHER George Sr. Des Moines  
FISHER Jacob Des Moines  
FISK Henry C. Des Moines  
FITZGERALDS Abner Liberty  
FLEENER Evin Polk  
FLEENER William N. Locust Grove  
FLEENOR Abm. N. Locust Grove  
FLEENOR Thomas B. Locust Grove  
FONNEY Samuel G. Fairfield  
FORD Anson Fairfield  
FORE Jacob Lockridge  
FORE Jacob K. Lockridge  
FORE John Lockridge  
FORREST John M. Polk  
FOUTS Daniel Locust Grove  
FOWLER George Fairfield  
FOX Charles Liberty  
FOX George Liberty  
FRAZER William Lockridge  
FRAZEY Enoch Lockridge  
FRAZEY James Lockridge  
FRAZIER Abner Penn  
FRAZIER James Penn  
FREEMAN James H. Lockridge  
FREEMAN William Locust Grove  
FRIEND John Walnut  
FRONDOLF George Walnut  
FRY David Cedar  
FULTON Alex. Fairfield  
FURGESON Joseph Fairfield  
Given Name
GABBERT Joseph Black Hawk  
GALLAHER James A. Cedar  
GARBER John Liberty  
GARMOE Isaac Sr. Penn  
GARMOE Jacob Penn  
GARMOE John Penn  
GARMOE Lawrence Penn  
GARRETT Silas Lockridge  
GARTHRIE Leroy Fairfield Surname possibly GUTHRIE?
GAUMER Daniel Penn  
GAUNCHBAUGH Lewis Lockridge Surname possibly LAUNCHBAUGH?
GAYLORD Horace Fairfield  
GENTRY Hudson Walnut  
GEORGE Jacob Walnut  
GIBBS Andrew J. Liberty  
GIBSON H. D. Locust Grove  
GILBERT John Fairfield  
GILLELAND Archibald Cedar  
GILLELAND Jesse Liberty  
GILLET Lester T. Polk  
GILLHAM Calvert A. Round Prairie  
GILLHAM E. J. Round Prairie  
GILLHAM J. N. Round Prairie  
GILLOGLY John Locust Grove  
GILMAN Henry Jr. Des Moines  
GILMAN Henry Sr. Des Moines  
GILMER James Round Prairie  
GILMORE Harrison Locust Grove  
GIMPLE Henry Cedar  
GLENN David S. Des Moines  
GLENN Thomas Des Moines  
GOBBLE George W. Locust Grove  
GOBBLE Thomas W. Locust Grove  
GOENS Frederick Lockridge  
GOOD Samuel Des Moines  
GOODCHER Jacob Walnut  
GOODRICH Benja. Fairfield  
GORDEN John Liberty  
GORDEN Joseph Fairfield  
GORSUCH Henderson Walnut  
GORSUCH Thomas Cedar  
GOSNELL Joseph Locust Grove  
GOSNELL Thomas Locust Grove  
GOSSAGE Jerome Fairfield  
GOUGH Peter Fairfield  
GOUGHNOUR David Liberty  
GOW James Locust Grove  
GOW John Lockridge  
GRABB Frederick Lockridge  
GRABER Christian Lockridge  
GRABER John Cedar  
GRABER Joseph Lockridge  
GRABER Peter Lockridge  
GRADY Lincefield Round Prairie  
GRAHAM James Fairfield  
GRAHAM John Penn  
GRAHAM Joseph Cedar  
GRAVES Coleman Des Moines  
GRAVES Goodman Des Moines  
GRAYLESS Charles Locust Grove  
GREEN Alfred Lockridge  
GREEN Archer Lockridge  
GREEN Nathaniel Lockridge  
GREEN Nelson Fairfield  
GREEN Sylvester Lockridge  
GREEN Wesley C. Lockridge  
GREEN Wilson Lockridge  
GREENLAND Aaron Cedar  
GREENLAND Daniel Cedar  
GREENLAND Simeon Cedar  
GREENWOOD N. R. Locust Grove Middle initial possibly W.?
GREGG Andrew Locust Grove  
GREGG Henry Locust Grove  
GRISELL John Des Moines  
GROFF W. E. Fairfield  
GROVES Andrew Locust Grove  
GUINN Jacob N. Liberty  
GUMES Dolphin Cedar  
GUMES Mathias Cedar  
GUNT Andrew Cedar  
GUNTER Jacob Penn  
GWIN John T. Des Moines  
GYNN Adam Lockridge  

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