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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.

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SURNAME Given Name Township Comment
ABRAHAM Charles Locust Grove  
ABRAHAM Lot Fairfield  
ABRAMS Andrew Round Prairie  
ABRAMS John Round Prairie  
ACHESON George Fairfield  
ADAMS John Des Moines  
ADAMS Thomas T. Polk  
ADAMSON Seth Polk  
AKES Granville Lockridge  
AKES Stephen Lockridge  
ALEXANDER William K. Fairfield  
ALLBAUGH Philip Des Moines  
ALLBAUGH William D. Walnut  
ALLEN F. M. Fairfield  
ALLENDER Samuel Lockridge  
ALLENDER Thomas Lockridge  
ALLINDER Baker M. Lockridge  
ALLINDER Richard Lockridge  
ALLINDER Richard B. Lockridge  
ALSTON Ed. Fairfield  
ALSTON William Fairfield  
ANDERSON Charles Fairfield  
ANDERSON Charles W. Round Prairie  
ANDERSON George Fairfield  
ANDERSON H. W. Fairfield  
ANDERSON James Fairfield  
ANDREW Peter Fairfield  
ANDREW William Round Prairie  
ANDREWS John Penn  
ANTLE Andrew J. Polk  
ARCHIBALD Benjamin Lockridge  
ARCHIBALD Robert Lockridge  
ARMSTRONG Abram Walnut  
ARMSTRONG Samuel Locust Grove  
ARMSTRONG William Walnut  
AUSTIN Joseph Lockridge  
AYKROM John Cedar
Surname possibly ANKROM?
SURNAME Given Name Township Comment
BABBS John Cedar  
BAILEY James B. Lockridge  
BAILEY Nathaniel Locust Grove  
BAKER Franklin Penn  
BAKER James Round Prairie  
BAKER John Round Prairie  
BAKER William Fairfield  
BALDOSER John Walnut  
BALDWIN Caleb Fairfield  
BALL John S. Round Prairie  
BALL Smith Round Prairie  
BARGER Abraham Lockridge  
BARGER James Lockridge  
BARGER John Lockridge  
BARGER Thomas R. Lockridge  
BARKER Amos Fairfield  
BARKER M. R. Fairfield  
BARLOW Henry S. Walnut  
BARNET Richard Walnut  
BARNWELL William Fairfield  
BARRICKLOW Coonrad Walnut  
BARTHOLOMEW Thomas Fairfield  
BARTHOLOMEW William Fairfield  
BARTLES Peter Round Prairie  
BATES Ephraim Lockridge  
BATES Jeremiah Cedar  
BATES Joey Cedar  
BATES Peter Fairfield  
BAYARD Samuel J. Fairfield  
BEALS Caleb Penn  
BEARD Jefferson Liberty  
BECK William G. Fairfield  
BEECH David Des Moines  
BEETS Samuel Locust Grove  
BELL James N. Fairfield  
BELL Joshua Round Prairie  
BELL L. G. Fairfield  
BELLDON Anson Fairfield  
BENN Alexander P. Polk  
BENSE John B. Walnut  
BERRY Isaac Lockridge  
BERRY John Liberty  
BERRY Joseph Lockridge  
BERRY Samuel Lockridge  
BERRY Samuel T. Lockridge  
BEVANS Benjamin Des Moines  
BEVER Michael S. Liberty  
BIDDINGER Samuel Lockridge  
BIGHAM Andrew Penn  
BILLINGSLY Elijah Round Prairie  
BIRDSELL Archibald Des Moines  
BIRDSELL Epernetus Des Moines  
BIRDSELL Johnson Des Moines  
BISSEL Albert N. Liberty  
BIVENS Noah Liberty  
BLACK Archibald Des Moines  
BLACK Loman Des Moines  
BLACK Moses Des Moines  
BLAKELEY Alexander Penn  
BLAKELEY Charles Penn  
BLAKELEY Isom Penn  
BLAKELY Isaac Fairfield  
BLOSSER Jacob Des Moines  
BONINE James Black Hawk  
BONNETT Nicholas L. Des Moines  
BONNETT Philip Cedar  
BONNIFIELD Gregory Round Prairie  
BONNIFIELD Samuel Fairfield  
BONNIFIELD William Round Prairie  
BOWERS Peter Des Moines  
BOYL John Fairfield  
BOYSEE Frederick Locust Grove  
BRADLEY Samuel H. Fairfield  
BRADSHAW Joel Cedar  
BRADSHAW Joel J. Cedar  
BRADSHAW John C. Cedar  
BRADSHAW Peter G. Des Moines  
BRADSHAW William M. Cedar  
BRENNAHAN Abraham Fairfield  
BRIDGEMAN Arthur Fairfield  
BRIGHT N. M. Fairfield  
BROANT Neri Fairfield  
BROOKS John Fairfield  
BROOKS Samuel Lockridge  
BROOKS Tinley M. Locust Grove  
BROWN A. H. Fairfield  
BROWN Benjamin F. Des Moines  
BROWN David C. Fairfield  
BROWN George Des Moines  
BROWN Isaac Fairfield  
BROWN Jacob Des Moines  
BROWN Jacob Sr. Des Moines  
BROWN John U. Des Moines  
BROWN Robert Des Moines  
BROWN Samuel Des Moines  
BROWN William Des Moines  
BROWN William Polk  
BUCHANAN James Round Prairie  
BUNCH Greenburg Cedar  
BUNCH Micajah Cedar  
BURDET Andrew Round Prairie  
BURGER Christian Des Moines  
BURGER Elias Penn
Surname possibly BARGER?
BURGESS Peter Fairfield  
BURNS James H. Liberty  
BURRUS Daniel Locust Grove  
BURRUS Miles Locust Grove  
BUSH Isaac H. Locust Grove  
BYERLY Martin Locust Grove  
BYERTS George Des Moines  
BYRKIT Jesse Fairfield  

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