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This page is a listing of churches in Jefferson County as of 1939. The active links below represent the limit of what I was able to find in the 11 volumes of "Jefferson County Records" (a/k/a the Prill Books). For information on an unlinked church, please contact our Research Assistant. The listing in the original article presented the churches in order of the year of incorporation; the list is presented below in alphabetical order.


"Fairfield Centennial Ledger"
October 2, 1939
Section F

Name location, date incorporated, included in comprehensive list

For means of comparison, the following list proves most interesting to those searching out the histories of churches in this county. Information included is the name of the church, location, date incorporated, and whether or not it is still active.

Abingdon area churches

Abingdon Christian, Abingdon, 1843, active

Abingdon M. E., Abingdon, 1866, defunct

Antioch Church, Penn twp., 1862, active

Baptist, Abingdon, 1848, defunct

Batavia Christian, Batavia, 1880, active

Batavia Free Methodist, 1870, defunct

Batavia Methodist, Batavia, 1865, active

Batavia Presbyterian, 1858, defunct

Bethesda, Buchanan twp., 1837, active

Black Hawk Congregational Church, Black Hawk twp., 1869, defunct

Brethren, a/k/a Dunkard, Des Moines twp., 1838, active

Brookville Baptist, Locust Grove twp., 1857, defunct

Brookville M.E., Locust Grove twp., 1860, defunct

Cedar Chapel, Cedar twp., 1897, defunct

Coalport Free Methodist, Lockridge twp., 1872, defunct

County Line Methodist, Des Moines twp., defunct

Cross Lanes Presbyterian, Locust Grove twp., 1849, active

Cumberland Presbyterian, Des Moines twp., 1844, defunct

Dutch Reform, Des Moines twp., 1864, defunct

Ebenezer Christian, Cedar twp., 1850, defunct

English Lutheran, Fairfield, 1856, active

Fairfield Adventist, Fairfield, 1865, active

Fairfield African M.E., Fairfield, 1877, active

Fairfield Baptist, Fairfield, 1840, active

Fairfield Christian Church, Fairfield, 1858, active

Fairfield Christian Science, Fairfield, 1901, active

Fairfield Congregational Church, 1839, defunct

Fairfield Episcopal, Fairfield, 1856, defunct

Fairfield Free Methodist, Fairfield, 1868, active

Fairfield Methodist Episcopal, Fairfield, 1839, active

Fairfield Nazarene, Fairfield, 1937, active

Fairfield Presbyterian, Fairfield, 1841, active

Fairfield Roman Catholic, Fairfield, 1861, active

Fairfield Swedish Lutheran, Fairfield, 1890, defunct

Fairfield United Presbyterian, Fairfield, 1907, defunct

Fairview Baptist, Des Moines twp., 1896, defunct

Four Corners Lutheran, Lockridge twp., 1891, active

Foursquare, Fairfield, 1932, active

Friends, Penn twp., 1869, defunct

German Methodist Episcopal, Walnut twp., 1850, defunct
(a/k/a Dallner German Methodist)
(includes Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church)

Germanville Catholic, Walnut twp., 1865, defunct

Germanville Lutheran, Walnut twp., 1845, active
(see Hope Evangelical Lutheran)

Germanville M.E., Walnut twp., 1870, defunct

Glasgow M.E., Round Prairie twp., 1837, active

Harmony Church, Fairfield, 1869, defunct

Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, Walnut twp., 1845, active

Howard Grove Church, Penn twp., 1863, active

Liberty M.E., Liberty twp., 1868, defunct

Libertyville Adventist, Libertyville, defunct

Libertyville Methodist Episcopal, Libertyville, 1840, active

Libertyville Presbyterian, Libertyville, 1850, active

Lick Creek Baptist, Liberty twp., 1840, defunct

Linby Baptist, Polk twp., (no founding date), active

Lockridge Baptist, Lockridge, 1856, active

Lower Richwoods, Walnut twp., 1863, defunct

McDowell Chapel, Penn twp., 1867, defunct

Moyer, Black Hawk twp., 1839, active
(see Pleasant Grove Methodist Chapel)

Mt. Zion Methodist, Des Moines twp., 1867, active

New Chicago Mission, Fairfield, 1912, defunct

New Sweden Baptist / St. John's Lutheran, Lockridge twp., defunct

New Sweden Lutheran, Lockridge twp., 1848, active

New Sweden M.E., Lockridge twp., defunct

New Sweden United Methodist, Lockridge, 1849, active (not in original list)

Open Bible, Abingdon, 1936, active

Packwood Christian, Packwood, 1889, active

Packwood Methodist, 1875, active

Parsonsville M.E., Buchanan twp., 1837, active

Pekin M.E., Polk twp., (no founding date), active

Perlee Presbyterian, Perlee, 1875, defunct

Pleasant Grove Methodist Chapel (Moyer Chapel), Blackhawk Twp.

Pleasant Plain Catholic, Pleasant Plain, (no founding date), active

Pleasant Plain Friends, Pleasant Plain, 1841, active

Pleasant Plain M.E., Pleasant Plain, 1865, defunct

Polishville Catholic, Penn twp., defunct

Prairie Chapel, Buchanan twp., 1838, defunct

Presdestinarian Baptist, Cedar twp., 1864, defunct

Round Prairie Baptist, Round Prairie twp., 1836, active

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Penn twp., 1880

St. Mary's / Polishville Church, Walnut twp., 1882, defunct

St. Paul's Church

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Walnut twp.
(see German Methodist Episcopal Church)

Salina Congregational, Salina, 1860, defunct

Salina Lutheran, Salina, 1892, active

Salina Methodist Church, Lockridge twp., 1837, defunct

Salina Presbyterian, Lockridge twp., 1844, active

Swedish Lutheran Church

United Brethren, Batavia, 1872, defunct

Universalist, Abingdon, 1848, defunct

Upland Lutheran, Round Prairie twp., 1876, defunct

Upper Richwoods, Buchanan twp., 1837, defunct

West End Mission, Center twp., 1924, active

Wilson Prairie Methodist Episcopal, Polk twp., 1851, defunct

Woolson Friends, Black Hawk twp., (no founding date), active

Wooster Congregational, Cedar twp., 1866, defunct

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