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The following is an alphabetical listing of all residents from the individual Townships from "The History of Jefferson County, Iowa", Pages 501-601, published by the Western Historical Company of Chicago in 1879, along with the townships where they resided. Note that this listing did not appear in the county history, nor was the county history listing strictly in alphabetical order; this is a private compilation to present all residents in order, to make finding people easier. More detail on a listing here will be available in the individual township's listing. If a person's name appears in bold type, there will be a biographical paragraph in the Township listing.

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ABBEY, G., [Penn]

ABRAHAM, J. H., [Black Hawk]

ABRAHAM, J. H., [Locust Grove]

ACHENBACH, Ludwig, [Lockridge]

ACKERMAN, M., [Fairfield]

ADAMS, H. M., [Buchanan]

ADAMS, William, [Fairfield]

ADMONDSON, L. P., [Lockridge]

ALBERT, John, [Walnut]

ALDERDICE, Alexander, [Round Prairie]

ALDICE, Wm., [Penn]

ALEXANDER, F. W., [Fairfield]

ALEXANDER, R. E., [Fairfield]

ALEXANDER, R. W., [Fairfield]

ALEXANDER, W. K., [Fairfield]

ALEXANDER, W. L., [Locust Grove]

ALFRED, Wm., [Locust Grove]

ALLBRIGHT, Geo., [Liberty]

ALLBRIGHT, J. C., Jr., [Liberty]

ALLBRIGHT, Jacob C., [Liberty]

ALLBRIGHT, S. P., [Liberty]

ALLEN & Co., [Fairfield]

ALLEN, A., [Lockridge]

ALLENDER, B. M., [Lockridge]

ALLENDER, E. M., [Fairfield]

ALLENDER, J., [Buchanan]

ALLENDER, Samuel, [Buchanan]

ALLMAYER, Benjamin, [Fairfield]

ALSTON, William, [Fairfield]

ALTERS, D. M., [Fairfield]

ANDERSON, A., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, A. P., [Fairfield]

ANDERSON, A. P., [Round Prairie]

ANDERSON, A. P., [Walnut]

ANDERSON, Charles, [Round Prairie]

ANDERSON, E. P., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, H., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, J. F., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, James, [Fairfield]

ANDERSON, JOHN A., [Round Prairie]

ANDERSON, John P., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, Louis, [Fairfield]

ANDERSON, N. P., [Round Prairie]

ANDERSON, P. M., [Lockridge]

ANDERSON, S., [Round Prairie]

ANDERSON, W. B., [Locust Grove]

ANGSTEAD, I. F., [Fairfield]

ANGSTEAD, John, [Walnut]

ANDREWS, B. C., [Penn]

ANDREWS, W., [Penn]

ARCHIBALD, B. J., [Round Prairie]

ARMSTRONG, Abram, [Walnut]

ARMSTRONG, Frank, [Fairfield]

ARMSTRONG, Henry, [Fairfield]

ARMSTRONG, James, [Liberty]

ARMSTRONG, Jas., [Des Moines]

ARMSTRONG, John, Rev., [Fairfield]

ARMSTRONG, Johnson, [Fairfield]

ARMSTRONG, Samuel E., [Locust Grove]

ARMSTRONG, W. A., [Locust Grove]

ARMSTRONG, W. C., [Walnut]

ASBERY, Solomon, [Des Moines]

ASHBY, J. N., [Fairfield]

ASHMEAD, Hiram, [Des Moines]

ATKINSON, J. H., [Fairfield]

AUGUST, J., [Buchanan]

AVERY, W. H., [Locust Grove]

AXLINE, John T., [Fairfield]

BABER, L. C., [Black Hawk]

BAIN, M. Z., [Walnut]

BAIRD, Thos., [Locust Grove]

BAKER, G. P., [Black Hawk]

BAKER, L. P., [Locust Grove]

BAKER, N. H., [Fairfield]

BALDERSON, R. C., [Fairfield]

BALDING, Wm., [Liberty]

BALDWIN, L. J., [Liberty]

BALDWIN, S., [Liberty]

BALDOZIER, John, [Lockridge]

BALDRIDGE, M. D., Dr., [Locust Grove]

BALES, Caleb, [Walnut]

BALES, Josiah, [Walnut]

BALL, Geo. W., [Fairfield]

BALL, S., [Round Prairie]

BALL, Wm. C., [Fairfield]

BALTZELL, A. C., [Fairfield]

BANE, T. L., [Penn]

BANKHEAD, J., [Lockridge]

BANKHEAD, Wm., [Lockridge]

BARASTROM, Andrew, [Round Prairie]

BARBAGE, Joseph, [Des Moines]

BARGER, E., [Fairfield]

BARGTRAM, A., [Round Prairie]

BARKER, D., [Liberty]

BARKER, J., [Penn]

BARLEY, Josiah, [Fairfield]

BARNES, A., [Locust Grove]

BARNES, T., [Fairfield]

BARNES, W. H., [Fairfield]

BARNETT, John E., [Walnut]

BARR, John C., [Fairfield]

BARRICKLOW, Daniel, [Walnut]

BARRICKLOW, R. H. L., [Walnut]

BARRICKLOW, W. S., [Walnut]

BARRON, Robert, [Black Hawk]

BARTHOLOMEW, Thomas, [Fairfield]

BARTHOLOMEW, W., [Locust Grove]

BARTLETT, J. W., [Fairfield]

BARTON, W. A., [Buchanan]

BARTOW, A., [Penn]

BARTOW, G. P., M.D., [Black Hawk]

BATES, E., [Penn]

BATES, G., [Buchanan]

BATES, J. D., [Lockridge]

BATES, Jeremiah, [Fairfield]

BATES, William H., [Fairfield]

BAUM, M., [Round Prairie]

BAUMGARTNER, Andrew, [Walnut]

BAUMGARTNER, Christ., & Son, [Walnut]

BEACH, Valentine, [Walnut]

BEAKEL, Jacob, [Walnut]


BEATTY, D. R., [Fairfield]

BEATTY, Guy, [Fairfield]

BEATTY, H. A., [Buchanan]

BEATTY, I., [Buchanan]

BEATTY, Walker, [Fairfield]

BECK, C., [Lockridge]

BECK, D. R., [Fairfield]

BECK, David, [Black Hawk]

BECK, J. A., [Fairfield]

BECK, W. G., [Fairfield]

BELKNAP, D. C., [Fairfield]

BELKNAP, R. N., [Fairfield]

BELL, J. J., [Fairfield]

BELL, John, [Black Hawk]

BELL, Thomas, [Fairfield]

BENDY, J., [Penn]

BENNETT, Ira, [Des Moines]

BENNETT, J. D., [Fairfield]

BENNETT, J. F., [Buchanan]

BENNETT, J. P., [Cedar]

BENNETT, N. L., [Des Moines]

BENNETT, William L. [Black Hawk]

BENTON, George, [Penn]

BENZON, J. S., [Lockridge]

BERDINE, A., [Round Prairie]

BERDINE, J., [Round Prairie]

BERDINE, J. A., [Round Prairie]

BERG, H., [Walnut]

BERGQUIST, A. F., [Buchanan]

BERKHIMER, Nathan, [Buchanan]

BERRIER, P., [Locust Grove]

BERRY, I., [Lockridge]

BERRY, S. T., [Lockridge]

BICKFORD, H., [Locust Grove]

BICKFORD, S. M., [Fairfield]

BICKFORD, Wm., [Fairfield]

BIDWELL, L. J., [Walnut]

BIGELOW, S. E., [Fairfield]

BIGGERSTAFF, S., [Lockridge]

BILLINGSLEY, E., [Round Prairie]

BILLS, C. M., [Fairfield]

BIRT, Jemima, Mrs., [Fairfield]

BISHOP, J. [Liberty]

BLACK, B. F., [Black Hawk]

BLACK, F. J. L., [Fairfield]

BLACK, Geo., [Des Moines]

BLACK, Henry, [Fairfield]

BLACK, J., [Penn]

BLACK, J. M., [Black Hawk]

BLACK, P., [Black Hawk]

BLACK, Phlamius, [Black Hawk]

BLACK, Robt., [Des Moines]

BLACK, Samuel K., [Des Moines]

BLACK, Wm., [Fairfield]

BLACK, Wm. G., [Fairfield]

BLAIR, GEORGE H., M.D., [Fairfield]

BLAIR, J. V., [Liberty]

BLAKELY, Jos., [Cedar]

BLEAKMORE, F. F., [Fairfield]

BLOOM, C. M., [Round Prairie]

BLOSS, J., [Fairfield]

BLOUGH, H. D., [Cedar]

BOCKINS, A. W., [Fairfield]

BOERSTLER, C. H., [Fairfield]

BOGGS, S. R., [Locust Grove]

BOGGS, W. R. T., [Locust Grove]

BOGNER, H., [Lockridge]

BOGNER, V., [Lockridge]

BOLDOSIER (sic - Baldosier?), J., [Walnut]

BOLDOSIER, John, [Walnut]

BOLING, S. M., [Fairfield]

BONAR, David, [Black Hawk]

BOND, J., [Fairfield]

BONES, John, [Penn]

BONEWITZ, J. E., [Fairfield]

BONNETT, Wm. L., [Liberty]

BOOKER, S. F., [Buchanan]

BOOS, M., S. [Walnut]

BOOS, J., [Lockridge]

BOOTH, J. T., [Fairfield]

BORG, L., [Lockridge]

BOSWELL, H. M., [Fairfield]

BOTTORFF, B., [Black Hawk]

BOTTORFF, F., [Black Hawk]

BOTTORFF, M. F., [Black Hawk]

BOTTORFF, W. K., [Black Hawk]

BOURMASTER, F. A., [Fairfield]

BOWEN, W. O., [Penn]

BOWER, B. F., [Round Prairie]

BOWLES, Benj., [Des Moines]

BOWLES, Jno. R., [Des Moines]

BOWLES, Lewis, [Des Moines]

BOWMAN, J. H., [Buchanan]

BOWMAN, L. P., [Lockridge]

BOYD, A. J., [Fairfield]

BOYD, F., [Black Hawk]

BOYSAL, J., [Locust Grove]

BOYSAL, N., [Locust Grove]

BOYSAL, S., [Locust Grove]

BOYSOL, D., [Locust Grove]

BOYSOL, F., [Locust Grove]

BRADLEY, Joseph, [Fairfield]

BRADSHAW, A. C. D., [Fairfield]

BRADSHAW, E. B., [Des Moines]

BRADSHAW, J. B., [Buchanan]

BRADSHAW, J. C., [Cedar]

BRADSHAW, Wm. M., [Locust Grove]

BRADY, T. T., [Penn]

BRAY, C., [Penn]

BRAY, J., [Black Hawk]

BRAY, S., [Penn]

BRENDLE, C., [Round Prairie]

BREWER, J. S., [Round Prairie]

BRIER, John, [Fairfield]

BRIER, W., [Buchanan]

BRIGHT, N. M., [Fairfield]

BRIGHT, N. S., [Fairfield]

BRIGHTON, H. M., [Buchanan]

BROMAN, P., [Lockridge]

BROOKS, T. M., [Locust Grove]

BROWN Bros. & Co., [Lockridge]

BROWN, A., [Des Moines]

BROWN, C. N., [Fairfield]

BROWN, Geo. M., [Des Moines]

BROWN, H., [Walnut]

BROWN, H. L., [Fairfield]

BROWN, J. A., [Locust Grove]

BROWN, J. L., [Fairfield]

BROWN, John W., [Liberty]

BROWN, M., [Lockridge]

BRUIZ, P., [Cedar]

BRUMBAUGH, A., [Round Prairie]

BRUNDAGE, E. W., [Fairfield]

BRYAN, I. N., [Black Hawk]

BRYANT, R., [Fairfield]

BRYSON, C., [Penn]

BRYTE, Gus, [Buchanan]

BUCHANAN, Wm., [Liberty]

BURGER, C., [Des Moines]

BURGESON, P., [Lockridge]

BURGESS, A., [Penn]

BURGESS, J., [Penn]

BURGESS, L. W., [Penn]

BURGESS, W. T., [Fairfield]

BURK, Frank, [Walnut]

BURKHART, J. G., [Locust Grove]

BURNETT, JOHN W., [Fairfield]

BURNS, J., [Des Moines]

BURRIS, J., [Locust Grove]

BURROW, H. B., [Fairfield]

BUSH, D., [Buchanan]

BUSH, J., [Buchanan]

BUSH, M., [Buchanan]

BUSH, W., [Buchanan]

BYERS, J., [Liberty]

BYRKETT (sic), A. R., [Fairfield]

BYRKETT (sic), Jesse, [Fairfield]

CADE, Martin, [Fairfield]

CALFEE, W. A., [Des Moines]

CALLISTER, Wm., [Black Hawk]

CAMPBELL, Ed., [Fairfield]

CAMPBELL, Ed., Jr., [Cedar]

CAMPBELL, Frank W., [Black Hawk]

CAMPBELL, J., [Locust Grove]

CAMPBELL, J. M., [Locust Grove]

CAMPBELL, J. P., [Fairfield]

CAMPBELL, J. W., [Fairfield]

CAMPBELL, Joel E., [Fairfield]

CAMPBELL, John P., [Liberty]

CAMPBELL, Mark, [Fairfield]

CAMPBELL, N. H., [Locust Grove]

CAMPBELL, S., [Locust Grove]

CAMPBELL, W. C., [Locust Grove]

CAMPBELL, W. P., [Black Hawk]

CANADA, John, [Round Prairie]

CANADAY, Hugh, [Fairfield]

CANADAY, J. W. and J. L., [Fairfield]

CANTERBURY, James M., [Fairfield]

CANTERBURY, W. A., [Fairfield]

CARBAUGH, A. R., [Fairfield]

CARL, G. H., [Black Hawk]

CARLSON, C. G., [Round Prairie]

CARLSON, C. J., Jr., [Lockridge]

CARLSON, J., [Lockridge]


CARPENTER, William, [Fairfield]

CARSE, John, [Penn]

CARSON, A. J., [Round Prairie]

CARSON, Alexander, [Fairfield]

CARSON, V. S., [Locust Grove]

CARTER, Daniel W., [Liberty]

CARTER, H. B., [Fairfield]

CARTER, John G., [Liberty]

CARTER, M. F., [Lockridge]

CARTER, Sprague, [Fairfield]

CARTER, T. W., [Liberty]

CARTER, W. A., [Liberty]

CASADY, J. E., [Penn]

CASADY, J. D., [Penn]

CASE, A., [Round Prairie]

CASE, H., [Round Prairie]

CASSADAY, A. J., [Walnut]

CASSEL, Andrew F., [Lockridge]

CASTELL, J. M., [Buchanan]

CASTER, James, [Fairfield]

CASTILE, A., [Lockridge]

CASTILE, Isaac, [Lockridge]

CAVINESS, E. K., [Cedar]

CAVINESS, H. A., [Buchanan]

CAVINESS, K., [Buchanan]

CAVINESS, R. E., [Buchanan]

CAVINESS, R. M., [Buchanan]

CAVINESS, S., [Buchanan]

CAVINESS, W., [Buchanan]

CEDARHOLM, J. G., [Round Prairie]


CHANDLER, M., [Black Hawk]

CHANDLER, Philander, [Buchanan]

CHANDLER, S. J., Mrs. [Black Hawk]

CHANDLER, W., [Buchanan]

CHANDLER, W. H., [Black Hawk]

CHAPMAN, G., [Round Prairie]

CHARLES, John H., [Penn]

CHARLES, Thomas, [Penn]

CHARLTON, John, [Buchanan]

CHASE, C. W., [Locust Grove]

CHATTERTON, A. B., [Buchanan]

CHATTERTON, O., [Buchanan]


CHESTER, S. J., [Fairfield]

CHEZUM. D. G., [Round Prairie]

CHEZUM, J. P., [Round Prairie]

CHEZUM, T. S., [Round Prairie]

CHIDESTER, C. & S. E., [Black Hawk]

CHILCOTT, Asa, [Buchanan]

CHILCOTT, Baker, [Lockridge]

CHILCOTT, R., [Lockridge]

CHILCOTT, Thos., [Lockridge]

CHURCH, J. W., [Round Prairie]

CLAPP, J. W., [Buchanan]

CLAPP, W. D., [Buchanan]

CLAPPER, T., [Walnut]

CLARK, A., [Walnut]

CLARK, B., [Locust Grove]

CLARK, C. A., [Round Prairie]

CLARK, Daniel B., [Locust Grove]

CLARK, Edwin, [Locust Grove]

CLARK, G., [Locust Grove]

CLARK, J. L., [Liberty]

CLARK, J. V., [Liberty]

CLARK, Loran, [Buchanan]

CLARK, Peter, [Fairfield]

CLARK, S. G., [Liberty]

CLARK, T., [Locust Grove]

CLARK, Solomon, [Buchanan]

CLARK, Walter A., [Fairfield]

CLARKE, C. S., [Fairfield]

CLARKE, George D., [Fairfield]

CLARRIDGE, Mace, [Liberty]

CLARRIDGE, N., [Liberty]

CLARRIDGE, W., [Liberty]

CLAYPOOL, M. D., [Des Moines]

CLINKENBEARD, Jos., [Fairfield]

CLINTON, John, [Fairfield]

CLOVER, T., [Buchanan]

CLOVER, William, [Buchanan]

CLOWSER, Wm. H., [Black Hawk]

COCHRAN, George, [Buchanan]

COCHRAN, M., Mrs., [Round Prairie]

COCKLEY, Samuel, [Fairfield]

COFFIN, Henry, [Penn]

COFFIN, S. W., [Fairfield]

COLE, Chas., [Lockridge]

COLE, Joel, [Fairfield]

COLE, Perry G., [Penn]

COLE, Thomas L. H., [Fairfield]

COLLINS, E., [Locust Grove]

COLLINS, E. A., [Locust Grove]

COLLINS, H., [Locust Grove]

COLLINS, J., [Locust Grove]

COLLINS, J. H., [Locust Grove]

COLLINS, W., [Lockridge]

COMEGYS, Jacob, [Fairfield]

COMINGORE, L., [Liberty]

COMMAGE, W. H., [Penn]

COMPO, Peter, [Fairfield]

CONARD, C. C., [Round Prairie]

CONDOR, W. K., [Round Prairie]

CONGER, Benj. P., [Des Moines]

CONGER, Joseph A., [Des Moines]

CONGER, T., [Des Moines]

CONLEE, I., [Cedar]

CONNELLY, H., [Buchanan]

CONNER, A., [Locust Grove]

CONNER, J., [Locust Grove]

CONNERS, James, [Fairfield]

CONNOR, John, [Penn]

CONOVER, H., [Walnut]

COOK, Charles, [Black Hawk]

COOK, F., [Locust Grove]

COOK, F. L., [Black Hawk]

COOP, David L., [Penn]

COOP, Lafayette, [Penn]

COOP, Wm. G., Gen., (deceased) [Penn]

COOP, Wm. H., [Penn]

COOPER, S., [Buchanan]

COPELAND, J. W., [Des Moines]

COPELAND, W., [Des Moines]

COPELAND, W. F., [Des Moines]

COREY, Eric, [Fairfield]

COREY, John N., [Walnut]

COREY, William, [Fairfield]

CORNELL, G. W., [Liberty]

CORNELL, Washington, [Liberty]

COTTLE, W. W., [Fairfield]

COURTNEY, A. J., [Walnut]

COURTNEY, D. J., [Walnut]

COURTNEY, J. W., [Walnut]

COURTNEY, S., [Walnut]

COWAN, J., [Liberty]

COWEN, Charles, [Fairfield]

COWGER, D. L., [Locust Grove]

COX, A., [Cedar]

COX, Brunson, [Fairfield]

COX, C. L., [Cedar]

COX, E., [Cedar]

COX, J., [Black Hawk]

CRAFF, G., [Round Prairie]

CRAFT, M., [Walnut]

CRAIG, A. C., [Fairfield]

CRAIL, F. B., [Fairfield]

CRAIL, J. B., [Fairfield]

CRAIL, James, [Fairfield]

CRAINE, Edward, [Fairfield]

CRAINE, George, [Fairfield]

CRANE, G. S., [Round Prairie]

CRANE, S. S., [Round Prairie]

CRAWFORD, J. F., [Fairfield]

CRAWFORD, M. S., [Fairfield]

CRAWFORD, Nathaniel, [Fairfield]

CRAWFROD (sic), G. W., [Round Prairie]

CREAMER, George, [Fairfield]

CREEK, M. L., [Liberty]

CRENSHAW, D., [Round Prairie]

CREW, EBENEZER, [Fairfield]

CRILE, C. F., [Walnut]

CRILE, H., [Walnut]

CRILE, J., [Walnut]

CRILE, J. J, [Walnut]

CROSKEY, J., [Buchanan]

CROY, F. M., [Lockridge]

CROY, Mat., [Fairfield]

CRUMLY, A. L., [Penn]

CRUMLY, Isaac H., [Penn]

CRUMLEY, S. M., [Black Hawk]

CUDDY, G. M., [Lockridge]

CULBERTSON, J. W., [Buchanan]

CULBERTSON, John W., [Fairfield]

CULBERTSON, William B., [Fairfield]

CUMMINGS, E., [Buchanan]

CUMMINGS, J. J., [Fairfield]

CUMMINGS, S., [Buchanan]

CUMMINGS, Thomas, [Fairfield]

CUMMINGS, W., [Buchanan]

CURRY, J., Jr., [Locust Grove]

CURRY, W., [Locust Grove]

CURRY, William, [Fairfield]

CURTIS, H. Castle, M.D., [Walnut]

DAHLMAN, Jacob, [Fairfield]

DALLNER, George, [Lockridge]

DAMM, Michael, [Lockridge]

DANA, G. L., [Fairfield]

DANA, D., [Fairfield]

DANIELSON, Albert, [Lockridge]

DANIELSON, F. O., [Lockridge]

DANIELSON, John, [Lockridge]

DANIELSON, Peter A., [Lockridge]

DAUGHERTY, J. E., [Fairfield]

DAVID, Charles, [Fairfield]

DAVIES, E., [Black Hawk]

DAVIES, John, [Black Hawk]

DAVIES, T., [Black Hawk]

DAVIS, Elliott, [Buchanan]

DAVIS, E. D., [Buchanan]

DAVIS, George K., [Round Prairie]

DAVIS, J., [Buchanan]

DAVIS, James A., [Penn]

DAVIS, Samuel, [Fairfield]

DAVIS, W., [Buchanan]

DAVIS, W. H., [Liberty]

DAVISON, E., [Buchanan]

DEALY, Edward, [Fairfield]

DEARDORFF, Ely, [Fairfield]

DEAVER, M. V., [Fairfield]

DEDRICK, W. H., [Black Hawk]

DEFRANCE, C., [Penn]

DeGALLEFORD, J., [Fairfield]

DEGOOD, N. D., [Locust Grove]

DEISON, C., [Buchanan]

DeMARCE, Anthony, [Fairfield]

DEMARSH, F. J., [Penn]

DEMARSH, John, [Penn]

DEVORE, B. T., [Locust Grove]

DeWITT, B. F., [Cedar]

De WITT, W., [Locust Grove]



DICKSON, Samuel, [Locust Grove]

DICKSON, R. H., [Penn]

DIERS, Peter, [Walnut]

DILL, Francis, [Fairfield]

DILL, John, Jr., [Fairfield]

DIXON, G. F., [Black Hawk]

DIXON, T., [Black Hawk]

DIXON, Thomas, [Fairfield]

DOLE, Charles A., [Fairfield]

DOLE, J. R., [Fairfield]

DONALDSON, C., [Fairfield]

DORSEY, A., [Fairfield]

DORSEY, T., [Fairfield]

DOUGHERTY, J., [Round Prairie]

DOUGHERTY, R., [Cedar]

DOUGHTY, H., [Buchanan]

DOWD, A., [Round Prairie]

DOWNING, A., [Buchanan]

DOWNING, Wm., [Buchanan]

DRAPER, D. E., [Penn]

DROZ, G. A., [Cedar]

DROZ, J., [Cedar]

DROZ, J. B., [Cedar]

DROZ, Joseph, [Cedar]

DROZ, L., [Cedar]

DRUMMOND, L., [Black Hawk]

DRYSCH (sic - Drish?), F., [Walnut]

DRYSCH, J., [Walnut]

DRYSCH, M., Jr., [Walnut]

DRYSCH, M., Sr., [Walnut]

DU BOIS, John W., [Fairfield]

DU BOIS, N. R., [Fairfield]

DU BOIS, R. D., [Fairfield]

DUFFIELD, JAMES W., [Des Moines]

DUKE, D., [Black Hawk]

DUKE, H. R., [Black Hawk]

DUNCAN, Jas., [Buchanan]

DUNCANSON, B., [Round Prairie]

DUNLAP, William, [Lockridge]

DUNLAVY, A., [Round Prairie]

DUNN, JAMES, [Des Moines]

DUNSHEE, W., [Fairfield]

DUNWOODY, W. P., [Fairfield]

DUSTIN, W. F., [Liberty]

DUTWILER, A., [Walnut]

DUTWILER, C., Jr., [Walnut]

DUTWILER, C., Sr., [Walnut]

DUTWILER, L., [Walnut]

DWYER, A., [Fairfield]

DWYER, T., [Fairfield]

DYER, N., [Buchanan]

ECK, Frank L., [Penn]

ECKERT, D. E., [Fairfield]

ECKERT, James, [Fairfield]

EDLER, F. C., [Walnut]

EDLER, H., [Walnut]

EDMUNSTON, J., [Fairfield]

EDWARDS, Elijah, [Penn]

EDWARDS, F., [Walnut]

EDWARDS, John D., [Penn]

EDWARDS, Levi C., [Buchanan]

EDWARDS, M. W., [Walnut]

EDWARDS, R., [Walnut]

EDWARDS, W., [Penn]

EDWARDS, W. D., [Penn]

EDWARDS, W. E., [Walnut]

EGGENBARGER, John, [Lockridge]

EGGERS, Mark, [Lockridge]

EGLI, Jacob, [Lockridge]

EGLI, John, [Lockridge]

EHEN, August, [Lockridge]

EHEN, Charles, [Lockridge]

EHEN, Jonas, [Lockridge]

EICHORN, G., [Fairfield]

EKWALL, J. F., [Lockridge]

ELDER, J., [Fairfield]

ELLENBERGER, K., [Locust Grove]

ELLER, J. A., [Locust Grove]

ELLIOTT, Charles, [Liberty]

ELLIOTT, Thomas, [Liberty]

ELLIOTT, W., [Fairfield]

ELLIS, Isaac, [Penn]

ELLIS, Isaac, Jr., [Penn]

ELLIS, Walter, [Penn]

ELLYSON, J. T., [Penn]

ELMAKEE (sic - ELLMAKER), Reuben, [Des Moines]

EMERSON, Wm. J., [Round Prairie]

EMRY, D., [Penn]

EMRY, James, [Penn]

EMRY, J. Q., [Penn]

EMRY, T. F., [Penn]

EMRY, T. L., [Penn]

ENGLAND, George, [Penn]

ERICSON, Albert, [Lockridge]

ERICSON, C. E., [Lockridge]

ERICSON, C. F, [Lockridge]

ERICSON, C. M., [Lockridge]

ERICSON, Eric M., [Lockridge]

ERICSON, G. L., [Lockridge]

ERICSON, Gustaf, [Lockridge]

ERICSON, John, [Lockridge]

ERICSON, John E., [Lockridge]

ERICSON, Swan, [Lockridge]

ERICKSON, F. J., [Round Prairie]

ESHELMAN, A. H., [Lockridge]

ESHELMAN, M. H., [Lockridge]

ESHELMAN, Samuel, [Des Moines]

ESTES, G. E., [Black Hawk]

ESTES, W., far., [Black Hawk]

ESTES, W. C., far., [Black Hawk]

EVANS, J., [Fairfield]

EVANS, T. C., [Fairfield]

EVANS, Thos. D., [Fairfield]

EVERETT, J. L., [Locust Grove]

EWING, O. O., [Cedar]

FAIRCHILD, A. H., [Round Prairie]

FALK, Andrew J., [Lockridge]

FALKNER, U. G., [Fairfield]

FAMULENER, John, [Liberty]

FARBER, Henry, [Walnut]

FARMAN, C. A., [Lockridge]

FARMAN, J. P., [Lockridge]

FARMER, James F., [Penn]

FARMER, Ridgely, [Penn]

FARMER, Samuel C., & Sons, [Fairfield]

FARQUER, J. H., [Lockridge]

FAWCETT, Levi, [Buchanan]

FAWCETT, P., [Fairfield]

FEE, G., [Black Hawk]

FEE, W. P., [Fairfield]

FEGAN, Frank R., [Fairfield]

FELL D., [Round Prairie]

FELL, Samuel F., [Des Moines]

FELL, Wm., [Des Moines]

FELLINGER, Andrew, [Walnut]

FERGUSON, A. B., [Fairfield]

FICHTNER, J. W., [Walnut]

FICHTNER, Jacob, Jr., [Walnut]

FICHTNER, Jacob, Sr., [Walnut]

FICKETT, Joseph, [Liberty]

FIDLER, Daniel, [Round Prairie]

FIERCE, John and Ira, [Cedar]

FINCHBAUGH, L., [Buchanan]

FINNEY, Elijah H., [Des Moines]

FISHEL, John, [Des Moines]

FISHER, J., [Locust Grove]

FISHER, Milton, [Locust Grove]

FISHER, R., [Cedar]

FLANDERS, G. W., [Lockridge]

FLEENOR, M., [Locust Grove]

FLEGG, G. W., [Fairfield]

FLINN, M., [Cedar]

FLOWER, M., [Cedar]

FLOWERS, O., [Fairfield]

FOGLEMAN, J. E., [Black Hawk]

FOGERTY, T., [Fairfield]

FOLAND, E., [Fairfield]

FOLEY, M., [Fairfield]

FOOTE, D. G., [Buchanan]

FOOTE, J. B., [Buchanan]

FORDICE, John, [Lockridge]

FORDYCE, Lewis, [Des Moines]

FORDYCE, W., Dr., [Round Prairie]

FOREMAN, R., [Locust Grove]

FORGRAVE, A. J., [Fairfield]

FORNEY, F., [Locust Grove]

FOSS, C., [Walnut]

FOSS, Dedrich, [Walnut]

FOSS, H., [Walnut]

FOWLER, G., [Fairfield]

FOX, John, [Fairfield]

FRAKES, Abram, [Penn]

FRASHER, G. H., [Buchanan]

FRAME, W. B., [Round Prairie]

FRAZEY, Enoch, [Lockridge]

FRAZEY, J. P., [Penn]

FRAZIER, James, [Penn]

FRAZIER, J. E., [Penn]

FRAZIER, John, [Penn]

FREDERICK, Chas., [Lockridge]

FREEBERG, S., [Lockridge]

FREEMAN & TOWNLY, [Fairfield]

FREEMAN, J. D., [Fairfield]

FRESCOLN, L., [Locust Grove]

FRESHWATER, A., [Fairfield]

FRISBIE, M. S., [Locust Grove]

FRITZ, J., [Walnut]

FRITZ, P., [Walnut]

FRITZ, M., [Walnut]

FROST, A., [Lockridge]

FROST, Chas., [Lockridge]

FROST, W., [Des Moines]

FRUSH, G., [Locust Grove]

FRUSH, Jas. and John, [Buchanan]

FRY, David, [Cedar]

FRY, G. R., [Des Moines]

FRY, Jacob C., [Liberty]

FRY, James M., [Des Moines]

FRY, S. A., [Cedar]

FRY, S. C., [Locust Grove]

FRYER, S. J., Mrs., [Black Hawk]

FRYMAN, Jacob., [Penn]

FRYMAN, J., [Penn]

FULLER, B. J., [Fairfield]

FULLER, John, [Fairfield]

FULTON, Alexander, [Fairfield]

FULTON, J. I., [Round Prairie]

FULTON, William H., [Fairfield]

FULTON, Joseph W., [Des Moines]

FUNCK, Jacob, [Buchanan]

FUQUA, M. C., [Penn]

FURMAN, Jacob, [Fairfield]

GABRIELSON, J., [Lockridge]

GADDIS, B., [Locust Grove]

GAGE, C. W., [Fairfield]

GAGE, F. S., [Fairfield]

GAGE, T. S., [Fairfield]

GAINES, Richard, [Fairfield]

GALLIHER, J. A., [Cedar]

GALLIHER, J. C., [Fairfield]

GALVIN, Thomas, [Fairfield]

GANTZ, Andrew, [Fairfield]

GANTZ, J., [Black Hawk]

GANTZ, J., [Black Hawk]

GANTZ, Jacob S., [Fairfield]

GANTZ, John, [Locust Grove]

GANTZ, John T., [Fairfield]

GANTZ, L., [Black Hawk]

GARDNER, John J., (deceased) [Des Moines]

GARDNER, T., [Black Hawk]

GARMOE, J., [Buchanan]

GARMOE, Jacob, [Buchanan]

GARMOE, Lawrence, [Penn]

GARRISON, Elvy, [Des Moines]

GARRISON, Jeremiah, [Des Moines]

GASAWAY, B., [Black Hawk]

GASAWAY, J. R., [Black Hawk]

GATES, D., [Buchanan]

GATES, Hiram, [Buchanan]

GAUMER, Solomon, [Fairfield]

GAUZMAN, A., [Lockridge]

GAUZMAN, N., [Lockridge]

GELSKI, John, [Walnut]

GELSKI, Thomas, [Walnut]

GEORGE, C. F., [Fairfield]

GEORGE, R. T., [Penn]

GIBERSON, C., [Cedar]

GIBERSON, H., [Cedar]

GIBERSON, William H. S., [Round Prairie]

GIBSON, J. J., [Fairfield]

GIFFORD, B., [Liberty]

GIFT, Charles, [Fairfield]

GIFT, George, [Fairfield]

GILBERT, Geo., [Buchanan]

GILBERT, J., [Cedar]

GILBERT, M. A., [Cedar]

GILBERT, Thomas, [Penn]

GILBERT, William, [Fairfield]

GILCHRIST, A., [Fairfield]

GILCHRIST, G. W., [Fairfield]

GILCHRIST, George K., [Fairfield]

GILMER, R. T., [Fairfield]

GLAZE, John, [Des Moines]

GLOTFELTY, Frank, [Des Moines]

GLOTFELTY, J., [Liberty]

GLOTFELTY, James, [Liberty]

GLOTFELTY, John A., [Des Moines]

GOBBLE, J. M., [Fairfield]

GOBBLE, T. W., [Locust Grove]

GOBBLE, W., [Locust Grove]

GOEHNER, Jacob, [Fairfield]

GOFF, William E., [Fairfield]

GONTERMAN, J. R., [Des Moines]

GONTERMAN, Jacob M., [Des Moines]

GONTERMAN, W. C., [Des Moines]

GOODRICH, [Black Hawk]

GOODRICH, G., [Black Hawk]

GOODRIDGE, William, [Walnut]

GOODWIN, Henry, [Penn]

GOODWIN, John, [Penn]

GOODWIN, Joseph, [Penn]

GORDON, H. M., [Fairfield]

GORDON, Joseph, [Buchanan]

GORSUCH, H., [Walnut]

GORSUCH, Thomas and Henry, [Walnut]

GOSSLER, W. H., [Des Moines]

GOVER, D. J., [Fairfield]

GOW, PETER, [Fairfield]

GRABER, C., [Lockridge]

GRABER, Daniel, [Walnut]

GRABER, J., [Cedar]

GRABER, J., [Lockridge]

GRAFF, F., [Lockridge]

GRAFF, J., [Lockridge]

GRAHAM, Harvey, [Fairfield]

GRAHAM, James, [Fairfield]

GRAHAM, Riley, [Penn]

GRANT I., [Round Prairie]

GRAVES, Coleman, [Des Moines]

GRAY, A., [Locust Grove]

GRAY, A. M., [Black Hawk]

GREBE, L., [Lockridge]

GREEN, Alfred, [Buchanan]

GREEN, Alonzo, [Buchanan]

GREEN, Dennis, [Buchanan]

GREEN, Nelson, [Buchanan]

GREEN, Sylvester, [Buchanan]

GREEN, W. J., [Buchanan]

GREEN, Winfield, [Buchanan]

GREENE, FRANK, [Fairfield]

GREENLAND, H., [Locust Grove]

GREENUP, E., [Round Prairie]

GREENUP, J. W., [Round Prairie]

GREENWOOD, M. V. B., [Fairfield]

GREENWOOD, N. R., [Locust Grove]

GREESON, W., [Black Hawk]

GREGG, J. M., [Round Prairie]

GREGG, S. J., [Round Prairie]

GREGORY, A., [Black Hawk]

GREGORY, J., [Black Hawk]

GREGORY, W., [Black Hawk]

GREKOW, J., [Lockridge]

GRIMES, J. A., [Fairfield]

GRINSTEAD, John, [Fairfield]

GROOVES, J. K., [Penn]

GROVE, G., [Round Prairie]

GUDGELL, B. F., [Fairfield]

GUSTAFSON, C. F., [Round Prairie]

GUSTAFSON, C. J., [Lockridge]

GUSTAFSON, J., [Lockridge]

GUSTISON, L., [Buchanan]

HABER, Michael, [Lockridge]

HACKNEY, F. N., [Penn]

HADLEY, A., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, A. W., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, B. H., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, E., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, J. C., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, J. I., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, N. S., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, S., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, W., [Black Hawk]

HADLEY, William R., [Penn]

HADLEY, Z., [Black Hawk]

HAGERTY, John, [Fairfield]

HAGUE, A. G., [Liberty]

HAGY, Frederick, [Locust Grove]

HAIFLEY, Alfred, [Penn]

HAIFLEY, Jonas, [Walnut]

HAINES, John, [Fairfield]

HALFERTY, William, [Fairfield]

HALL, H. S., [Locust Grove]

HALL, J., [Round Prairie]

HALL, James, [Liberty]

HALL, W., [Liberty]

HALL, William, [Locust Grove]

HAMMOND, Philip, [Fairfield]

HAMMONS, H., [Round Prairie]

HAMMONS, J. M., [Round Prairie]

HAMPSON, J. C., [Penn]

HANEY, Daniel, E., [Liberty]

HANEY, Daniel Sr., [Liberty]

HANLEY, H., [Lockridge]

HANNAH, E. B., [Black Hawk]

HANSON, B., [Lockridge]

HANSON, G., [Lockridge]

HANSON, Henry, [Fairfield]

HARDEN, Isaac, [Locust Grove]

HARKEN, John, [Penn]

HARKEN, W., [Black Hawk]

HARKINS, Peter, [Penn]

HARMON, Page, [Fairfield]

HARPER, John, [Fairfield]

HARPER, Robert, [Fairfield]

HARRAH, J. T., [Locust Grove]

HARRIS, J., [Locust Grove]

HARRIS, J., [Locust Grove]

HARRIS, Reuben, [Locust Grove]

HARRIS, T. T., [Fairfield]

HARRISON, Robert, [Penn]

HARRISON, T. J., [Des Moines]

HARRISON, William, [Penn]

HARRISON, William H., [Penn]

HARTER, J. H., [Round Prairie]

HARTER, H. L., [Black Hawk]

HARTER, D., [Black Hawk]

HARTLEY, D., [Cedar]

HARVEY, James, [Penn]

HARVEY, Jervis, [Penn]

HARVEY, U. R., [Penn]

HAWK, Carl, [Buchanan]

HAWK, Thomas, [Walnut]

HAWK, W. J., [Penn]

HAWK, William, [Penn]

HAYDEN, H. R., [Liberty]

HAYDEN, J. W., Dr., [Liberty]

HAYDEN, John, [Liberty]

HAYDEN, John, Rev., [Liberty]

HAYES, J., [Lockridge]

HAYMOND, A. D., [Penn]

HAYMOND, Jas., [Penn]

HEALD, A., [Black Hawk]

HEALD, J., [Liberty]

HEATER, E.; [Lockridge]

HEATER, J., [Buchanan]

HEATON, G., [Round Prairie]

HEATON, H., [Round Prairie]

HECK, F. S., [Black Hawk]

HECK, George S., [Fairfield]

HECKATHIER, John, [Fairfield]

HECKERT, Moses, [Black Hawk]

HEDGE, William, [Fairfield]

HEISEL, P., [Round Prairie]

HENDERSON, E., Dr., [Locust Grove]

HENDERSON, H. M., [Locust Grove]

HENDERSON, T. T., [Fairfield]

HENDRICKS, Jas. H., [Lockridge]

HENDRICKS, William R., [Penn]

HENRY, Philip, [Penn]

HERMAN, B. F., [Black Hawk]

HERMAN, R., [Black Hawk]

HERON, David; (deceased) [Lockridge]

HERON, John, [Lockridge]

HERR, Fred., [Round Prairie]

HERRICK, Edward, [Fairfield]

HERRING, Jesse A., [Fairfield]

HESSER, J., [Walnut]

HESTON, Joseph, [Penn]

HESTON, L. W., [Penn]

HETTICK, Bernard, [Walnut]

HETZEL, D., [Walnut]

HEWETT, Ed., [Black Hawk]

HEWETT, G. W., [Black Hawk]

HEWITT, B. S., [Fairfield]

HEYDE, H., [Walnut]

HEYDE, P., [Walnut]

HIATT, D., [Penn]

HIATT, Samuel, [Penn]

HIBBARD, A., [Liberty]

HICKENBOTTOM, J., [Buchanan]

HICKENBOTTOM, J., [Fairfield]

HICKENBOTTOM, James, [Round Prairie]

HICKENBOTTOM, Stephen, [Round Prairie]

HICKS, R. C., [Walnut]

HICKS, S., [Penn]

HIDY, G. W., [Locust Grove]

HIGLEY, D. G., [Fairfield]

HIGLEY, T. F., [Fairfield]

HILDERBRAND, Casper, [Walnut]

HILDERBRAND, M., [Lockridge]

HILDERBRAND, Mat., [Walnut]

HILDERBRAND, S., [Lockridge]

HILL, C. C., [Black Hawk]

HILL, D., [Liberty]

HILL, G., [Liberty]

HILL, J., [Liberty]

HILL, S. B., [Locust Grove]

HILL, T. J., [Cedar]

HILLANDER, G., [Buchanan]

HILLMAN, A. L., [Lockridge]

HILLMAN, A. M., [Lockridge]

HILLMAN, C. J., [Lockridge]

HILTON, John H., [Des Moines]

HINKLE, D., [Fairfield]

HINKLE, JAMES M., [Fairfield]

HINSHAW, B., [Black Hawk]

HINSHAW, I., [Black Hawk]

HINSHAW, J., [Black Hawk]


HIRSHBERGER, L., [Fairfield]

HISEL, John, [Cedar]

HISEL, Joseph, [Cedar]

HITE, Henry, [Locust Grove]

HITTS, J., [Lockridge]

HOAG, Jesse, [Penn]

HOAG, William H., [Penn]

HOAGLAND, Wm., [Buchanan]

HOBSON, W. Z., [Penn]

HOCK, J., [Walnut]

HODGEN, J., [Walnut]

HODGEN, J. J., [Walnut]

HODGEN, John R., [Walnut]

HODSON, A., [Penn]

HODSON, J. F., Sr., [Penn]

HODSON, T. F., [Penn]

HOESCH, J., [Lockridge]

HOFFMAN, A., [Walnut]

HOFFMAN, Henry, [Des Moines]

HOFFMAN, Isaac, [Fairfield]

HOFFMAN, P., [Fairfield]

HOFFMAN, Thomas, [Fairfield]

HOGATE, N., [Round Prairie]

HOLDER, Daniel, [Locust Grove]

HOLLANDER, A., [Lockridge]

HOLLENBACK, W., [Locust Grove]

HOLLISTER, M., [Buchanan]

HOLLISTER, S. C., [Cedar]

HOLMES, Andrew A., [Locust Grove]

HOLMES, J. W., [Locust Grove]

HOLMES, W. M., [Locust Grove]

HOLMES, W. P., [Locust Grove]

HOLTON, N. N., [Fairfield]

HOOD, Charles, [Locust Grove]

HOOK, J., [Walnut]

HOOPS, E. D., [Buchanan]

HOOPS, J., [Buchanan]

HOOPS, O. T., [Buchanan]

HOPKIRK, David, [Lockridge]

HOPKIRK, J., [Round Prairie]

HOPKIRK, John, [Lockridge]

HOPKIRK, William, [Lockridge]

HORN, J. B., [Fairfield]

HORTON, J. W., [Lockridge]

HORTON, S. T., [Lockridge]

HOSATTE, L., [Cedar]

HOSATTE, Louis and Alexis, [Round Prairie]

HOSATTE, X., [Cedar]

HOSKINS, A., [Penn]

HOSKINS, B. F., [Penn]

HOSKINS, Ellis, [Penn]

HOSKINS, James E., [Penn]

HOSKINS, L., [Penn]

HOSKINS, M., [Penn]

HOSKINS, M., [Penn]


HOSTELLER, John, [Lockridge]

HOUD, J. H., [Liberty]

HOUGHTON, Hugh, [Black Hawk]

HOUGLAND; W., [Buchanan]

HOUSEL, George, [Locust Grove]

HOWARD, A., [Lockridge]

HOWARD, J., [Cedar]

HOWARD, J., [Locust Grove]

HOWARD, L., [Fairfield]

HOWELL, G., [Fairfield]

HOWELL, J. D., [Round Prairie]

HOWELL, W. H., [Locust Grove]

HOWLETT, T. R., [Fairfield]

HUDGEL, J., [Buchanan]

HUDSON, J., [Locust Grove]

HUFF, John, [Fairfield]

HUFFMAN, E., [Locust Grove]

HUFFMAN, H., [Locust Grove]

HUFFORD, R. H., M.D., [Fairfield]

HUFSTEDLER, W., [Fairfield]

HUGEL (sic - HUDGEL?), David, [Fairfield]

HUGHELL, Samuel, [Des Moines]

HUGHES, James M., [Fairfield]

HUGHES, Thos., [Fairfield]

HUGHES, W. G., [Des Moines]

HULSE, B. B., [Round Prairie]

HULT, F., [Round Prairie]

HUMPHREY, B., [Penn]

HUMPHREY, E. A., [Round Prairie]

HUMPHREY, Thomas, [Penn]

HUMPHREY, Sanford, [Penn]

HUMPHREYS, F. T., [Cedar]

HUNT, Edmund, [Fairfield]

HUNTZINGER, F. B., [Fairfield]

HUOTT, C., [Round Prairie]

HUOTT, X., [Round Prairie]

HURD, F. W., [Penn]

HURST, F., [Liberty]

HUSTON, J. H., [Round Prairie]

HUSTON, W., [Penn]

HUTCHINS, J. T., [Black Hawk]

HUTCHINSON, J., [Buchanan]

HUTCHINSON, J. J., [Buchanan]

HUTCHINSON, William, [Buchanan]

HUTTON, S., [Des Moines]

IGOE, J., [Penn]

INGALLS, JAMES, [Fairfield]

INGHRAM, D. W., [Fairfield]

INGHRAM, U., [Fairfield]

IRELAND, JOHN A., [Locust Grove]

JACKSON, A. W., [Des Moines]

JACOBS, John, [Lockridge]

JACOBSON, Andrew, [Fairfield]

JACOBSON, F. J., [Fairfield]

JACOBSON, John, [Buchanan]

JAMES, T. L., [Fairfield]

JAMES, T. P., [Buchanan]

JAMES, W., [Des Moines]

JAMES, W. F., [Buchanan]

JAMESON, A. L., [Locust Grove]

JAQUES, A. W., [Fairfield]

JARL, M., [Lockridge]

JAY, Robert L., M.D., [Walnut]

JEFFERS, James, [Fairfield]

JENKS, S., [Buchanan]

JOHN, J. S., [Fairfield]

JOHNSON, A., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, A., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, A., [Round Prairie]

JOHNSON, A. F., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, A. P., [Penn]

JOHNSON, Alfred, [Locust Grove]

JOHNSON, Andrew, [Black Hawk]

JOHNSON, B. T., [Penn]

JOHNSON, Elwood, [Penn]

JOHNSON, F., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, G., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, J., [Round Prairie]

JOHNSON, J. F., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, J. O., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, J. W., [Des Moines]

JOHNSON, John, [Fairfield]

JOHNSON, L., [Black Hawk]

JOHNSON, L. M., [Black Hawk]

JOHNSON, Nathan, [Fairfield]

JOHNSON, O., [Round Prairie]

JOHNSON, S., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, S., [Lockridge]

JOHNSON, S., [Penn]

JOHNSON, S., [Round Prairie]

JOHNSON, W., [Penn]

JOHNSON, W. B., [Polk]

JOHNSON, Wm., [Polk]

JOHNSTON, Andrew, [Walnut]

JONES, Alex., [Penn]

JONES, B., [Penn]

JONES, C., [Polk]

JONES, C. A., [Fairfield]

JONES, E. W., [Round Prairie]

JONES, Eli, [Penn]

JONES, Frank, [Fairfield]

JONES, Isaac D., [Fairfield]

JONES, J., [Polk]

JONES, J. M., [Penn]

JONES, J. W., [Penn]

JONES, John, [Penn]

JONES, R., [Penn]

JONES, T., [Penn]

JONES, T., [Polk]

JONES, T. E., [Fairfield]

JONES, W., [Black Hawk]

JONES, William C., [Fairfield]

JONES, William H., [Fairfield]

JORDAN, Albert R., [Fairfield]

JORDAN, Clement, Capt., [Fairfield]

JOURDAN, L., [Walnut]

JUDSON, A. A., [Fairfield]

JUNKIN, C. M., [Fairfield]

JUNKIN, W. W., [Fairfield]

KANN, John, [Buchanan]

KARNEY, B., [Des Moines]

KARNS, Henry, [Liberty]

KASKA, James, [Penn]

KASKA, N., [Penn]

KASKA, Nicholas, [Walnut]

KAUFFMAN, H. M., [Lockridge]

KELLER, Anthony, [Cedar]

KELLER, Edward, [Cedar]

KELLER, Eugene, [Cedar]

KELLER, Gustavus, Jr., [Cedar]

KELLER, Gustavus, Sr., [Cedar]

KELLY, D. L., [Locust Grove]

KELLY, Wm., [Lockridge]

KELTNER, H. B., [Cedar]

KELTNER, T. S., [Penn]

KENNEDY, J., [Fairfield]

KENNEDY, J. P., [Des Moines]

KENNEDY, P., [Fairfield]

KENNEDY, P., Jr., [Fairfield]

KENNY, John, [Black Hawk]

KENYON, J., [Polk]

KERNS, C., [Walnut]

KERR, J , [Fairfield]

KESSEL, A., [Walnut]

KETTERER, A., [Lockridge]

KILFOY, T., [Fairfield]

KINDELL, J. B., [Penn]

KING, A., [Fairfield]

KING, D., [Fairfield]

KING, J. E., [Fairfield]

KING, JOHN L., [Round Prairie]

KING, S., [Lockridge]

KINER, J., [Buchanan]

KINGER, H., [Black Hawk]

KINSLOE, H. E., [Fairfield]

KINTZ, C., Jr., [Walnut]

KINTZ, C., Sr., [Walnut]

KIRBY, J. M., [Polk]

KIRBY, K. B., [Polk]

KIRKEE, J., [Penn]

KIRKPATRICK, H. H., [Buchanan]

KIRKPATRICK, J. W., [Black Hawk]

KIRKPATRICK, Samuel, [Liberty]

KISSELL, J. A., [Penn]

KLAISS, J., [Polk]

KLINGMAN, Wm., [Black Hawk]

KNEPLEY, J., [Round Prairie]

KNERR, A., [Lockridge]

KNERR, Adam, [Walnut]

KNERR, F. [Lockridge]

KNERR, G., [Walnut]

KNERR, L., [Walnut]

KNERR, V., [Walnut]

KNERR, W. H., [Walnut]

KNERR, William, [Walnut]

KNERR, Wm. H., [Walnut]

KNIGHT, George, [Black Hawk]

KNIGHT, R. H., [Fairfield]

KNOX, W. W., [Polk]

KOCK, J. F., [Walnut]

KOCK, P. E., [Walnut]

KOFFMAN, George, [Fairfield]

KOLLOCK, F., [Penn]

KOONS, David, [Polk]

KOONS, Dillon, [Locust Grove]

KOSSOSKI, H., [Penn]

KOSUSKI, A., [Walnut]

KOSUSKI, H., [Walnut]

KOSUSKI, Paul, [Walnut]

KRAMER, Andrew, Jr., [Locust Grove]

KREINER, Michael, [Fairfield]

KRITZLER, J. J., [Round Prairie]

KRUMHOLTZ, J., [Lockridge]

KUNATH, J. E., [Round Prairie]

KURTZ, John, [Walnut]

KURTZ, Joseph, [Walnut]

KURTZ, M. R., [Fairfield]

KYLE, J., [Penn]

KYLE, J. J., [Buchanan]

KYLE, William B., [Penn]

LABAUGH, Peter, [Buchanan]

LAIRESKI, H., [Penn]

LAMANSKI, Peter, [Walnut]

LAMBERT, J. O. W., [Penn]

LAMBIRTH, Sarah A., [Round Prairie]

LAME A., [Des Moines]

LAMPHERE, Ora, [Locust Grove]

LAMSON, Victor, [Fairfield]

LAMSON, Ward, [Fairfield]

LANG, G. P., [Fairfield]

LANGDON, S. W., [Cedar]

LANGNER, J., [Lockridge]

LAPP, John, [Locust Grove]

LARIMORE, J. W., [Liberty]

LARSON, A. J., [Lockridge]

LARSON, August, [Lockridge]

LARSON, C. P., [Lockridge]

LARSON, J. P., [Round Prairie]

LARSON, Jacob, [Lockridge]

LARSON, John, [Lockridge]

LASH, D. A., [Cedar]

LATHERS, Jas., [Locust Grove]

LAUDERBAUGH, Adam, [Walnut]

LAUGHLIN, A. W., [Locust Grove]

LAUGHLIN, D., [Des Moines]

LAUGHLIN, H., [Liberty]

LAUGHLIN, H. P., [Locust Grove]

LAUGHLIN, J., [Liberty]

LAUGHLIN, J. R., [Liberty]

LAUGHLIN, Steward C., [Des Moines]

LAUGHLIN, T. S. and F. R., [Locust Grove]

LAUGHLIN, Thomas S., [Locust Grove]

LAUGHLIN, William M., [Locust Grove]

LAW, T. R., [Locust Grove]

LAWRENCE, Wm., [Lockridge]

LAWSON, A., [Liberty]

LAWSON, H., [Liberty]

LAWSON, T., Jr., [Liberty]

LAWSON, T., Sr., [Liberty]

LAYTON, J. C., [Round Prairie]

LAYTON, S., [Round Prairie]

LEAF, A. P., [Lockridge]

LEAFGREEN, M., [Lockridge]

LEBLING, George, [Cedar]

LEE, L., [Buchanan]

LEE, Milton, [Fairfield]

LEE, P. S., [Fairfield]

LEECH, John, [Black Hawk]

LEEDS, J. C., [Fairfield]

LEENEY, J., [Penn]

LEFFLER, Henry, [Walnut]

LEFFLER, Jacob, [Walnut]

LEPPO, D., [Des Moines]

LEPPO, D., [Liberty]

LEGGETT, Charles D., [Fairfield]

LEGGETT, R. H., [Fairfield]

LEISURE, J. M., [Polk]

LEISURE, J., Jr., [Polk]

LEISURE, S. R., [Polk]

LEISURE, T. A., [Polk]

LEISURE, Wm. J., [Polk]

LEONARD, James, [Fairfield]

LEWACHER, A., [Lockridge]

LEWELLEN, George, [Buchanan]

LEWELLING, H. C., [Fairfield]

LEWELLYN, William, [Lockridge]

LEWIS, C. H., [Polk]

LEWIS, J. C., [Polk]

LEWIS, J. M., Dr., [Polk]

LEWIS, W. C., [Fairfield]

LEWIS, W. D., [Liberty]

LEWS, Charles, [Fairfield]

LIBLIN, J., [Lockridge]

LIBLIN, Jack, [Cedar]

LIBLIN, M. G., [Cedar]

LIGHT, Solomon, [Fairfield]

LINBLAD, A., [Round Prairie]

LINDBLOOM, Gustaf, [Lockridge]

LINDBURG, Olof, [Lockridge]

LINDE, Jacob, [Lockridge]

LINDERSON, O. R., [Round Prairie]

LINDERSON, Otto, [Round Prairie]

LINDQUEST, G. E., [Lockridge]


LINN, John, [Lockridge]

LINNING, C. C., [Fairfield]

LIONBERGER, A., [Liberty]

LIPPITT, H., [Fairfield]

LITTON, B., [Round Prairie]

LITTON, W., [Round Prairie]

LOCK, B. B., [Black Hawk]

LOCK, David, [Fairfield]

LOCK, Gilbert, [Fairfield]

LOCK, J. B., [Black Hawk]

LOCK, Wm., [Black Hawk]

LOCKE, J., [Cedar]

LOEHR, J. L., [Polk]

LOGSDEN, W., [Round Prairie]

LONG, Catherine, Mrs., [Fairfield]

LONG, D., [Locust Grove]

LONG, G. S., [Penn]

LONG, H., [Buchanan]

LONG, H. C., [Lockridge]

LONG, J., [Black Hawk]

LONG, J., [Round Prairie]

LONG, R., [Black Hawk]

LONG, W. T., [Des Moines]


LONGERBONE, Jonathan, [Polk]


LONSBERRY, B. F., [Locust Grove]

LONSBERRY, H. L., [Locust Grove]

LOOMAN, P., [Black Hawk]

LOOMAN, W. L., [Black Hawk]

LOOMAN, Wm., [Black Hawk]

LOOMIS, A., [Fairfield]

LOOMIS, G. P., [Fairfield]

LOOMIS, G. P., [Liberty]

LOOMIS, N., [Cedar]

LOONEY, A., [Penn]

LOONEY, G., [Penn]

LOONEY, J. L., [Penn]

LOONEY, T. J., [Penn]

LOOS, John, [Lockridge]

LORING, T. H., [Fairfield]

LOUDEN, Andrew, Jr., [Fairfield]

LOUDEN, J., [Cedar]

LOUDEN, William, [Fairfield]

LOUDER; J., [Buchanan]

LOUDER, Wm., [Buchanan]

LOUGHREY, J. S., [Fairfield]

LOUTH, Simon, [Lockridge]

LOVING, C., [Round Prairie]

LOVING, E., [Round Prairie]

LOVING, James M., [Round Prairie]

LOW, C. H., [Lockridge]

LOWELL, James, physician.

LOWRIE, Thos., [Buchanan]

LUCAS, S., [Des Moines]

LUNCHBAUGH, G. A., [Lockridge]

LUNDGREN, Andrew, [Lockridge]

LUSE, J., [Locust Grove]

LUSE, M., [Locust Grove]

LUTZ, P., [Des Moines]

LYNN, J., [Penn]

LYNN, John, [Penn]

LYNN, R., [Penn]

LYNN, Robert D., [Penn]

LYON, F. F., Rev., [Black Hawk]

LYON, Frank H., [Lockridge]

LYON, J. S., [Black Hawk]

LYON, N. W., [Walnut]

LYON, P. W., [Lockridge]

LYON, S. H., [Lockridge]

LYNCH, R. E., [Buchanan]

LYNCH, T. Y., [Buchanan]

LYNCH, W. S., [Fairfield]

LYNN, Adam, [Fairfield]

LYNN, D., Jr., [Fairfield]

LYNN, David, Sr., [Fairfield]

MACY, S., [Penn]

MACY, S., [Penn]

MADDEN, John, [Walnut]

MAHAFFEY, S., [Des Moines]

MAHON, J., [Cedar]

MAJOR, David, [Fairfield]

MALVIN, James, [Fairfield]

MANATEE, John P., [Fairfield]

MANATRY, P., [Buchanan]

MANN, Christopher, [Walnut]

MANNHARDT, John, [Walnut]

MANNHARDT, Zach, [Walnut]

MANNING, Joseph, [Liberty]

MANNING, W. C., [Des Moines]

MARCY, John, [Fairfield]

MARION, W., [Locust Grove]

MARSHALL, Thomas, [Walnut]

MARTANG, C., [Round Prairie]

MARTIN, C. J., [Black Hawk]

MARTIN, J., [Round Prairie]

MARTIN, L. M., [Fairfield]

MASKELL, J. W., [Fairfield]

MASON, D. W., [Fairfield]

MATHEWS, B., [Penn]

MATHEWS, J., [Penn]

MATTINGLY, C. M., [Des Moines]

MAXWELL, A., [Penn]

MAXWELL, Benjamin, [Buchanan]

MAXWELL, H. C., [Fairfield]

MAXON, William, [Fairfield]

McCALLA, A., [Fairfield]

McCARTNEY, W. R., [Liberty]

McCARTY, David, [Buchanan]

McCARTY, Edward, [Buchanan]

McCARTY, W. R., [Penn]

McCARTY, William, [Penn]

McCASHLIN, D. A., [Buchanan]

McCASHLIN, R. F., [Fairfield]

McCHESNEY, W. T., [Buchanan]

McCLAIN, G. W., [Buchanan]

McCLAIN, J. B., [Liberty]

McCLAIN, T., [Buchanan]

McCLEARY, John H., [Des Moines]

McCLINTICK, W. E., [Black Hawk]

McCLINTOCK, A. W., [Black Hawk]

McCLINTOCK, J., [Black Hawk]

McCLUNG, J., [Polk]

McCLUNY, R., [Polk]

McCLURG, R., [Des Moines]

McCOID, M. A., [Fairfield]

McCOMB, Wm., [Fairfield]

McCONNELL, T., [Penn]

McCORMICK, George, [Buchanan]

McCORMICK, J., [Cedar]

McCOY, J. B., [Fairfield]

McCOY, J. B., [Polk]

McCOY, L., [Fairfield]

McCRACKEN, E. C., [Black Hawk]

McCRACKIN, Jos. R., [Fairfield]

McCREA, Nathan, [Fairfield]

McCREENY, A., [Polk]

McCREENY, H. M., [Polk]

McCULLOCH, J., [Polk]

McCULLOUCH, C. H., [Polk]

McCULLY, John, [Buchanan]

McDANIELS, Isaac, [Locust Grove]

McDONALD, Daniel, [Fairfield]

McDONALD, James, [Fairfield]

McDONALD, O. F., [Fairfield]

McDONALD, R. S., [Penn]

McDOWELL, J. T., [Locust Grove]

McELDERRY, H. H., [Fairfield]

McELDERRY, J., [Des Moines]

McELHINEY, B. S., [Fairfield]

McELROY, J. M., [Locust Grove]

McGAW, H., [Buchanan]

McGAW, W. G., [Fairfield]

McGIFFIN, Thomas, [Fairfield]

McGUIRE, C. S., [Lockridge]

McGUIRE, Charles, [Lockridge]

McGUIRE, T. S. [Lockridge]

McKEE, David, [Fairfield]

McKEE, David E., [Black Hawk]

McKEE, David S., [Fairfield]

McKEE, G., [Liberty]

McKEE, J. J., [Penn]

McKEE, W. S., [Black Hawk]

McKENNY (sic - McKemey?), J. A., [Fairfield]

McLEAN, D. F., [Fairfield]

McLEAN, John W., [Fairfield]

McLEAN, William L., [Fairfield]

McLELLAND, J., [Cedar]

McMASTER, J., [Penn]

McMURRY, T., [Lockridge]

McNAMARA, J., [Round Prairie]

McPHEARSON, Enoch, [Black Hawk]

McPHERIN, A. S., [Fairfield]

McREYNOLDS, Peter A., [Polk]

McVEY, C. B., [Polk]

McVEY, S. A., [Polk]

McVEY, W. R., [Polk]

McWHARTER, John, [Fairfield]

McWHIRTER, S., [Cedar]

MEALEY, D. H., [Penn]

MEALEY, T. S., M.D., [Penn]

MEDE, Arsulus, [Black Hawk]

MEEK, Wm., [Black Hawk]

MENDENHALL, Lewis, [Fairfield]

MENDENHALL, Milton, [Penn]

MENDENHALL, Susanna, [Fairfield]

MERRIES (sic - MARIES?), X., [Cedar]

MERRIS, J., [Cedar]

MESNER, M., [Penn]

MESSER, Adam, [Walnut]

MESSER, C., [Buchanan] p>MESSER, Charles, [Walnut]

MESSER, Lewis, [Walnut]

MESSICK, Jas. W., [Fairfield]

METZ, J., [Round Prairie]

MEYERS, S. A., [Polk]

MICHAEL, A., [Cedar]

MICKEY, B., [Lockridge]

MIDDLETON, W. J., [Polk]

MIKESELL, Benjamin, [Fairfield]

MILLER, F. W., [Penn]

MILLER, G., [Des Moines]

MILLER, H., [Des Moines]

MILLER, H., [Lockridge]

MILLER, J. B., [Polk]

MILLER, Jacob, [Walnut]

MILLER, M. T., [Des Moines]

MILLER M. V. B., [Penn]

MILLER, P., [Penn]

MILLER, Thomas, [Round Prairie]

MILLER, W., [Des Moines]

MILLER, W. K., [Liberty]

MILLER, William, [Des Moines]

MILLIKEN, J. C., [Fairfield]

MILLHOUSE, F. M., [Fairfield]

MILLSPAUGH, J. R., [Fairfield]

MINERT, Wm., [Walnut]

MINOR, John, [Fairfield]

MINTER, D. K., [Penn]

MISER, William, [Liberty]

MITCHELL, A. F., [Fairfield]

MITCHELL, H. B., [Fairfield]

MITCHELL, J., [Polk]

MITCHELL, T., [Polk]

MOFFARD, Omer, [Penn]

MOHLER, J., [Locust Grove]

MOHLER, P., [Locust Grove]

MOHR, R. J., [Fairfield]

MOLUS, John, [Walnut]

MONFORT, J. B., Dr., [Fairfield]

MONGER, H., [Fairfield]

MONROE, J. C., [Fairfield]

MONSON, A., [Lockridge]

MONTGOMERY, I. R., [Fairfield]

MONTGOMERY, J. A., [Fairfield]


MOONEY, E., [Penn]

MOORE, John, [Fairfield]

MOORE, L. R., [Fairfield]

MOORE, R. B., (deceased) [Locust Grove]

MOORE, Robert, [Round Prairie]

MOORE, S., [Cedar]

MOORE, W., [Round Prairie]

MOORE, Z. T., [Des Moines]

MOOREHEAD, J. B., [Locust Grove]

MOORMAN, C. W., [Black Hawk]

MOORMAN, Thomas, [Fairfield]

MOORMAN, Wm. T., [Fairfield]

MORGAN, Jas., [Black Hawk]

MORGAN, John, [Black Hawk]

MORGAN, M., [Black Hawk]

MORGAN, Thos., [Fairfield]

MORGAN, William W., [Penn]

MORGAN, Wm., [Black Hawk]

MORGON, E., [Black Hawk]

MORMAN, C. F., [Polk]

MORONEY, J., [Fairfield]

MORRIN, Rev. P., [Fairfield]

MORRIS, C. C., [Fairfield]

MORRIS, J., Sr., [Polk]

MORRIS, L., [Locust Grove]

MORRIS, R. N., [Locust Grove]

MORRISON, James A., [Fairfield]

MORRISON, Samuel M., [Fairfield]

MORRISON, W. C., [Des Moines]

MORSE, D., [Polk]

MOTES, J., [Locust Grove]

MOUCK, J. M., [Fairfield]

MOUCK, W. M., [Cedar]

MOUNT, J. O., [Fairfield]

MOUNT, Jedediah, [Fairfield]

MOUNT, Sexton, [Walnut]

MOWERY, B. D., [Polk]

MOWERY, Edward P., [Polk]

MOWERY, F. F., [Polk]

MOWERY, George, [Polk]

MOWRY, J. W., [Polk]

MOWRY, J. B., [Polk]

MOYER, E., [Buchanan]

MOYER, R. M., [Penn]

MUIR, E., [Penn]

MULKINS, K., [Buchanan]

MULKINS, W., [Buchanan]

MULLIGAN, John, [Fairfield]

MULLINIX, Israel, [Fairfield]

MUNSON, P., [Buchanan]

MURDOCK, K., [Fairfield]

MURPHY, A., [Locust Grove]

MURPHY, Daniel, [Fairfield]

MURPHY, J., [Des Moines]

MURPHY, J. M., [Fairfield]

MURPHY, L., [Round Prairie]

MURPHY, R., [Fairfield]

MURPHY, W., [Buchanan]

MURRAY, W. B., [Fairfield]

MYERS, J., [Polk]

MYERS, J. L., M.D., [Fairfield]

MYERS, J. V., [Fairfield]

MYERS, John E., [Fairfield]

MYERS, L. G., [Polk]

MYERS, R., [Polk]

MYERS, S., [Polk]

NACE, J., [Polk]

NADY, X., [Cedar]

NEAL, David, [Penn]

NEAL, Emanuel, [Penn]

NEAL, John W., [Penn]

NEAL, William, [Penn]

NEIL, Robert, [Fairfield]

NEISWANGER, Samuel, [Fairfield]

NEISWARMER, A., [Fairfield]

NELSON, A. P., [Lockridge]

NELSON, C., [Buchanan]

NELSON, C. G., [Black Hawk]

NELSON, D., [Lockridge]

NELSON, G., [Lockridge]

NELSON, G. F., [Lockridge]

NELSON, John, [Black Hawk]

NELSON, M., [Lockridge]

NELSON, N., [Round Prairie]

NELSON, O., [Round Prairie]

NELSON, S., [Lockridge]

NELSON, T. G., [Black Hawk]

NESSELHOUSE, P., [Fairfield]

NEWLAND, A., [Polk]

NEWLAND, Jacob, [Des Moines]

NEWLANDER, C., [Lockridge]

NICHOLSON, J. W., [Penn]

NICKEL, J. L., [Liberty]

NIEHOLAS, Charles, [Fairfield]

NOBLE, A. C., [Black Hawk]

NOBLE, C. E., [Fairfield]

NOBLE, Frank, [Black Hawk]

NOBLE, J. S., [Black Hawk]

NOBLE, Samuel, [Fairfield]

NOBLE, Wilson, [Black Hawk]

NORDYKE, Solomon, [Penn]

NORVELL, E., [Buchanan]

NUGENT, E. J., [Locust Grove]

NUTTING, C. W., [Locust Grove]

NUTTING, S. H., [Fairfield]

O'BRIEN, Thomas L., [Fairfield]

OGDEN, E., [Lockridge]

OGDEN, H., [Polk]

OLIVER, D. M., [Polk]

OLIVER, J., [Polk]

OLIVER, J. W., [Fairfield]

OLSEN, A., [Round Prairie]

OLSON, P., [Lockridge]

OLSON, S., [Lockridge]

OMAN, A., [Lockridge]

OMER, C., [Lockridge]

ORIEY, F., [Cedar]

ORNDUFF, John, [Locust Grove]

ORNSDORFF, J., [Black Hawk]

ORR, JAMES, [Black Hawk]

ORR, Robert, [Penn]

OSBORN, J., [Black Hawk]

OSBORN, T., [Black Hawk]

OVERHOLSER, W., [Buchanan]

OVERSTREM, A., [Round Prairie]

OVERSTREM, P., [Round Prairie]

OZIER, J., [Cedar]


PACHA, Jacob, [Penn]

PACKWOOD, J. M., [Polk]

PACKWOOD, S., [Polk]

PAINE, E. J., [Lockridge]

PALM, J., [Cedar]

PALM, P., [Lockridge]

PALM, V., [Cedar]

PALMER, P. P., [Polk]

PANCOAST, I. W., [Liberty]

PANCOAST, J. W., [Liberty]

PARAMORE, D. B., [Fairfield]

PARK Amon, [Walnut]

PARK, G. N., [Lockridge]

PARK, James, [Walnut]

PARKER, Alfred, [Buchanan]

PARKER, G., [Cedar]

PARKER, M. D., [Des Moines]

PARKER, O., [Buchanan]

PARKER, William, [Buchanan]

PARKS, Silas, [Penn]

PARRETT, C. L., [Locust Grove]

PARROTT, D. M., [Locust Grove]

PARROTT, J., [Locust Grove]

PARROTT, L. W., [Locust Grove]

PARSONS, B., [Buchanan]

PARSONS, J. H., [Des Moines]

PARSONS, J. J., [Buchanan]

PARSONS, John R., [Buchanan]

PARSONS, R. E., [Buchanan]

PATMAN, W. B., [Fairfield]

PATRICK, Harry, [Fairfield]

PATTERSON, J., [Liberty]

PATTERSON, J., [Locust Grove]

PATTERSON, J. W., [Liberty]

PATTISON, A., [Cedar]

PATTISON, R., [Cedar]

PATTON, R. H., [Fairfield]

PAUTZER, A. B., [Walnut]

PAXSON, Cyrus, [Black Hawk]

PAXSON, Cyrus, [Penn]

PAXSON, J. C., [Penn]

PAXSON, John T., [Penn]

PAXSON, Milton, [Penn]

PEARSON, David, [Penn]

PEARSON, G., [Lockridge]

PEARSON, N., [Round Prairie]

PEARSON, Silas, [Des Moines]

PEASE, H. A., [Cedar]

PECK, A. H., [Polk]

PECK, J. H., [Polk]

PECK, Louis, [Penn]

PEEBLER, E. H., [Des Moines]

PEEBLER, M. D., [Des Moines]

PETERS, D., [Polk]

PETERSON, A., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, A., [Locust Grove]

PETERSON, A. A., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, A. D., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, A. P., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, D., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, H., [Fairfield]

PETERSON, J., [Buchanan]

PETERSON, J., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, J. M., [Round Prairie]

PETERSON, J. P., [Round Prairie]

PETERSON, John, [Round Prairie]

PETERSON, L., [Round Prairie]

PETERSON, Nils, [Lockridge]

PETERSON, P. J., [Lockridge]

PETERSON, Swan P., [Lockridge]

PETTY, L., [Fairfield]

PFEIFER, J. F., [Walnut]

PFEIFER, J. H., [Walnut]

PHELPS, G. W., [Fairfield]

PHILLIPS, G. B., [Cedar]

PHILLIPS, J. A., [Fairfield]

PICKARD, Alexander, [Penn]

PICKARD, William, [Penn]

PICKERELL, R. C., [Locust Grove]

PICKERING, David, [Penn]

PIERCE, A. R., [Lockridge]

PIERCE, B. D., [Fairfield]

PLATT, E., [Des Moines]

POHREN, J., [Lockridge]

POHREN, V., [Lockridge]

POINSETT, J. G., [Fairfield]

POLAND, F., [Des Moines]

POLAND, Robert, [Des Moines]

POLLOCK, D. S., [Liberty]

POLLOCK, T., [Des Moines]

POLLOCK, T. D., [Liberty]

POLSTON, P., [Fairfield]

PORTER, J. A., [Fairfield]

POTTER, A. C., Prof., [Fairfield]

POWELL, W. H., [Cedar]

POWELL, Wm., [Fairfield]

POWELSON, M. V. B., [Locust Grove]

PRATHER, Isaac, [Fairfield]

PRINGLE, L. W., [Penn]

PRINGLE, R. W., [Cedar]

PROVOST, J., [Cedar]

PUMPHREY, S. C., [Des Moines]

PUMPHREY, W. F., [Fairfield]

PURCELL, G. E., [Fairfield]

QUACKENBUSH, John, [Black Hawk]

QUACKENBUSH, Nathan, [Black Hawk]

QUICK, John, [Lockridge]

QUILLEN, J. W., [Fairfield]

QUINN, T., [Fairfield]

QUINN, Thos., [Fairfield]

RAMEY, E., [Polk]

RAMEY, Ezra, [Polk]

RAMEY, H., [Polk]

RAMEY, J., [Polk]

RAMEY, Scott, [Polk]

RAMEY, W. H. H., [Fairfield]

RAMSEY, John, [Black Hawk]

RANDALL, A., [Fairfield]

RANDALL, A. A., [Polk]

RANDALL, A. S., [Polk]

RANDALL, F. M., [Polk]

RANEY, Wm., [Cedar]

RASMUS, H., [Buchanan]

RATCLIFF, Robert, F., [Fairfield]

RAUSCHER, Frederick, [Lockridge]

RAUSHER, Fred A., [Lockridge]

READ, Wm. M., [Fairfield]

READY, Patrick, [Fairfield]

REED, Carson, [Fairfield]

REED, Charles, [Fairfield]

REED, Charles, Jr., [Fairfield]

REED, D., [Lockridge]

REED, S., [Buchanan]

REED, Samuel, [Fairfield]

REED, W. A., [Polk]

REEDER, John, [Walnut]

REEDER, Louis, [Lockridge]

REGISTER, A. H., [Fairfield]

REGISTER, N. B., [Fairfield]

REIS, J., [Walnut]

REITER, J., [Cedar]

REMINE, Moses, [Locust Grove]

REPPERT, HENRY J., [Buchanan]

REUGNER, G., [Lockridge]

REZER, L., [Buchanan]

RHODES, John, [Des Moines]

RICE, W., [Black Hawk]

RICH, J., [Walnut]

RICHARDSON, A., [Fairfield]

RICHARDSON, J. S., [Fairfield]

RICHARDSON, W. C., [Liberty]

RICHARDSON, Wm., [Fairfield]

RICK, F., [Walnut]

RICKETTS, A. C., [Fairfield]

RICKSHER, J., [Fairfield]

RIDER, Daniel, [Fairfield]

RIDER, H., [Fairfield]

RIDER, T. M., [Fairfield]

RIDDLE, George, [Liberty]

RIDGEWAY, Squire C., [Round Prairie]

RIDINGER, Samuel, [Penn]

RIGBY, M., [Fairfield]

RIGGS, H. S., [Polk]

RIGGS, J. T., [Polk]

RIGGS, R. H., [Locust Grove]

RILEY, H., [Lockridge]

RINAKER, J., [Liberty]


RIPLEY, Joseph O.; [Lockridge]

RISK, C. C., [Fairfield]

RISTINE, B. E., [Fairfield]

RISTINE, H., [Fairfield]

RISTINE, Hiram, [Fairfield]

RISTINE, S. B., [Fairfield]

RIZOR, E., [Lockridge]

RIZOR, J., [Lockridge]

RIZOR, John, [Lockridge]

ROACH, E., [Buchanan]

ROBB, Samuel, [Locust Grove]

ROBB, T. A., [Locust Grove]

ROBERTS, A. D., [Fairfield]

ROBERTS, Abel, [Penn]

ROBERTS, Jeanette, Mrs., [Fairfield]

ROBERTS, M., [Penn]

ROBERTS, W., [Des Moines]

ROBERTSON, A. T., [Liberty]

ROBINSON, Dennis, [Fairfield]

ROBINSON, F. W., [Black Hawk]

ROBINSON, George W., [Fairfield]

ROBINSON, J., [Walnut]

ROBINSON, Martin, [Fairfield]

ROBINSON, McKinney, [Fairfield]

ROCK, G. W., [Walnut]

ROCK, H. C., [Fairfield]

RODABAUGH, Abram, [Liberty]

RODABAUGH, C., [Liberty]

RODABAUGH, D., [Liberty]

RODABAUGH, Joseph, [Liberty]

RODGERS, C., [Black Hawk]

RODGERS, T. C., [Fairfield]

ROGERS, J. W., [Fairfield]

ROGERS, Samuel, [Fairfield]

ROMACK, B., [Polk]

ROMACK, G., [Polk]

ROMACK, T., [Polk]

ROMINGER, Samuel C., [Des Moines]

RONEY, J., [Locust Grove]

ROOT, L. A., [Buchanan]

ROSQUIST, J., [Lockridge]

ROSS, John, [Fairfield]

ROSS, John W., [Fairfield]

ROSS, Samuel, [Black Hawk]

ROTH, J. E., [Fairfield]

ROTH, Joseph, [Fairfield]

ROTH, M. W., [Fairfield]

ROTH, P. H., [Black Hawk]

ROTZINGER, C., [Walnut]

ROUNTREE, H. C., [Fairfield]

ROWLAND, W. B., [Fairfield]

RUBY, H. J., [Lockridge]

RUGGLES, John C., [Polk]

RUMER, Isaac, [Fairfield]

RUNYON, M. S., [Penn]

RUPP, J., Jr., [Lockridge]

RUPP, J., Sr., [Lockridge]

RUSSELL, C. F., [Fairfield]

RUSSELL, G. W., [Polk]

RUSSELL, Thomas, [Fairfield]

RUTHERFORD, G. A. and H. A., [Fairfield]

RYMAN, A., [Polk]

SACKETT, J. and S., [Fairfield]

SALIDAY, E., [Buchanan]

SALIDAY, H., [Buchanan]

SALTS, D. M., [Locust Grove]

SALTS, S., [Locust Grove]

SALTS, W. W., [Locust Grove]

SAMUELSON, A., [Round Prairie]

SAMUELSON, Charles J., [Round Prairie]

SAMUELSON, Samuel, [Black Hawk]

SAMPSON, T., [Locust Grove]

SANDBLOOM, J., [Lockridge]

SANDERS, Leroy, [Walnut]

SANDQUIST, A. P., [Lockridge]

SAPPENFIELD, [Fairfield]

SARGEANT, I. L., [Fairfield]

SAWYER, B. C., [Locust Grove]

SCALLY, Patrick, [Fairfield]

SCANNEL, F. G., [Locust Grove]

SCHAEFER, C., [Walnut]

SCHAEFER, H., [Walnut]

SCHAEFER, J., Jr., [Walnut]

SCHAEFER, J., Sr., [Walnut]

SCHAEFER, John, [Fairfield]

SCHEIBER, H., [Lockridge]

SCHILLERSTROM, C. O., [Lockridge]

SCHILLERSTROM, G. O., [Lockridge]

SCHILLERSTROM, O., [Lockridge]

SCHLARBAUM, H., [Walnut]

SCHMADAKA, H. W., [Walnut]

SCHNEIDER, C., [Lockridge]

SCHNEIDER, J., [Lockridge]

SCHULTZ, A., [Lockridge]

SCHULTZ, C. J., [Lockridge]

SCHWARTZ, A., [Liberty]

SCOTT, A. B., [Fairfield]

SCOTT, Aaron, [Fairfield]

SCOTT, Asa S., [Fairfield]

SCOTT, L. F., [Polk]

SCOTT, Malchi, [Fairfield]

SCOTT, S., [Polk]

SCRANTOM, A. G., [Fairfield]


SEABURG, J., [Round Prairie]

SEAMON, Henry, [Fairfield]

SEARLES, George, [Fairfield]

SEARS, W. H., [Locust Grove]

SEDDON, J., [Penn]

SEDDON, James, [Penn]

SENS, D., [Liberty]

SENS, David, [Fairfield]

SHAFER, M., [Buchanan]

SHAFER, P., [Buchanan]

SHAFFER, C. S., [Fairfield]

SHAFFER, H. M., Dr., [Locust Grove]

SHAFFER, J. W., [Penn]

SHAFFER, John R., [Fairfield]

SHAFFER, S., [Penn]

SHAMP, Jesse, [Fairfield]

SHANSTROM, J. P., [Fairfield]

SHARP, Isaac, [Fairfield]

SHARP, J. R., [Black Hawk]

SHARP, W., [Black Hawk]

SHAW, E. B., [Buchanan]

SHEARER, Fred, [Fairfield]

SHEETS, Isaac, [Des Moines]

SHEETS, J., [Des Moines]

SHEETS, W., [Des Moines]

SHEFFEL, C., [Lockridge]


SHELDON, M. L., [Round Prairie]

SHELDON, S. O., [Fairfield]

SHELLEY, S., [Buchanan]

SHELTON, W. H., [Polk]

SHERIDAN, Jacob, [Black Hawk]

SHERIDAN, John, [Fairfield]

SHERRICK, R. O., [Liberty]

SHEWARD, J. T., [Fairfield]

SHEWARD, Thomas H., [Fairfield]

SHIELDS, R. B., [Buchanan]

SHIPLER, S. H., [Des Moines]

SHIRK, John, [Fairfield]

SHIRK, M. M., [Fairfield]

SHIVES, J., [Locust Grove]

SHRINER, G. W., [Fairfield]

SHRINER, George, [Fairfield]

SHRINER, Marquis, [Fairfield]

SHULTZ, George, [Fairfield]

SHULTZ, J., [Lockridge]

SHUPPAY (sic - Shuppy?), H., [Walnut]

SHY, Charles, [Black Hawk]

SHY, John, [Black Hawk]

SICKLES, E., [Fairfield]

SIDORUS (sic - SIRDOREUS), J., [Locust Grove]

SIMES, C. K., [Des Moines]

SIMES, James, [Des Moines]

SIMISON, William, [Fairfield]

SIMMONS, J., [Locust Grove]

SIMMONS, R., [Penn]

SIMMONS, W., [Penn]

SIMMONS, W. L. S., [Locust Grove]

SIMMONS, W. R., [Lockridge]

SIMPSON, J. B., [Fairfield]

SIMPSON, S., [Penn]

SINCLAIR, J. W., [Fairfield]

SINCLAIR, W. G., [Fairfield]

SINN, A., [Walnut]

SINN, G., [Walnut]

SINN, J., [Walnut]

SINN, J., [Walnut]

SIPPLE, C., [Locust Grove]

SIX, L., [Penn]

SKEERS, C., [Round Prairie]

SKETOE, Joseph, [Des Moines]

SLAGLE & ACHESON [Fairfield]

SLAGLE, F. M., [Penn]

SLAGLE, J. M., [Fairfield]

SMITH, A. G., [Lockridge]

SMITH, A. S., [Polk]

SMITH, Andrew, [Locust Grove]

SMITH, C., [Penn]

SMITH, C. A., [Polk]

SMITH, D., [Round Prairie]

SMITH, E. W., [Polk]

SMITH, Eli, [Lockridge]

SMITH, Eric, [Lockridge]

SMITH, F., [Buchanan]

SMITH, F. R., M.D., [Penn]

SMITH, G. L., [Polk]

SMITH, H., [Liberty]

SMITH, H., [Round Prairie]

SMITH, H. C., [Cedar]

SMITH, Hiram, [Liberty]

SMITH, J., [Locust Grove]

SMITH, J., [Penn]

SMITH, J. D., [Polk]

SMITH, J. N., [Fairfield]

SMITH, J. N., [Polk]

SMITH, John, [Locust Grove]

SMITH, John, [Polk]

SMITH, John G. W., [Des Moines]

SMITH, L. R., [Locust Grove]

SMITH, M. K., [Round Prairie]

SMITH, N., [Polk]

SMITH, O., [Polk]

SMITH, P. E., [Fairfield]

SMITH, R. M., [Polk]

SMITH, S., [Walnut]

SMITH, T., [Locust Grove]

SMITH, T. G., [Polk]

SMITH, T. R., [Polk]

SMITH, Thomas S., [Round Prairie]

SMITH, W., [Buchanan]

SMITH, W. E., [Polk]

SMITH, W. L., [Fairfield]

SMITH, W. L., [Liberty]

SMITH, W. R., [Lockridge]

SMITH, W. Scott, [Cedar]

SMITH, W. T., [Buchanan]

SMITH, William, [Locust Grove]

SMITHBURG, G. A., [Lockridge]

SMOCK, J. Q., [Fairfield]

SNIDER, A. C., [Polk]

SNIDER, G. F., [Polk]

SNIDER, George, [Black Hawk]

SNIDER, James, [Polk]

SNIDER, John, [Black Hawk]

SNIDER, Wm., [Locust Grove]

SNOOK, A. A., [Lockridge]

SNOOK, C., [Lockridge]

SNOOK, Cal, M.D., [Penn]

SNOOK, H. A., [Fairfield]

SNOOK, Jacob, [Des Moines]

SNOOK, Jo, [Buchanan]

SNOOK, John, [Buchanan]

SNOOK, Justin, [Fairfield]

SNOOK, L., [Penn]

SNOOK, L., [Penn]

SNOOK, M., [Penn]

SNOOK, P., [Buchanan]

SNYDER, G. E., [Penn]

SNYDER, J. D., [Fairfield]

SOUDER, G. M., [Black Hawk]

SPARGO, J. W., [Walnut]

SPARR, W. H., [Fairfield]

SPEARS, J., [Cedar]

SPECK, A., [Cedar]

SPECK, C. G., [Liberty]

SPENCER, B. E., [Fairfield]

SPENCER, D., [Black Hawk]

SPENCER, D., [Buchanan]

SPENCER, E., [Penn]

SPENCER, Fayette, [Fairfield]

SPENCER, George, [Polk]

SPENCER, George H., [Penn]

SPERRY, W. S., [Penn]

SPICER, H. A., [Polk]

SPIELMAN, J., [Locust Grove]

SPIELMAN, John A., [Fairfield]

SPIELMAN, L., [Walnut]

SPITTAL, H. A., [Penn]

SPRIGGS, J., [Lockridge]

SPURLOCK, F. M., [Polk]

SPURLOCK, M. D. L., [Polk]

STAATS, J. P., [Black Hawk]

STACY, R., [Walnut]

STAFFORD, H., [Walnut]

STAKES, George W., [Fairfield]

STALLMAN, A., [Buchanan]

STAMM, D., [Lockridge]

STANFORD, A., [Cedar]

STANSBURY, John, [Locust Grove]

STANTON, C. O., [Penn]

STAPLETON, Jacob, [Des Moines]

STARKEY, Willis, [Fairfield]

STARKS, Henry, [Fairfield]

STARR, C. J., [Lockridge]

STATER, Jacob S., [Des Moines]

STAUB, M., [Lockridge]

STEAD, J. P., [Fairfield]

STEADWELL, S., [Round Prairie]

STEELE, Joseph E., [Des Moines]

STEELE, N., Dr., [Fairfield]

STEER, D., [Lockridge]

STEPHENSON, Daniel, [Fairfield]


STEPHENSON, J. L., [Fairfield]

STEPHENSON, John, [Lockridge]

STEPHENSON, Robert, [Fairfield]

STEPHENSON, S., [Lockridge]

STEPHENSON, T. W., [Locust Grove]

STEVENS, J. T., [Locust Grove]

STEVER, George, [Fairfield]

STEVER, S. F., [Locust Grove]

STEVERS, Elizabeth, [Fairfield]

STEWART, C., [Black Hawk]

STEWART, C., [Round Prairie]

STEWART, D. H., [Des Moines]

STEWART, E., [Des Moines]

STEWART, G., [Black Hawk]

STEWART, G. W., [Fairfield]

STEWART, H., [Round Prairie]

STEWART, J. A., [Liberty]

STEWART, J. B., [Buchanan]

STEWART, J. C., [Buchanan]

STEWART, J. H., [Locust Grove]

STEWART, J. M., [Lockridge]

STEWART, J. W., [Polk]

STEWART, L. C., [Round Prairie]

STEWART, R., [Cedar]

STEWART, W., [Round Prairie]

STEWART, William, [Fairfield]

STILES, William, [Fairfield]

STINMEN, J. N., [Liberty]

STONEBERGER, J., [Buchanan]

STONER, H. W., [Buchanan]

STONER, Henry, [Fairfield]

STONER, Ralph J., [Fairfield]

STORTZ, F., [Walnut]

STORTZ, W., [Walnut]

STOUT, E., [Cedar]

STRAWBUS, Henry, [Fairfield]

STRINGER, J. A., [Black Hawk]

STRONG, Willis, [Fairfield]

STUBBS, D. P., [Fairfield]

STUBBS, J., [Polk]

STUBBS, Wm., [Polk]

STUFF, J. S., [Penn]

STULL, D., [Des Moines]

STUMP, B. H., [Fairfield]

STUMP, J., [Liberty]

STURGES, R. C., [Round Prairie]

STURGIS, J., [Round Prairie]

SUESS, Louis, [Buchanan]

SULLIVAN, James, [Fairfield]

SULLIVAN, W. H., [Liberty]

SUMMERS, J., [Black Hawk]

SUMMERS, J. M., [Black Hawk]

SUMMERS, P., [Black Hawk]

SUMMERS, Wm. M., [Round Prairie]

SUNDBERG, J. A., [Round Prairie]

SUNDERLAND, W., [Locust Grove]

SUTTON, Frank, [Locust Grove]

SUTTON, J. A., [Polk]

SUTTON, J. D., Dr., [Fairfield]

SWAIN, J. E., [Penn]

SWANSON, Alfred, [Lockridge]

SWANSON, D., [Buchanan]

SWANSON, Jonas, [Lockridge]

SWANSON, Oliver, [Lockridge]

SWARTZ, S., [Des Moines]

SWAYNE, J. D., [Fairfield]

SWOPE, J., [Round Prairie]

TAELLER and SUESS, [Buchanan]

TAIT, C., [Black Hawk]

TAIT, W. D., [Black Hawk]

TALBERT, T., [Penn]

TANSEY, Iradell, [Polk]

TAYLOR, Amos, [Des Moines]

TAYLOR, Elliott, [Round Prairie]

TAYLOR, S. W., [Round Prairie]

TEDROW, D., [Liberty]

TEETER, David, [Lockridge]

TEETER, Elliott, [Lockridge]

TEETER, Henry, [Buchanan]

TEETER, J. B., [Locust Grove]

TEETER, N., [Lockridge]

TEMAHAN, J., [Cedar]

TEMPLE, G. D., [Fairfield]

TEMPLETON, D. W., [Fairfield]

TEMPLETON, W. M., [Buchanan]

THOMA, B., [Locust Grove]

THOMA, J. C., [Fairfield]

THOMAS, J. R., [Fairfield]

THOMAS, V. M., [Fairfield]

THOMPSON, C. M., [Liberty]

THOMPSON, James, [Fairfield]

THOMPSON, L. H., [Liberty]

THOMPSON, R., [Penn]

THOMPSON, W., [Locust Grove]

THOMPSON, Wm. E., [Fairfield]

THRASH, Samuel, [Fairfield]

THURESON, J., [Lockridge]

TILFORD, Joseph, [Round Prairie]

TILSON, T. S., [Fairfield]

TINSLEY, A., [Locust Grove]

TINSLEY, Claiborne C., [Locust Grove]

TINSLEY, D., [Locust Grove]

TINSLEY, H., [Locust Grove]

TINSLEY, Z., [Locust Grove]

TITUS, T. W., [Fairfield]

TOMY, C. D., [Fairfield]

TOOTHACKER, John, [Lockridge]

TOOTHAKER, Frederick, [Lockridge]

TOOTHAKER, R., [Lockridge]

TOWNSEND, James D., [Liberty]

TOWNSLEY, F. C., [Walnut]

TOWNSLEY, J., [Walnut]

TRABERT A., Sr., [Lockridge]

TRABERT, J. H., [Cedar]

TRABERT, L., [Lockridge]

TRACY, F. A., M.D., [Locust Grove]

TRACY, M., [Locust Grove]

TRAIL, W. E., [Penn]

TRAVIS, J. J., [Polk]

TRENT, Alex., [Fairfield]

TRENT, John, [Locust Grove]

TROTTER, C. D., [Cedar]

TROUT, Daniel, [Liberty]

TROY, Geo. W., [Locust Grove]

TRUMP, C. M., [Buchanan]

TULLER, C., [Buchanan]

TULLER, E., [Locust Grove]

TURNAHAM, Wm., [Round Prairie]

TURNBULL, J., [Black Hawk]

TURNBULL, J., [Black Hawk]

TURNBULL, Thomas, [Black Hawk]

TURNER, A., [Fairfield]

TURNER, John, [Black Hawk]

TURNER, S. B., [Round Prairie]

TWEED, R. M., [Fairfield]

ULLM, J., [Penn]

ULM, E., [Buchanan]

UNKRICH, G. A., [Fairfield]

UNKRICH, Henry, [Fairfield]

VAN DORN, R., [Fairfield]

VANNESS, A. L., [Polk]

VANNOSTRAND, C., [Buchanan]

VANNOSTRAND, Peter, [Fairfield]

VANNOSTRAND, Wm., [Locust Grove]

VANSANT, John, [Lockridge]

VAUGHT, Solomon, [Des Moines]

VAUGHT, Wm., [Des Moines]

VEBURG, C., [Lockridge]

VICTOR, A. M., [Lockridge]

VOGEL, Charley, [Walnut]

VOGEL, Fred, [Walnut]

VOORHEES, J. H., [Fairfield]

VOORHIES, T., [Lockridge]

VOTE, Gus, [Fairfield]

VOTE, Henry, [Fairfield]

VOTE, Jacob, [Fairfield]

WAGNER, J. S., [Des Moines]

WAGNER, Jacob, [Des Moines]

WALGREN, August, [Lockridge]

WALKER, J. D., [Des Moines]

WALKER, J. M., [Black Hawk]

WALKER, J. R., [Fairfield]

WALKER, J. T., [Liberty]

WALKER, Jonathan, [Locust Grove]

WALKER, Peter, [Cedar]

WALKER, Samuel C., [Locust Grove]

WALKUP, Samuel S., [Penn]

WALL B., [Penn]

WALLIESOR, Fred, [Walnut]

WALLIESOR, J., [Walnut]

WALMER, Daniel, [Fairfield]

WALMER, J., [Cedar]

WALSH, Stephen, [Fairfield]

WARD, A. G, Dr. [Liberty]

WARE, J. C., [Fairfield]

WARNER, E. W., [Liberty]

WARNER, Ichabod, [Liberty]

WATERS, Robert, [Fairfield]

WATERS, T. S., [Fairfield]

WATKINS, M. W., Mrs., [Round Prairie]

WATKINS, S. H., [Liberty]

WEAVER, John K., [Des Moines]

WEBSTER, William, [Fairfield]

WEBB, C. B., [Locust Grove]

WEBB, H. A., [Buchanan]

WEBB, Henry, [Round Prairie]

WEBB, I. A., [Polk]

WEBB, Isaac, [Polk]

WEBB, J., [Buchanan]

WEBB, J. H., [Polk]

WEBB, John, [Polk]

WEBB, John H., [Polk]

WEBB, Robert, [Locust Grove]

WEEDE, N. C., [Liberty]

WEITZEL, H. J., [Black Hawk]

WELCH, H. A., [Penn]

WELDAY, James, [Fairfield]

WELLS, A. T., [Fairfield]

WELLS, George A., [Fairfield]

WELLS, George G., [Fairfield]

WELLS, Morgan, [Locust Grove]

WELLS, Thomas, [Fairfield]

WELLS, William R., Capt., [Fairfield]

WELSH, J., [Buchanan]

WENDLING, J., [Walnut]

WERNER, J., [Walnut]

WERTZ, George, [Lockridge]

WEST, A., [Black Hawk]

WEST, Amos, [Des Moines]

WEST, Floyd, [Fairfield]

WEST, H. N., [Fairfield]

WEST, Jesse B., [Des Moines]

WEST, John, [Penn]

WEST, O. and H. N., [Black Hawk]

WEST, S. K., [Fairfield]


WESTENHAVER, Jacob, [Penn]



WESTFALL, Thos., [Fairfield]

WESTLING, Peter, [Fairfield]

WHEELER, Samuel, [Locust Grove]

WHISLER, A., [Walnut]

WHISLER, A., Sr., [Walnut]

WHISLER, G., [Lockridge]

WHITAKER, Rev., [Locust Grove]

WHITE, G. W., [Buchanan]

WHITE, Wm., [Buchanan]


WHITHAM, J. M., [Buchanan]

WHITMORE, George, [Locust Grove]

WHITMORE, Levi, [Locust Grove]

WHITSON, S., [Liberty]

WIDGER, H. P., [Liberty]

WIEBLY, C., [Walnut]

WIEDERHOLT, A., [Walnut]

WIGGINS, H. C., [Lockridge]

WIGGINS, W., [Black Hawk]

WILDER, H. H., [Fairfield]


WILKINS, J., [Buchanan]

WILKINS, Jas. E., [Fairfield]

WILKINS, L. L., [Fairfield]

WILKINSON, Geo., [Fairfield]

WILKINSON, Reed, [Fairfield]

WILLIAMS, A., [Liberty]

WILLIAMS, G. W., [Fairfield]

WILLIAMS, J., [Black Hawk]

WILLIAMS, J., [Walnut]

WILLIAMS, J. E., [Locust Grove]

WILLIAMS, John, [Penn]

WILLIAMS, L. A., [Fairfield]

WILLIAMS, N. D., [Locust Grove]

WILLIAMSON, John, [Fairfield]

WILLIS, H. S., [Fairfield]


WILSON, A., [Des Moines]

WILSON, Andrew, [Fairfield]

WILSON, David B., [Fairfield]

WILSON, G. E., [Polk]

WILSON, H., [Des Moines]

WILSON, Isaac, [Locust Grove]

WILSON, J., [Fairfield]

WILSON, J., [Round Prairie]

WILSON, J. E., [Fairfield]

WILSON, James F., [Fairfield]

WILSON, R. A., [Des Moines]

WILSON, S., [Polk]

WILSON, W. D., [Des Moines]

WILSON, W. G., [Fairfield]

WILSON, W. H., [Des Moines]

WILSON, Wm., [Polk]

WINDERS, J., [Penn]

WINN, F., [Liberty]

WINNEGAR, H., [Lockridge]

WINQUEST, H., [Fairfield]

WINSELL, A. T., [Des Moines]

WINSELL, J., [Des Moines]

WIREMAN, M., [Liberty]

WISECARVER, Isaac, [Fairfield]

WISECARVER, Samuel, [Fairfield]

WOLF, H., [Walnut]

WOLFF, G., [Walnut]

WOLUMS, F. C., [Black Hawk]

WOOD, C. W., [Penn]

WOOD, S. G., [Walnut]

WOODS, B. F., [Fairfield]

WOODS, M. E., Mrs.; [Fairfield]

WOODS, P. N., M.D., [Fairfield]

WOODSIDES, R., [Buchanan]

WOODSIDES, W. A., [Buchanan]

WOODWARD, M., [Black Hawk]

WOODWARD, S. C., [Black Hawk]

WOOLERY, W. H., [Liberty]

WOOLUM, J. J., [Black Hawk]

WORKMAM (sic), William, [Buchanan]

WORKMAN, C. R., [Round Prairie]

WORKMAN, G. W., [Fairfield]

WORKMAN, J. M., [Buchanan]

WORKMAN, John, [Buchanan]

WORKS, S. A., [Liberty]

WRAY, J. P., [Fairfield]

WRAY, W. F., [Black Hawk]

WRIGHT, A., [Cedar]

WRIGHT, D., [Lockridge]

WRIGHT, Freeman, [Locust Grove]

WRIGHT, Isaac, [Buchanan]

WRIGHT, J., [Cedar]

WRIGHT, J. L., [Cedar]

WRIGHT, S., [Lockridge]

WRIGHT, W., [Round Prairie]

WRIGHT, W. T., [Cedar]

WRIGHT, William, [Round Prairie]

WYGANDT, A., [Black Hawk]

YEARICK, A. S., [Fairfield]

YOSTE, PETER, [Liberty]

YOUNG, Daniel, [Fairfield]

YOUNG, Jesse, [Fairfield]

YOUNG, John, [Fairfield]

YOUNG, Joseph, [Buchanan]

YOUNG, Lewis, [Des Moines]

YOUNG, P. W., [Black Hawk]

YOUNG, R. A., [Fairfield]

YOUNG, Robert, [Buchanan]

YOUNG, William, [Des Moines]

YOUNG, William M., [Buchanan]

YUNGQUIST, Oscar, [Lockridge]

ZIGLER, Samuel, [Fairfield]

ZILLMAN, Antony, [Lockridge]

ZILLMAN, L., [Lockridge]

ZIMMERMAN, G. W., [Liberty]

ZIMMERMAN, John, [Fairfield]

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