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Pilgrim Pastors Of The Decades

This chapter is an attempt to list alphabetically the Pilgrim pastors of the decades, locating each, and a little more fully sketching a few. The list is not complete chiefly because the records are not. For a number of years the Welsh associations were not reported at all. Doubtless some have been inadvertently overlooked; and the names of a few have been purposely omitted because they simply passed through the state, and their ministry was of no significance because so brief.

Atkinson, William H. Born England (1838), Orchard, Green Mountain, Chester, 1876-1890. Died, December, 1907.

Bogges, J.H. Shenandoah, 1887-1888. Cresco, 1894-1895.

Brown, John A. Riceville, 1884-1890.  Supply at Victor and Green Island.

Cain, Francis E. Elma, Shell Rock, 1905-1907.

Eakin, John Alex. Cresco, New Hampton, 1902-1909.

Harvey, William F. (New Hampshire, 1827.) Webster City, Riceville, 1864-1877.  Continued to preach in destitute neighborhoods in Wright County until his death, December 1889.

Hinckley, Abbie R. Forest City, Riceville, 1889-1893.

Hinman, Herbert J. (Wisconsin, 1872) Lewis, Mt. Pleasant, 1902-1906; Cresco, 1906--.

Holman, Edward E.H. Perkins, Sioux City Pilgrim, Elma, Radcliffe, Stuart, 1892-1901.

Holmes, Otis. H. (Clay, Ia., 1869.) Cresco, 1896-1901, Algona, 1901--Iowa Legislature, 1906, 1908, and 1910.

Huffman, S.J. Lamoile, Aurelia, Riceville, 1904-1910; Baxter, 1910.

Hunt, Theo. C. Riceville, 1904-1909. Later in Illinois.

Jewell, George C. (New York, 1844.) Lewis, Creston Pilgrim, Kellogg, Chester, 1892-1907.

Kaufman, Wm. H. Fairfax, Strawberry Point, 1886-1888, Cresco, 1890-1891, Hull, 1894-1896.

Marshall, Chas. G. (Cresco, 1872), Dickens, Britt, 1900-1906. Corning, 1908--.

Marvin, Chas. S. Riceville, 1868-1870.

McCleary, Owen L. Ionia, Elma, Mitchell and Olds, 1899-1905.

McConnell, Alex S. (Ohio, 1838) Presbyterian pastorates, 1868-1872.  Congregational pastorates Missouri and Kansas, 1872-1876.  Cresco, 1876-1890. Deadwood, S.D., 1890-1899, Wesley, 1899-1900.  Died at Webster City, June, 1903.

Melvin, Chas. S. Riceville, 1868-1870. Returned to the Presbyterians.

Oakey, James. Cresco, 1891-1893.

Packard, N. Luther. (Massachusetts, 1857.)  Nashua, Ionia, Bassett, Chickasaw, Buffalo Center, Riceville and McIntire, 1886-1904. Genl. Miss'y, Nebraska, 1904--.

Paul, Benj. F. Tipton, Elma, 1888-1889

Peet, Stephen D. Cresco 1866-1867.

Penfield, S. Riceville and Wentworth, 1877-1879

Pierce, Lucius M. (Massachusetts, 1861.)  Golden, Riceville, Reinbeck, Rockford, Sioux City Mayflower, 1888-1907, Primghar, 1907--.

Potter, L. Eugene.  Elma, Toledo, 1894-1900. Percival, 1902-1904. Council Bluffs People's Church, 1908-1908.

Rowe, Jas. (England, 1854.) Victor, Genoa Bluffs, Elma, Chester Center, 1888-1900.  Later in Wisconsin.

Skiles, Jas. H. (Iowa, 1857.) Riceville, Nevinville, Lewis, Avoca, Farragut, Glenwood, 1882-1909, Eldon, 1909--.

Southworth, E.B. Cresco, Sheldon, 1872-1883. Died, 1907

Teele, Edwin. Ministry mostly in Minnesota, Riceville, 1863-1865.

Thomas O.A. Riceville, 1879-1882

Warren, Jasper C. Elma, 1902-1905.

Windsor, John S. (England, 1802). Durango, 1846-1848, Maquoketa, 1849-1855, Cresco, 1856-1866, Keosauqua, 1866-1868, Cresco 1868-1871.  Keosauqua, 1871-1875. Died, December, 1881.

Source: The Pilgrims of Iowa by Truman O. Douglass, 1911
Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner