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Pastors and Ministers in Howard County

This is a work in progress by Ray Gurganus. More information is available from his sources. IAGenWeb has received Mr. Gurganus' permission to share his findings on our project sites.

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NameYears of ServiceChurch
Bowder, H. J.1895-1898Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Caffyn, Jesse Roland1902-1905Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Caldwell, William Elliott1915-1918Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Cameron, J. R.1868-1869Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Carman, Asahel H.1881-1887Cresco, Baptist Church
Cassidy, F. P.1892-1895Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Coleman, Frank M.1888-1892Cresco, Methodist Church
Craig, Adam1861-1870Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Dolph, John1874-1876Cresco, Methodist Church
Dwello, Plimmon N.1889-1892Elma, Methodist Church
Dwello, Plimmon N.1894-1898Riceville, Methodist Church
Dyre, W. Rankin1888-1890Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Fulton, Charles Edgar1895-1896Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Gammons, John1901Cresco, Methodist Church
Greene, Eli Wilds1878-1880Cresco, Baptist Church
Hall, Vernon E.1899-1901Elma, Methodist Church
Hallett, Albert A.1901-1903Cresco, Methodist Church
Hayward, John H.1878-1880Riceville, Methodist Church
Helm, John Stewart1882-1883Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Keppel, J. H.1885-1888Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Ketchum, Eugene1893-1894Riceville, Methodist Church
Kirby, Cromwell Percy1904-1906Cresco, Baptist Church
Kirwin, Will1906Riceville, Methodist Church
Lang, Edward A.1905Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Linn, Fred H.1898-1901Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Linn, Fred H.1903-1906Riceville, Methodist Church
Littler, J. J.1871-1872Riceville, Methodist Church
Lusk, Robert C.1894-1897Elma, Methodist Church
McCullagh, William Singleton1902-1904Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
McCUSKEY, William H.1887-1888Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
McIntosh, Alexander M.1881-1884Riceville, Methodist Church
McLeod, Murdock1897-1899Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
McLeod, William Edward1899-1902Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Mitchell, S. H.1893-1897Cresco, Baptist Church
Paine, Jason L.1876-1878Cresco, Methodist Church
Perry, DeWitt C.1897-1899Elma, Methodist Church
Riddlington, Joseph1869-1871Cresco, Methodist Church
Ross, William E.1884-1885Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Salisbury, Herbert R.1892-1893Cresco, Methodist Church
Sayre, Edward Hasley1880-1881Lime Springs, Presbyterian Church
Shaffer, Frank P.1896-1899Cresco, Methodist Church
Smith, Jesse W.1901-1902Lime Springs, Methodist Church
Stowers, Wilbur J.1901-1904Elma, Methodist Church
Taylor, Thomas E.1895-1896Cresco, Methodist Church
Trimble, Thomas A.1900-1903Riceville, Methodist Church
Wyatt, Harry F.1890-1892Cresco, Methodist Church
Wyatt, Harry F.1892-1893Elma, Methodist Church