117 Register For The Draft During The First 3 Days

Thirty-five men from Grundy county in the 25-year group presented themselves for registration in the registration office in the basement at the courthouse Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were 82. About ten minutes is required to complete each registration. One clerk has not been able to take care of all of the applications. Miss Margaret Sternborg as a volunteer has been assisting in the registration.

More than half of the men in the 25 year age group have had one year or more of military service and several of them served a number of years at the front in the late war. These men will be exempt from the draft when men are called for induction.

The ex-service men when they register must present evidence of their discharge. This evidence is listed on the registration card.

The board wishes to emphasize that boys who attain their 18th birthday have five days after their birthday in which to register.

Following is the schedule for the remainder of the registration period:
Sept. 2-3--Men born in 1924
Sept. 4-7--Men born in 1925
Sept. 8-9--Men born in 1926
Sept. 10-11--Men born in 1927
Sept. 13-14--Men born in 1928
Sept. 15-16--Men born in 1929
Sept. 17-18--Men born in 1930 before September 19, 1930.

List of Registrants
Below are the names of the men who registered during the first three days:

Monday, August 30
Grundy Center: Russell Thoren, Joseph Cerne, Vail Hess, Louis Hartke, Walter Sealman, George Everts, John Seehusen, Paul Hasbrouck, George Dirks, Carl Rhoads, Robert Wolthoff.
Reinbeck: Joseph Pearce Jr., Dexter Hake, Glenn Fiet, Ernest Larson, Walter Harrison, Clarence Ehlers Jr., Claude Smith.
Wellsburg: Wendell Lindaman, Aeilt Krull, Wendell Hoekstra.
Conrad: Dr. William Baird, Daryl Dennis, Donald Woosley, Donald Slinker.
Beaman: Louis Williams, Stanford Mackie, Wilton Whorrall.
Ackley: Jackson Deters.
Whitten: Robert Berry Jr.
Eldora: Melvin Pence.
Cedar Falls: John Meyer.
Holland: Ernest Henze, Wallace Wilts.
Parkersburg: Vernett Fink.

Registrations Aug. 31 And September 1
Grundy Center: Jay Paulsen, Keith Bentley, Marvin Schildroth, Wayne R. Lynch, George Weseman, John Broderick, Robert Hulne, Kent Meyers, Paul Holeman, Edward Klosterboer, Wilbur Siemsen, John Pardun, Wilbur Purvis, Duncan McMartin, Lee King, Howard Hamann, Junior Sparenborg, Myrl Johnson, Jack Meyers, Harold Henricks, Ray Lynch.
Reinbeck: Norbert Gauger, Virgil Wulf, Charles Mennenga, Robert Nissen, Howard Hickson, Donald Richter, Charles Biebesheimer, Kenneth Riemenschneider, Antko Clapp, Robert Bickett, Kenneth Plaehn, Melvin Miller, Donald Dirks, Robert Rudd, Louis Heideman, Harlan Nielsen, Paul Ehlers.
Wellsburg: Willard Riekena, Warren Anderson, Durwood Groninga, George Paxton, Arnold Arends, Harvey Eiten, Kenneth Tack, Marvin Riebkes, Craig Reed, Calvin Wiltfang.
Dike: Herbert Peters, Vincent Murphy, William Bruns, Harry Nelson, Edwin McCarville, Gordon Pruisner, Duane Petersen, Charles Petersen, Harold Christensen.
Conrad: Thomas Erwin, Lyle Stover, Charles Boston, Quentin Carnes, James Jebousek, Blaine Grady, Melvin Minard, Verne Reece.
Beaman: James Gaston.
Aplington: Lawrence Paterni, Edwin Sents, Johnnie VanHeiden.
Ackley: Raymond Sherfield
Whitten: Glen Gates, Bernard Reents.
Eldora: Irwin Cakerice Jr.
Cedar Falls: Elmer Eiklenborg, Wayne Boysen.
Morrison: Donald Beckwith, LeVerne McIntyre, Donald Ishman, Francis Kuhse, Fred Smith Jr.
Holland: John Buskohl, William Hinders, Dale Weichers, Roland Ohrt, Dale Ennenga.
Parkersburg: George Hansen, Eybert Eckhoff, William Bergman, Fred Everts.
New Hartford: Melvin Tjepkes.
Stout: Marlyn Bergman.
Hudson: Paul Mirs.
San Francisco: Leland Christiansen.
Springfield, Mo.: Marvin Stone.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 2 September 1948, pg 1