Grundy County in the Korean Conflict

Draft Registration Starts In County Aug. 30

First Group To Be Called Monday Are Men Born in 1922 After August 30th.

Draft registration will begin in Grundy county next Monday, August 30th. Registration will continue on various dates until Sept. 18, after which time all men between the ages of 18 until after their 26th birthday will be registered. The exact number of men in the registration age limit is not known definitely. The estimate is between 700 to 900 in Grundy county.

About 50 Each Registration Day
There will be 17 days during which men will be registered in Grundy county. That will be an average of about 50 each registration day. Only about five minutes are required to attend to a registration. The registration office in Grundy county will be in the basement of the courthouse. The hours will be from 8 to 12 and from 1 to 4. Mrs. Dale Bee has been appointed clerk of the Grundy Draft Board and she will assist with the registration. She served as clerk for the draft board during the latter part of the last war.

Ex-Service Men Must Present Evidence of Discharge
Registration for selective service must be made on the dates set up in the age groups. Ex-service men within the age groups must present evidence of their discharge. Men who are out of the county on their registration date must register at the nearest registration office to them. Registrants must be able to furnish exact birth date, birthplace and present address.

Schedule of Registration
Following is the schedule of registration:
Aug. 30--Men born in 1922, after 30 August 1922
August 31, Sept. 1--Men born in 1923
Sept. 2-3--Men born in 1924
Sept. 4-7--Men born in 1925
Sept. 8-9--Men born in 1926
Sept. 10-11--Men born in 1927
Sept. 13-14--Men born in 1928
Sept. 15-16--Men born in 1929
Sept. 17-18--Men born in 1930 BEFORE September 19, 1930.

Thereafter--Continuing registration as men become 18 years of age, within five days of the 18th anniversary of the day of their birth.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 26 August, 1948, pg 1

Registration Aug. 30-Sept. 1

Registration Sept. 2-7

Registration Sept. 8-13

741 Register For The Draft

Saturday was the last day for registering young men between the ages of 18 to 25 for the draft. Of the total number reporting at the Grundy registration office, 692 were residents from Grundy county and 49 were non-residents who were in the county the day they were due to register.

26 men from Grundy county who were out of the county on the day they were due to report for registration, registered in another county. That makes the total of Grundy men listed for military service up to 718. The county draft board meets once a week to classify the registrants.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 23 September 1948, pg 1

7 Grundy Men To Get Physical Examinations

First Grundy Group Of Men Will Go TO Waterloo October 18th For Selective Service Examinations

The first call for Grundy county men to report to selective service headquarters for physical examination has been received by the selective service board. A group of seven men will take their physical examinations Monday, Oct. 18th, at 613 Lafayette Street, Waterloo. They will leave Grundy Center by bus at 11:28 a.m. Monday, having first reported to the local board headquarters for instruction.

After having taken their physical examinations at Waterloo the group will return home. From the group that qualify for army service, it is thought probably that one man will be selected to fill the Grundy county induction quota in November. The exact date of this induction call or the number of men to go, has not been received by the local board.

From the group to be examined next Monday, the oldest eligible man who qualifies for service will be the one to answer the November call. If none in this first gorup of men is found physically qualified, an additional group will have to be called for examination in order that the county can fulfill its quota.

Selectees who have taken their preliminary physical examination at Waterloo cannot enlist after having taken this examination.

Having an induction station at Waterloo simplifies the induction procedure from Grundy county as compared with the World War II procedure when selectees were sent to Des Moines. Under the present arrangement, at the time of induction, the selectees will report at Waterloo for final examination at the time of induction and will be sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, from Waterloo. This procedure, however, is subject to change.

The following men have been ordered to report for physical examination Monday, Oct. 18:
Wayne Russell Lynch, Grun. Ctr.
Vincent Ambrose Murphy, Box 38, RFD, Dike.
John R. Seehusen, RFD No. 3, Grundy Center.
Kenneth Robert Edwards, Beaman.
Quenton Elmer Carnes, Conrad.
Howard Wayne Hamann, RFD 3, Grundy Center.
Kenneth Alvin Tack, RFD No. 1, Wellsburg.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 14 October 1948, pg 1

Veterans Lead List Of Draft Registrants

Cecil Mennen Is Youngest Grundy Veteran To Register With Grundy County Selective Service Board

World War II veterans lead all other group classifications among those registered under Selective Service in Grundy county. Of the 760 men registered with the selective service board, 349 or not quite half of the men registered have seen military service and will be exempt from further military training.

Less than one-seventh of the men registered in the 18 to 25 year age groups are married, and of the single men who registered with the Grundy county selective service board, more than two-thirds of them were in the 18-19 and 20 year age groups.

No report had been received Wednesday from Waterloo relative to the examination of the seven Grundy men who took their physical exams Monday and the board has not received its call for men in November.

Clarence Forrest DuToit, Conrad, Iowa, is the oldest veteran who was required to register in this registration. He is now 26 years old and served approximately 2 years and 9 months in the army.

Cecil Herman Mennen, R. 2, Ackley, Iowa, is the youngest veteran. He is 19 years old and served approximately eighteen months in the Marine Corps.

Registrants Of Grundy
County As Of 10-19-48
Date ofMarriedSingle

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 21 October 1948, pg 1

Casualties of the Korean Conflict

Several sources list 507 Iowans among the casualties of the Korean Conflict. Grundy County suffered no losses.