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Deloit, Iowa 1840-2002


In a letter written by Sharon Fink Boysen, there is an account of the life and service to the church by Lovicie Morris. "From Lovicie Morris came a sense of dedication to the church in small, as well as large matters. Lovicie was single all her life and gave unselfishly to the church. She served as Sunday School superintendent, pianist at the worship services, adult leader of the youth group and church janitor." Her services were largely taken for granted and no one realized how wide her services were until she passed away in 1959 at the age of seventy-seven. I often wonder how much gratitude was given to her by the congregations that passed before her eyes over the years." (14) It was Lovicie who rang the bell announcing the start of the Sunday morning worship service. Lovicie's sister Nellie married a Methodist Minister William C. Lee and they lived in Minnesota.

In the early 50's Leslie Childress served as lay leader of the congregation whenever the minister was going to be absent (4). Erland Larson became the custodian of the building and continued to perform this function until the early 1970's.

On April 1, 1953 Albert Winey was assisting with some of the repair work at the church when he suffered a fatal heart attack and died at the church. Albert had been a member of the church for 38 years and superintendent of the Sunday School for 25 years, as well as an official board member. His wife Ethel was a devout member and provided the articles used for Holy Communion.

On occasion, the minister was a student pastor, as was Roger Swanson seen here in the photo below in his painting clothes with a rake in his hand. There is a ladder in front of the church, perhaps the student ministerial duties extended beyond that of preaching.

deloit methodist church

Deloit Methodist Church (1955). Student pastor Roger Swanson in his painting clothes. Photo provided by Loritta Larson Mackie.


Year Minister Charge
1950-1951 Reverend Adam S. Forch supply 4th year, Arthur/Deloit/Boyer
1952-1954 Reverend Rosenberger supply for Deloit/Denison
1954-1955 Reverend Rodger Swanson, Student from Morningside
supply for Deloit
1956-1960 Reverend Tom King  
1958 Reverend Melvin Reth  
1959 Reverend Dale John Williams  


In 1963, work was completed on remodeling the church, at which time the basement was expanded and a kitchen area added. The men of the church, along with Reverend Reth were responsible for the remodeling. Reverend Reth also assisted with putting a new roof on the church. In addition, by the account of Loritta Larson Mackie, when the basement was renovated Reverend Reth was operating a tractor during the removal of one of the sides of the basement wall in order to remodel the basement.

deloit methodist church

Alter all the work by Reverend Reth and men (1963). Photo complements of LeRoy and Clara Winey by Mary Winey Mays.

deloit methodist church

The church basement after work done by Reverend Reth and men (1963). Photo compliments of LeRoy and Clara Winey by Mary Winey Mays.

Reverend Melvin Reth, much like Reverend Clift was remembered for his enthusiasm for the restoration of the building. He was as energetic and skillful with saws and hammers as he was providing for the ministerial needs of the parishioners.

In the 1950's, Clarence Lane who worked for the railroad suggested the church men farm the railroad right-of way north of Deloit. A lease from the Illinois Central Railroad company was issued for one year (1965-1966) for a sum of $25.00 in rent. The lease was signed by Leslie Childress, Don Fink and Eldridge L. Winey. The church men later farmed land belonging to Alfred Lingle south of Deloit. The money from crops greatly helped the church budget. Those that farmed the land were Robert Crampton, Alfred Stehr, Don E. and Don D. Fink, LeRoy Winey, Leslie Childress and Eldridge Winey.


Year Minister Charge
1960-1963 Reverend Melvin William Reth Charter Oak/Ute
1963-1968 Reverend Wallace Parmer Charter Oak/Ute
1968 Reverend W. J. Paige Charter Oak/Ute
1969 Reverend Eugene Buccelli Jr. Charter Oak/Ute


No information found regarding the activities of the church for this decade.


Year Minister Charge
1970-1971 Reverend Eugene Buccelli, Jr. Charter Oak/Ute
1971-1978 Reverend Howard Ball Charter Oak/Ute
1978-1979 Reverend Dennis Lee Bailey Charter Oak/Ute


deloit methodist church

Deloit Methodist church 1983 100th Anniversary, Photo compliments of LeRoy and Clara Winey by Mary Winey Mays.

From a letter sent to former members and friends of the Deloit United Methodist Chuch by Sharon Fink Boysen on May 8, 1983 "This year, 1983, is the 100th anniversary of the building of our sanctuary. We are planning a church reunion to commemorate the occasion. You are invited to join us in our celebration which will be held on Sunday, June 26, 1983, at the Deloit Park. We will share in a potluck meal at 12:00 noon followed by a worship service at 2:00 p.m." An addition she adds "Our present pastor is Reverend Dennis Bailey; however, he is moving to a Marshalltown church in June and will be replaced by the Reverend James Hampton. The Deloit church is now part of a three-point charge with the United Methodist Churches in Charter Oak and Ute with the pastor residing in Charter Oak". (15)


Year Minister Charge
1980-1983 Reverend Dennis Lee Bailey Charter Oak/Ute
1983 June-Oct Reverend James Hampton Charter Oak/Ute
1983-1984 Reverend Rex Piercy Charter Oak/Ute
1984-1988 Reverend James Claude Gubser Charter Oak/Ute
1988-1989 Reverend Jeffrey M. Dadisman Charter Oak/Ute

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