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1885 Iowa State Census

Crawford County, Iowa

Census data for Towns of Denison and Deloit and the Townships of East Boyer and Otter Creek are missing from the State Archives.
Census Assessor: M. J. Collins, April 27, 1885
Boyer Township
Census Assessor: W. A. Davis, May 25, 1885
Charter Oak Township
Census Assessor: James W. Long, May 29, 1885
Denison Township
Census Assessor: S. T. Davison, April 1, 1885
Dow City
Census Assessor: M. G. Wiggins, May 25, 1885
Goodrich Township
Census Assessor: Jos. O. Ainsworth, March 20, 1885
Hanover Township
Census Assessor: F. W. Koltze, May 22, 1885
Hayes Township
Census Assessor: William Martens, May 20, 1885
Iowa Township
Census Assessor: M. J. Collins, April 26, 1885
Jackson Township
Census Assessor: P. J. Lawler, May 15, 1885
Milford Township
Census Assessor: George Myers, April 20, 1885
Morgan Township
Census Assessor: Jurgen Krohnke, May 22, 1885
Nishnabotany Township
Census Assessor: T. J. Campbell, April 20, 1885
Paradise Township
Census Assessor: Ferdinand Dubois, May 22, 1885
Soldier Township
Census Assessor: Jasper McArthur, March 28, 1885
Stockholm Township
Census Assessor: A. Norelius, May 18, 1885
Union Township
Census Assessor: A. H. Rudd, April 30, 1885
Census Assessor: Wm Watson
Washington Township
Census Assessor: George Carpenter, April 14, 1885
Westside Town
Census Assessor: Frederich Bock, April 17, 1885
Westside Township
Census Assessor: Josh Paup
Willow Township
Census Assessor: George E. Lewis, April 1, 1885


These census transcriptions are the transcriber's and proofreader's interpretation and subject to human error. Always refer to the original document (or a copy of the original) for your own interpretation.

The following is the key to abbreviations of some column headings on the census pages.

ColumnAbbreviation Description
 PGPage Number on census sheet
 LNLine Number on census sheet
1NBR/DLSDwelling Number in order of visitation
2NBR/FAMFamily Number in order of visitation
4TWP, RNG, SECTTownship, Range, Section if no street address
13FTHRFather Native born or Foreign born
14MTHRMother Native born or Foreign born
15MILSubject to Military Duty?
16VOTEEntitled to Vote?
17FILEDAlien who has taken out first papers
18NOT FLDAlien who has not taken out first papers
19RD/WRCannot read or write, over 10 years old
20CAN RD/NOT WRCan read but not write, over 10 years old

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Volunteers who assisted in the transcription and proofreading. Our many thanks.
Phyllis HellerFreddie Georgius RandolphRandall Saunders
Mary KlauerDarleen BerensRon Collins
Stacey DietikerBob KuehlMelba McDowell
Mary YamadaKarla Lewis 

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