R. G. Dun & Co. List

I found this book called "The Mercantile Agency Reference Book Containing Ratings of Merchants, Manufacturers and Traders Generally Throughout the United States and Canada".  It is the precursor for the Dun & Bradford Enchange information.  It is Vol. 256 From March, 1932.

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O'Neil, John E. Plbr   Oak Grove Dairy, Inc.  
Oakes, Wm. T. Fuel & Bldg Matl   Ohsann, H. L. Confec
Ohsann, G. T. & Son Gro & Meat   Olds, A. W. Confec & Gro
Olson, Duffie Gro   Ough, Geo. H. Paint & Wallppr
Overkamp, Theo Mfg Cig   Paaske Shops, Inc., The Mfrs Furn
Padden, Harry L. Autos   Paddock Broom Co. Mfrs
Paddock's Mus Insts, Radios & Refrigerators   Paley, Henry Shoe Rep
Pannell, J. W. Billds & Cigs   Pape, Floyd N. Und
Paper Products Co. Mfrs   Parker Bros Sheet Met & Roofers
Paterson, Wm. W. Gro & Meat   Pelham, Roy L. Whol Cheese &c
Petersen, Anton Gro   Petersen, August J. Gro
Petersen, Julius M. Gro & Meat   Petersen, Boy P. Shoes & Rep
Petersen's Claus Sons Clo, Mens Furng & B & S   Peterson Bros., Inc Prod
Piatt Shop Milly   Pierson, C. E. Shoe Rep
Pinney, Alvin E. Prtr   Pioneer, Pearl Button Co. Mfrs
Pollastrini, Amos Confec   Porter, Clifford B. Tires & Batt
Potts, Albert M. Jwlry   Powers, Wm. C. Billds
Prieskorn, Edward Ptr & Dectr   Primes, Gus Rest
Pritchard, J. G. Sheet Met & Frnc   Proksa & McFarland Mfr Sausage
Proost, Frank H. Bsmith, Auto Rep & Ptg   Puryear, Thos. H. Whol Bevs
Purity Baking Co.     Quality Mercantile Store Instal Gds
Rasmussen, Oswald W. House Furng   Raun, Jens A. Mfr & Ret Cig, Confec &c
Ray, Walter R. Cig   Rederer & Petersen Mfrs Ice Cream, Ret Milk &c
Reimer, Alfred J. Gro & Meat   Reter Bros. G S
Reynolds, Geo D. Cig, Lunch &c   Rick, W. F. Hot
Ries, Elmer Hot   Risch, A. G. Auto Tires
Robb, Sidney D. Rendering Wks   Robinson, Clark L. Gro & Confec
Rockrohr, Otto Mens Furng, Clo, Shoes &c   Rockwell, E. A. Und
Rockwood & Rohwer Elec Contrs   Rodewald, W. C. Whol Auto & Radio Accs
Roeh, Wm. C. Hware & Stoves   Roff, Horace J. Drugs
Rohr, Fred Rest   Rothas, Nick Billds
Royal Cloak Co. W Clo   Ryan, Dennis Jr. Cig &c
Sanitary Plumbing Co.     Sardeson & Hovland Co., The Wwear
Schall's, Inc Mfr & Whol Confec   Schenk, Geo. W. Drugs
Schmidt, C. P. Harn   Schneider Sand & Gravel Co.  
Schott, Earl D. Gar   Schradie, Joseph Bak
Schroeder, Wm. C. Gro   Schumacher, Frederick H. Wallppr & Paint
Scribner, Le Roy R. G S   Sewell, Wm. A. Implts & Gar
Shadduck, Wayne L. Und   Shaffer, J. H. Tnr
Shannon, F. E. Wallppr   Sheibley, Minnie (Mrs. D. R.) Confec
Sible, Edwin D. Gro   Siddell, Geo. L. Clg & Dyg
Sievers, Detlef H., Est Cig & Bevs   Silverman's, Inc. Furn
Silverman, Mrs. Irvin E. Gro   Sino, Albert C. Plty Prod Confec & Sptg Gds
Sino, H. A. Wholesale Grocery & Fruit Co.     Slopey, Frank H. Gro & Confec
Slopey & Mason Cig & Tob   Smith, Earl Autos
Smith's Garage Used Cars & Radios   Specht, Lenora (Mrs. Henry) D G &c
Specht Hy. & Son Whol Lea & Shoe Fdgs   Stader, Mrs. Cora Rest
Standard Oil Co. of Indiana     Standard Supply Co. Instal Gds
Steiner, W. H. Auto Top Rep   Stierman, Theo. J. Shoe Rep
Still, Geo. Gro   Stoccks, Julius C. Photo
Stoltenberg, Mrs. J. H. Confec & Gro   Strieb Bros. B & S
Strunk, Leopold Tlr   Struve, John Miller
Studeman, Alex Furn   Studeman, Carl R. Auto Rep
Stuedemann, W. A. & O Shoes   Stukas, C. E. & Son Hware & Paint
Sturtz, Wm Shoe Rep   Suiter, Geo. E. Gro
Sullivan, Ralph Bak   Swan Drug Co.  
Thiesen, Chas. E. Gro & Meat   Thompson, Mrs. E. F. Rest
Thompson, Emery O. Oil   Thompson, Peter Gro
Thusen, M. & Co. Gro & Not   Tingleff's, A. J. Sons Clo & Mens Furng
Titus, Samuel V. Mshop   Toncich, Nicholas G. Shoe Rep
Triangle Service Co. Gaso & Oil   Tucker Furniture & Carpet Co.  
Turley, John E. Shoe Rep   United Lumber Co.  
Upton, Roy D. Auto Ptr & Rep   Utts, E. R. Rest
Van Allen, John D. & Son, Inc Dept Store   Voelpel, Edward W. Btlr
Vogtmann, Frank J. Jwlry   Volckman Furniture & Carpet Co. Furn Carpets &c
Volckman Furniture Manufacturing Co.     Waldorf, Frank Gro & Fill Stn
Walters R. S. Co. Mfrs & Whol Confec   Washington George Cafe Rest
Webber, F. R. Gro & Confec   Welch, Thomas F. Meat
Wells, Frank W. Billds & Cig   Wessel, August Gro
Western, Grocery Co.     Western Oil Co. Ser Stn
White House Lunches, Inc. Rest   Wilke, Carl F. Meat & Gro
Wilke, Wm. A. Ice & Coal   Winget, De Witt H. Pubr
Winkelhaus, Carl Mer Tlr   Woodbury E. N. Co. Plbrs
Wulf Hardware Co.     Xidis, Nicholas Rest
Zeabringer, Geo. A. Elec Contr & Supp   Zerrien, Julius Gro
Ziegler, Lambert Jr. Gro & Meat   Zimmerman, Fred P. Meat & Gro