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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

'T-W' surnames
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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census and SSDI records


Name Birth Death Comments
Taylor, Howard     h/o Mary
Taylor, Janice      
Taylor, Jerald      
Taylor, John Howard   09/12/1951 age 21y; Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps, 1st Marine Division; KIA in Korea; buried Hill Crest 01/23/1952
Taylor, Lulu G.      
Taylor, Mary nee Ingraham     w/o Howard
Tenney, Alpheus 1839 1907 lot 116
Tenney, Anna M.      
Tenney, Ella      
Tenney, Hugh      
Tenney, Infant      
Tenney, Libbie      
Tenney, Lola J.      
Tenney, Lund J.      
Tenney, Merilla F. 1846 04/14/1907 lot 210
Tenney, Mildred      
Tenney, Norma      
Tenney, Polly Ann      
Tenney, Wilma      
Thiese, Dorothy      
Thiese, Edna      
Thiese, Herman      
Thiese, Mary Ann      
Thiese, Oliver      
Thoday, Allen C. 01/12/1867 05/24/1928 lot 42; h/o Hallie; s/o John A. & Harriet
Thoday, Hallie Blake nee Sangston     w/o Allen C.
Thoday, Sarah 1790 07/04/1867 lot 105
Thoday, William      
Thompson, John     lot 157; added from WPA
Thulborn, David 1809 01/27/1866 buried on Crain lot no. 153
Thyer, Cecil 08/06/1883 10/08/1933 s/o Joseph & Mary
Thyer, Charles   1931? s/o Cecil & Minnie
Thyer, daughter 04/15/1943 04/15/1943 newborn of Mr. & Mrs. James; granddaughter of Minnie
Thyer, Minnie nee Revell     w/o Cecil
Thyer, Patricia      
Tinkham, Elizabeth 1819 01/20/1890 lot 142; w/o John
Tinkham, Emma Reynolds Humbert nee Hitchcock 01/01/1844 07/10/1928 1st h/Rev. Jesse Reynolds, 2nd h/John Humbert, 3rd h/O.J. Tinkham
Tinkham, John 1814 01/15/1881 lot 142; h/o Elizabeth
Tinkham, O.J. 05/13/1851 05/25/1930 3rd h/o Emma; s/o John & Elizabeth
Todd, Euphenia H. 1867 11/27/1887 lot 212; added from WPA
Tomkins, ?? 1846 09/20/1870 (on lot with Mary); lot 121
Tompkins, Alta May      
Tompkins, Leroy      
Tompkins, Mary     lot 121; added from WPA
Torrey, Stephen 1799 02/14/1857 added from WPA
Trout, Caroline      
Truman, Arch      
Upton, Bud      
Upton, Charles M.   05/??/1949 age 75y; h/o Elsie; s/o John & Amelia
Upton, Edward 04/05/1861 01/07/1930 s/o John & Amelia
Upton, Elsie nee Adams   01/??/1948 w/o Charles
Van Natta, Bernice      
Volquardts / Volquartz, Wilhelmina 1868 1934 lot 2
Voshell, Arthur      
Voshell, Baby      
Voshell, Bessie      
Voshell, Clarence A. 02/28/1885 05/??/1920 lot 45; h/o Marian
Voshell, Dorothy      
Voshell, Edward W.     h/o Martha
Voshell, Eneas      
Voshell, Leo      
Voshell, Marian nee Susie     w/o Clarence
Voshell, Martha A. nee Potter 07/10/1869 10/20/1902 lot 278; w/o Edward W.; died following childbirth
Voss, Amelia   09/??/1930 w/o Henry; died in Ft. Dodge, IA
Voss, Henry      
Voss, Julius     h/o Mary
Voss, Mary Belle nee Duff 02/15/1880 04/04/1928 lot 72; w/o Julius
Waltenbaugh, Alfred 1852 05/08/1897 lot 80
Waltenbaugh, Charles   06/??/1905 age 23y; drowned
Waltenbaugh, Jacob 1846 1887 Co. F, 139th PA Inf; lot 162
Waltenbaugh, Nancy Agnes nee Hunter 07/14/1827 08/17/1918 lot 80; w/o James
Walters, Gertrude Bernice nee Cummings 07/26/1883 08/09/1923 lot 18; w/o Oren; d/o Thos. W. & Sarah
Walters, Infant      
Walters, Kent LeRoy 10/11/1903 07/31/1945 age 41y; h/o Dillis D. (Hook) Hass; s/o Oren W. & Gertrude
Way, Oran / Orrin      
Welch, Norma      
Welch, Doris      
Welch, Edward D. 1823 04/15/1900 lot 160
Welch, Elizabeth 1798 05/11/1865 lot 171
Welch, Grace      
Welch, Ione O. 1858 1947 w/o John D.
Welch, John D. 1848 12/04/1902 lot 160; h/o Ione
Welch, Joe     lot 160; added from WPA
Welch, Nellie      
Welch, Prua / Prue Hoyt 1880 1932 lot 130
Welch, Willie      
Wells, Maud      
Wenger, Gladys      
Wenger, William      
Wescott, Virgil      
West, John 1821 09/01/1899 lot 59; Co. F 82 Ill. Inf.
West, Margarette 1822 10/20/1894 lot 59; added from WPA
Wheeler, Clifford      
Wheeler, Gretchen      
Whipple, Leroy 1879 07/21/1889 s/o J.N.
Whipple, Wayland      
White, Bert      
White, Bessie      
White, Blanch      
White, Clara      
White, Clara P. 1827 1915 lot 108
White, Donald      
White, Edward      
White, Emeline      
White, Emma Elizabeth nee Whitford 09/30/1858 09/24/1920 lot 223; w/o Wyllys
White, Frank B. 1866 05/19/1899 lot 143
White, Grace      
White, Harriett      
White, Henry 1818 1898 lot 108
White, Homer      
White, Ida Eppens      
White, James     lot 223; added from WPA
White, Jamie   188? infant s/o Wyllys & Emma
White, Lou      
White, Melissa J. nee Hoyt 08/04/1837 06/24/1927 lot 109; 1st h/Sidney; 2nd h/ James Crain (see James' entry)
White, Minnie      
White, Pearl      
White, Royce      
White, S.J.      
White, Sidney 1853 05/23/1888 lot 109; 1st h/o Melissa
White, Warner      
White, Wayne      
White, Wendell E. 1860 04/01/1909  
White, Wyllys Prescott 1854 09/16/1927 lot 223; h/o Emma; s/o Henry & Clara (Drake); died in Minot, N.D.
Whitford, Bert     lot 222; added from WPA
Whitford, Bessie     lot 222; added from WPA
Whitford, Betsy E. 1819 09/23/1901 lot 222
Whitford, Dora E. nee Wyatt 1868 10/22/1922 lot 228; 2nd w/o Samuel
Whitford, Emeline     lot 222; added from WPA
Whitford, Henry   08/18/1943 age 82y; h/o Lovira
Whitford, Henry Eugene     s/o Henry & Lovira
Whitford, infant son   12/30/1889 s/o Henry & Lovira
Whitford, James G. Rev. 1810 09/27/1900 lot 229; WPA mid int = C
Whitford, James H.     s/o Henry & Lovira
Whitford, Janette nee Ensign 1854 05/21/1910 lot 228; 1st w/o Samuel
Whitford, Janus H. 1841 04/14/1862 lot 229; Co. K lst IA
Whitford, Lovira 'Vira' Sylvia nee Sanborn 12/15/1867 05/27/1955 w/o Henry; d/o Lucius & Mary J.
Whitford, Maria B. 1852 09/24/1928 lot 72
Whitford, Marietta      
Whitford, Mildred      
Whitford, Samuel Bashford 04/13/1850 05/05/1926 lot 228; 1st w/Jeanette, 2nd w/Dora
Whitford, Warner     lot 222
Whitford, Wilbur (Mrs.)     lot 72; added from WPA
Whitford, Wilbur F. 1848 09/09/1913 lot 72; added from WPA
Whittenbaugh, Blanche E.   03/02/1993 age 92
Wilker, Rosena      
Wilker, William      
Wilson, Genevive      
Wilson, James 1841 07/04/1887 Co. G. 27th IA Inf.
Wilson, Logan      
Wilson, Millie      
Wood, Harry E.      
Wood, Helene      
Woods, Charles 1832 - "Father"; lot 110; h/o Emma
Woods, Donald      
Woods, Emma nee Thurlburn 10/05/1833 12/05/1924 "Mother"; lot 110; w/o Charles
Woods, Hattie nee Piper     w/o Warner
Woods, L. May      
Woods, Russell - - infant s/o Warner & Hattie
Woods, Sidney 1861 02/28/1883 lot 110; s/o Charles & Emma
Woods, Warner Thullborn 10/12/1867 07/13/1930 lot 28; h/o Hattie; s/o Charles & Emma
Wright, George 1822 12/20/1908 lot 136
Wright, Martha T. 1821 12/16/1902 lot 138
Wroe, John W. 1841 12/07/1906 lot 11; 6th W. Va inf.; buried on Rogers lot; added from WPA


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