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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

A & B surnames
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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census and SSDI records

A & B surnames

Name Birth Death Comments
Adams, Alvina      
Adams, August 1846 04/08/1913  
Adams, August (Mrs.)   1928  
Adams, Caroline   07/26/1928  
Adams, Charles H. 1858 1918 h/o Violetta
Adams, Charles J.     h/o Isabelle
Adams, Clara      
Adams, David 1859 1923 ssa Isabelle
Adams, Edna      
Adams, Eliza P. nee Lowe 09/08/1833 03/21/1901 w/o Jeremiah
Adams, Emma      
Adams, Harriet      
Adams, Isabel nee Gould 1861 1947 w/o David
Adams, Isabel / Isabelle nee Ruktaschel   04/12/1943 age 68; w/o Charles J.; d/o George
Adams, Jeremiah 05/15/1827 04/13/1911 h/o Eliza P.; Co. A 47th IA Infantry
Adams, Jim      
Adams, Mary 1876 1930  
Adams, Maudie      
Adams, Nellie      
Adams, Omar D. 1890 1975  
Adams, Viola E.      
Adams, Violetta nee McKinney 11/13/1856 01/25/1930 w/o Charles H.; d/o George & Alvina
Adams, W.C. 1876 1935  
Adams, Walter      
Ainsworth, Catherine / Katherine nee Hartman   02/12/1950 w/o Sidney C.
Ainsworth, Dorothy R.N.     d/o Sidney & Catherine
Ainsworth, Katherine Louise 12/17/1913 02/06/1919 d/o Sidney & Catherine
Ainsworth, Sidney     s/o Sidney & Catherine
Ainsworth, Sidney Corbin, M.D. 01/06/1877 04/28/1930 h/o Catherine; s/o Dr. E.A. Ainsworth
Allman, George      
Ambrose, Adella 1859 1937  
Ambrose, Francis E.     s/o James
Ambrose, Herbert A. 1852 1937 s/o James
Ambrose, James 1825 02/01/1857  
Ambrose, William 1796 02/11/1858  
Aret, ?      
Arnold, George 1825 09/26/1887  
Arnold, Mary E. 1843 01/03/1874  
Askew, John     age 87; stone broken
Askew, Lydia 1798 12/1868  
Baars, Albert      
Baars, Augusta      
Baars, Bertie      
Baars, Catherine      
Baars, Fred      
Baars, Fredrick 1817 04/03/1902  
Baars, Heldegard Mary Caroline 01/07/1890 04/26/1908 d/o Henry
Baars, Henry 1848 08/09/1919  
Baars, Henry C.      
Baars, Herman      
Baars, Hilda      
Baars, Marie 1818 02/26/1896  
Baars, W.      
Bachtell, Bessie nee Smith     w/o Elmer
Bachtell, Bill      
Bachtell, Carol      
Bachtell, Claude O.     s/o Elmer & Bessie
Bachtell, Delia nee Ingrahm ca1844 07/??/1931 87y; died in McGregor
Bachtell, Dulcie      
Bachtell, Elmer 04/16/1871 12/22/1924 h/o Bessie; s/o David
Bachtell, Elmore      
Bachtell, Ernest      
Bachtell, Frances   1892 d/o George & Jennie
Bachtell, George 1863 11/26/1917 h/o Jennie
Bachtell, Hazel      
Bachtell, Jennie Marie nee Rinkert 05/15/1872 11/13/1950 w/o George; d/o George & Christina
Bachtell, Leon      
Bachtell, Lester      
Bachtell, Sidney      
Bachtell, Thomas D. 1840 09/18/1910 Co. C, 12th IA Infantry
Bachtell, Velmah      
Bachtell, Wayland Dean   12/18/1934 2m 5d; s/o Valmah
Bailey, Mrs. S.   1915 obit gives Volga City cemetery as burial place
Baker, Ruby      
Baumgartner, Cecil Ruth      
Baumgartner, Erwin      
Beatty, James 1783 05/31/1865  
Becker, Carl      
Becker, Ewald      
Becker, Gladys      
Becker, James      
Becker, John      
Becker, Lela C      
Becker, Leo      
Belden, Carmi      
Belden, Edna M. 1897 1937  
Belden, Elsie      
Belden, George      
Bell, Charley 1859 1877  
Bell, Nelson 1831 1873  
Bennington, Ada Winifred nee Whitford 07/15/1885 07/28/1944 age 59y; w/o Roy C.; d/o Warner & Emeline
Bennington, Alice      
Bennington, Charles      
Bennington, Emma 1849 01/03/1907  
Bennington, Esther nee Bidwell 1831 04/07/1881 w/o Samuel
Bennington, Keith      
Bennington, Maxine      
Bennington, Richard      
Bennington, Roy Charles     h/o Ada
Bennington, Sam 1872 05/27/1917  
Bennington, Samuel 1834 03/01/1906 h/o Esther
Bennington, Sylvia      
Bennington, William      
Benson, Nettie 1863 08/08/1881  
Bentley, Charles 1859 03/26/1888  
Bentley, James Wilburt 1861 1933  
Bentley Jennett 1861 03/27/1888  
Bentley, Margaret nee Waltenbusch   08/??/1943 age 78; w/o William
Berger, Ethel May      
Berger, Kim Allan      
Berger, Ralph      
Berger, Robert      
Berger, Ulah      
Berger, William      
Bevins, Carrie F.      
Bevins, Eliza 1836 10/03/1894  
Bevins, Gracie      
Bevins, Margaret      
Biedermann, Earl William 12/20/1921 03/21/1961 h/o Evelyn; Tech 5th class, US Army veteran
Biedermann, Evelyn nee Hulverson      
Biederman, Gayle      
Biederman, Leroy      
Bissell, Ella      
Bissell, James Edward 03/27/1830 07/15/1925 h/o 1st Lydia Eaton, 2nd to Rebecca Dempster; Co. C 6th IA Cavalry
Bissell, Jennie      
Bissell, Ray      
Bissell, Rebecca Jane nee Dempster 04/15/1849 02/28/1933 2nd w/o James E.; d/o John & Margaret (Templeton)
Blair, Charles S. 1833 05/18/1901  
Blair, Charles (Mrs.)   1909  
Blair, Hamilton      
Blair, Louisa E. 1832 10/01/1819  
Blake, Cynthia      
Blake, Elsa      
Blake, Hallie      
Blake, Infant      
Blake, Jessie P. 1877 1919  
Blake, Leon      
Blake, Margaret 1853 09/21/1874  
Blake, Milburn      
Blake, Morris L. 1847 1917  
Blake, Verner      
Blaul, Augusta      
Blaul Otto   12/03/1882 aged 42y 4m 15d; U.S. Navy, Civil War
Boleyn, Albert 12/17/1866 08/04/1920 h/o Maggie
Boleyn, David Earl 11/04/1891 06/09/1924 s/o Albert & Maggie
Boleyn, Harry     h/o Irma; s/o Albert & Maggie
Boleyn, Irma Irene nee Nolte 09/29/1887 02/16/1920 w/o Harry
Boleyn, Lillian      
Boleyn, Margaret 'Maggie' nee Lowe     w/o Albert; d/o David
Boleyn, Neil      
Boleyn, Roy     s/o Harry & Irma
Boleyn, Walter M.      
Bolles, Susan      
Borden, infant daughter   03/??/1950 d/o Thomas Borden "of Cedar Falls"
Borden, Randall      
Borden, Terry      
Borden, Tillie      
Bowles, Elizabeth      
Bowles, James      
Brabandt, Christian 1844 06/01/1930  
Brabandt, Louisa      
Bradshaw, Clifford      
Bradshaw, Joseph 1825 06/15/1893 Co. E, 9th IA Infantry
Brandt, Eva      
Brandt, Florence      
Bring, James      
Brink, Florence M. 1894 1981  
Brink, James W. 1891 1971 ssa Josephine
Brink, Josephine nee Refle 1893 1946 w/o James W.
Brink, Joseph William 'Joe' 08/23/1919 02/02/1999 h/o Wilma A.
Brink, Wilma A. nee Rau      
Broker, Charles      
Broker, Infant D.      
Broker, Phoebe 1819 09/22/1888  
Broker, Thomas 1816 12/23/1881  
Burns, Clarinda Wroe Rogers nee Graves 11/10/1854 11/24/1927 1st h/J.W. Wroe, 2nd h/B.B. Rogers, 3rd h/J.E. Burns
Burrington, Jennie      
Bushkofsky, Albert      
Bushkofsky, Arnold W.      
Bushkofsky, Otto J.      
Butler, Jason S. ca1795/97 unkn. ca1860's h/o Marilla Wilcox; War of 1812 veteran
Butler, W.      


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