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Hillcrest Cemetery
aka Volga City cemetery

12818 Cass St., Volga, Sperry Twp., Sec 9 NE NE 9-92-6

Hill Crest cemetery - photo by Jim Steele SR

G - I surnames
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The cemetery is a short distance east of Volga City on Cass St. It is on the south side of the road, directly across from Sacred Heart Catholic / School House Yard Cemetery.

Birdseye view of Hillcrest cemetery - from Bing Maps
Birdseye view from Bing Maps

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~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~WPA records were transcribed and added to the original list by Phyllis Montour; lot numbers, if given, are from WPA records
~Additional burials and information have been added by the Clayton co. Coordinator from Clayton county death records, gravestone inscriptions, obituaries, newspapers, census, SSDI records & info. contributed by researchers

G-I surnames

Name Birth Death Comments
Garms, James      
Gee, Cornelia A. 1849 07/25/1893  
Germar, Eugene      
Germar, Gretchen      
Germar, Henrich 1832 10/04/1910 lot 49; h/o Theresa
Germar, Norbert      
Germar, Otto      
Germar, Russell F.   1912 infant, lot 50
Germar, Theresa nee Bromel 06/14/1829 06/04/1905 lot 49; w/o Henry
Germar, Valerie      
Gifford, children   1846 the first burials in this cemetery were "two children of Henry Gifford"
Goeschel, Richard M.   07/03/1995 age 73y; h/o Kitty; Veteran
Goodin, Charles 01/11/1853 08/17/1904 h/o Mary
Goodin, child   Feb. 1921 2 y/o child of Warren; died in Oelwein
Goodin, Lucille      
Goodin, Mary D. nee Stahl 06/25/1878 08/25/1965 w/o William; d/o John & Mary (Heiden)
Goodin, Mary Jane nee Leete 1856 10/18/1912  
Goodin, Merle E.      
Goodin, Susan 'Susie'   04/??/1928 w/o Warren
Goodin, Walter C.      
Goodin, Warren   11/27/1926 h/o Susan
Goodin, William C. 'Will'     h/o Mary D.
Goodwin, Anna nee Libby 1856 1928 lot 197; w/o Lewis M.
Goodwin, Anna A, 1828 11/23/1908 lot 105
Goodwin, Caroline 1814 03/10/1886 lot 224; w/o Jonathan
Goodwin, Charles 1853 08/17/1904 lot 97
Goodwin, E. 1872 1929 lot 98
Goodwin, Frank   1907 2nd h/o Lucy
Goodwin, Jonathon 1807 01/28/1881 lot 224; h/o Caroline
Goodwin, Lewis Mott 'Lew' 07/03/1849 11/30/1922 lot 197; h/o Anna; s/o Jonathan & Caroline
Goodwin, Louise M.      
Goodwin, Lucy Ann Chesley nee Phillips 03/20/1840   1st h/Norman Chesley, 2nd h/Frank Goodwin
Goodwin, Wallace 1833 12/23/1894 lot 105
Gottschalk, Arno      
Gottschalk, Carrie      
Gordon, Daniel W. 1833 06/24/1874 h/o Phebe
Gordon, Phebe 06/06/1833 03/11/1898 w/o Daniel
Graff, Laverne      
Graff, Oliver      
Graves, Charles      
Gray, George W.     lot 162
Gray, Luceba   07/09/1887 age 20y; d/o Randall; to be married in Aug. 1887, was buried in her wedding dress
Green, Ben      
Green, Bessie      
Green, Lillian nee Jensen   10/02/1987 age 74; w/o Kenneth
Green, Lydia nee Sherman   03/30/1943 w/o Peter
Green, Mary A. 1821 09/19/1889 lot 161
Green, Mary     (no dates or marker); lot 162
Green, Peter B. 1853 03/27/1900 lot 162; h/o Lydia
Gregerson, Fern      
Gregerson, Mabel S.      
Gregerson Mamie Siglin      
Gregerson, Melvin      
Gregerson W. Fern      
Griffith, Anna      
Griffith, Edward W. 1849 04/??/1934 lot 199; lot 10; h/o Esther
Griffith, Emma J. 1854 1880 lot 199; added from WPA
Griffith, Esther nee Bennington 01/31/1858 10/16/1945 w/o Edward; obit spells surname as Griffiths
Hakes, Margaret Jeanette nee Davis 08/11/1910 10/18/1985  
Hardy, H.M.      
Hakert, Arlene      
Hakert, Melvin      
Hall, Lavina I. 1840 10/23/1914 lot 143
Harvey, Adelbert 1856 1926 lot 64
Harvey, H. M. 1842 12/09/1865 lot 127
Harvey, Schuler / Schuyler 1806 02/19/1859  
Harvey, Stella      
Hawthorne, Abby     lot 221
Hawthorne, Abbie L. 1851 1913 lot 220
Hawthorne, Addie      
Hawthorne, Amoretta / Amorette     lot 22
Hawthorne, Amorette F. 1853 1881 lot 221
Hawthorne, Celia / Cecelia     lot 186
Hawthorne, George      
Hawthorne, James 1846 1916 lot 221
Hawthorne, Mary A. 1825 04/24/1903 lot 184
Hawthorne, Mary Ann     lot 186
Hawthorne, Mary E. 1852 09/30/1900 lot 221
Hawthorne, Merril or Merrit     lot 221
Hawthorne, Samuel 1820 04/21/1888 lot 186
Hayes, Edward      
Hayes, Edward      
Hayes, John 1829 04/1910 lot 85
Hayes, Mattie      
Herwig, Rosa 10/22/1890 12/20/1896 lot 59
Hill, Martha      
Hill, Phoebe 1805 07/22/1891 lot 139
Hines, Anna M.      
Hines, Bernita      
Hines, Delbert      
Hines, Robert      
Hold, Harry Edwin 09/17/1886 04/26/1924 h/o Amy Wiesner; s/o James W. & Rosa (Staring); died in Randalia, IA
Hold, James W.     h/o Rosa; Co. D 73 Ill. Inf.; lot 244
Holsman, Dave      
Holsman, David     h/o Ida
Holsman, Ida   09/??/1979 w/o David
Homewood, Leroy      
Homewood, Mary      
Horton, Birdie      
Horton, Henry      
Horton, Louis W.      
Hoskyn, Irene      
Hoskyn, William M.      
Howard, Alice      
Howard, Green   01/11/1889 age 17m; s/o J.A. Hoyt
Hoyt, Hardy      
Hoyt, John A. 1846 04/07/1899 lot 130
Hoyt, Mattie      
Huffman, Babe      
Huffman, R.J. Baby      
Hulverson, Laurence      
Humbert, George     s/o John & Emma (Hitchcock); see Emma Tinkham
Humbert, Ida      
Hummell, Clark      
Hummell, James      
Hummell, Marie      
Hummell, Vesta      
Hungerford, Louis      
Hungerford, Mary E.      
Hurley, Bernard 'Barney' 1867 1935 lot 66
Hurley, Mary L. 1856 1937 lot 66
Ingraham, John     lot 64; h/o Roxanna
Ingraham, Louis   02/02/1889 age 5y; s/o John
Ingraham, Roxanna nee Chapman   04/05/1889 32y 5m 29d; w/o John
Ingram, George      


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