Clarke County, Iowa Cemeteries

Cemeteries have always felt like special places to me. As a child we spent every Memorial Day weekend decorating the graves of our ancestors in Clarke county with flowers either brought from home or from my uncle Jr's. home. They were usually irises or peonies stuck in glass jars filled with water. As we went through the cemetery my mom would explain to me who this person was and how we were related. This often led to stories about their lives. I am convinced that this is what started my interest in genealogy. I hope the information and pictures you find through these cemetery pages help you in your search for your family. (by Celia Luce Davis)

If you have photos of stones in Clarke County, you can submit them to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project. Visit the site and share your photos! To look at photos of stones from a particular Clarke County cemetery check out that individual cemetery in the list below.

 For a current list of Clarke County graves on the "Iowa Gravestone Photo Project", click here.

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The WPA records for Clarke County are now online at Iowa Graves Survey.


Coordinates for Clarke County cemeteries are now available. Click here.

Here is another great site that helps you find cemeteries in Clarke County ( and other Counties). By clicking the appropriate boxes, you can have it show townships and cemeteries.

Click for a picture of the new Freedom Rock at the entrance of the Murray Cemetery.


Bethel Chapel -Liberty twp., Sec.12

Chaney- Green Bay twp., Sec.27

Cox -Ward twp., Sec.2

Frame -Ward twp., Sec.2 (also known as Cox Cemetery)

Fremont -Fremont twp., Sec.7

Green Bay -Green Bay twp., Sec.30

Gregg -Doyle twp., Sec.27

Harrison -Liberty twp., Sec.23

Hebron -Green Bay twp., Sec.23

Hopeville -Doyle twp., Sec.17

Horton -Franklin twp., Sec.4

Jamison -Fremont twp., Sec.15

Jones -Green Bay twp., Sec.10

Lacelle -Knox twp., Sec.17

Lewis - Jackson twp., Sec.3

Lewis - Jackson twp., Sec.3 (revised June 2015)

Liberty - Liberty twp., Sec.7

Maple Hill -Osceola twp., Sec.19

Murray -Troy twp., Sec.15

Old Smyrna -Franklin twp., Sec.15

Ottawa -Jackson twp., Sec.23

Pearson -Ward twp., Sec.35

Prairie Grove -Washington twp., Sec.4

Rhodes - Liberty twp. Sec 6

St. Marys -Jackson twp., Sec.22

Sanders -Doyle twp., Sec.1

Smyrna -Franklin twp., Sec.2

Twyford -Liberty twp., Sec.30

Union -Madison twp., Sec.13

Union Chapel -Fremont twp., Sec.34

White -Ward twp., Sec.2 (also known as Cox Cemetery)

Woodburn -Jackson twp., Sec.27


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