Clarke County Cemeteries Coordinates

Location data provided by Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). The coordinates are entered into the IAGENWEB online mapping site to generate maps utilizing Google© Maps. The maps give turn by turn driving directions; and allow the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc.
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County Latitude Longitude Location Township & Section
Bethel Chapel Clarke, IA 41.139N 93.578W View Map

Liberty, sec. 12

Blair Clarke, IA 40.908N 93.622W View Map

Franklin, sec. 35

Chaney Clarke, IA 40.921N 93.716W View Map

Green Bay, sec. 27

Clarke Clarke, IA 40.978N 93.622W View Map
Cox Clarke, IA 41.072N 93.814W View Map

Ward, sec. 2

Ellis Clarke, IA 40.936N 93.742W View Map  
Field Clarke, IA 41.151N 93.861W View Map  
Fremont Clarke, IA 41.133N 93.770W View Map

Fremont, sec. 7

Green Bay Clarke, IA 40.921N 93.776W View Map

Green Bay, sec. 30

Green Clarke, IA 41.142N 93.725W View Map  
Gregg Clarke, IA 40.914N 93.952W View Map

Doyle, sec.27

Harrison Clarke, IA 41.116N 93.589W View Map

Liberty, sec. 23

Hebron Clarke, IA 40.929N 93.691W View Map

Green Bay, sec. 24

Hopeville Clarke, IA 40.946N 93.987W View Map

Doyle, sec. 17

Horton Clarke, IA 40.972N 93.633W View Map

Franklin, sec. 4

Jamison Clarke, IA 41.126N 93.726W View Map

Fremont, sec. 15


 Clarke, IA

      Green Bay, sec. 10
Lacelle Clarke, IA 40.945N 93.869W View Map

Knox, sec. 17

Lewis Clarke, IA 40.998N 93.649W View Map

Jackson, sec. 3

Liberty Clarke, IA 41.138N 93.655W View Map

Liberty, sec. 7

Maple Hill Clarke, IA 41.028N 93.779W View Map

Osceola, sec. 19

Murray Clarke, IA 41.028N 93.946W View Map

Troy, sec. 15

Old Smyrna         Franklin, sec. 15
Ottawa Clarke, IA 41.023N 93.590W View Map

Jackson, sec. 23

Pearson         Ward, sec. 35
Prairie Grove         Washington, sec. 4
Rhodes Clarke, IA 41.154N 93.648W View Map Liberty, sec. 6
Saint Marys Clarke, IA 41.019N 93.607W View Map

Jackson, sec. 22

Sanders Clarke, IA 40.973N 93.901W View Map

Doyle, sec. 1

Smyrna Clarke, IA 40.936N 93.616W View Map

Franklin, sec. 2

Troy Clarke, IA 41.019N 93.983W View Map


Twyford Clarke, IA 41.108N 93.667W View Map


Union Cemetery Clarke, IA 41.127N 93.911W View Map  
Union Chapel Cemetery Clarke, IA 41.081N 93.721W View Map
Woodburn Cemetery Clarke, IA 41.007N 93.601W View Map

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