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Horton Cemetery

Franklin twp., Sec.24

To reach Horton cemetery: From the west edge of Woodburn take R69 gravel south about 2.8 miles to H45 (third gravel road west), turn west there and drive .9 mile - OR - From Osceola, go south on highway 69 to H45 (the second gravel road heading east from the south edge of Osceola), turn east on H45 and drive approxmately 7.4 miles to the cemetery. The drive angles from the east side of the cemetery to the north side of the cemetery.

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The Clarke County Genealogical Society compiled this listing of burials by walking the cemetery. This listing is included in their book Clarke Co., IA Cemeteries, vol. 2: The Rural Cemeteries, c. 1997. They still retain copyright to this list. I am grateful to them for sharing this information .

The stones are recorded in the order they are set in the row. The CCGS started in the northwest corner and every row of stones was read from the north end to the south end, always working from the western-most row to the east. The listing is by rows of stones, not by lots. Their intention was to include all the names, dates, places, relationships, military histories and organization memberships that were engraved on the stone. They did not note metal spikes set into the ground, such as GAR markers, as those markers are sometimes moved by mowers, vandals, or children so can't be counted on as an accurate source of information. Space limitations prevented them from including poetry and inspirational notations engraved on the stones.

Each stone is listed with a row-stone number such as 05-03 (the third stone in the fifth row). If there is more than one person named on the same stone, the number is repeated for each one. Words in (parenthesis) are not actually on the stone. Often only given names and dates were engraved on the foot stones next to a large family headstone. They made an effort to determine the surname for those foot stones, based on type of stone and proximity to a family headstone, then put the surname in parenthesis. There is the possibility of error. Also in parenthesis are notations about the condition or location of the stone or additional information about the deceased person taken from the WPA's Graves Registration book.

Underlined words or numbers indicate that the word or number was difficult to read and that they have made a "best guess."

Horton Cemetery

01-01   HORTON, Chanucey C.   May 13, 1833 - Sep 16, 1909
01-01   HORTON, Barbara E., his wife   Feb 28, 1850 - Jun 4, 1910

02-01   ( Plain marker)
02-02   (HORTON?)Ethel May   Jul 14, 1893 - Jan 23, 1894
02-03   (HORTON?) Ethel Edna   Jul 24, 1891 - Oct 26, 1892

02-04   (HORTON?) Infant son   Mar 13, 1885
02-05   (HORTON?) Infant dau   Mar 26, 1883
	(No surname given on above 4 stones, but WPA said they were Hortons; Children of C.C. & B.E. Horton)

03-01   BENSON, Jane   Sep 13, 1820 ñ Mar 12, 1880   age 59y 5m 29d

03-01   BENSON, W.S.   Mar 7, 1850 ñ Nov 16, 1903
03-01   BENSON, Alice May   Feb 17, 1875 ñ Feb 28, 1875   age 11 d

04-01   DEARMIN, Stella   1877 - 1886

05-01   DARNELL, George W.   1886 - 1948
05-02   WILEY, Twyla E.   dau of A.W. & Hattie Wiley   Apr 17, 1906 - Nov 15, 1906
05-03   Stone
05-04   OLIVER, Permelia J.   wife of W.L.S. Oliver   d. Jan 19, 1895   42y, 5m, 20d.

05-04   OLIVER, Lilly E.B.   dau of W.L.S. & P.J. Oliver   d. Feb 5, 1895   11m, 13d.
05-04   OLIVER, W.L.S.   Apr 14, 1843 - Jun 4, 1932

06-01   FELLOWS, Infant dau of C.E. & I.M. Fellows   Jun 26, 1904 - Dec 26, 1904

06-02   Slab
06-03   ALEXANDER, Mary M   wife of G.B. Alexander   1870 - 1902

07-01   SMITH, Levi   1849 - 1924
07-02   ALEXANDER, Eldon Clare   d. Sep 30, 1902   3y, 3m, 17d.
07-02   ALEXANDER, Dorothy Rose   d. Sep 21, 1902   1y, 8m.   Children of E.A. & Bessie Alexander   (2 foot stones)


Additional burials:

These additional burials were included in Loren Horton's listing of the cemetery at the Iowa State Historical Libray in Des Moines but not found in 1996 when the cemetery was walked.

Cloush, infant child of Everett Cloush

Benson, Infant twin sons of W. S. Benson

Oliver, Infants, two children of Joe Oliver

Benson, Priscilla R.



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