Clarke County, Iowa Cemeteries

Jones Family Plot Cemetery

Green Bay Township

To reach Jones cemetery: Take Highway 69 south out of Osceola for 4.2 miles, turn left on Elk St/H45, follow road to the cemetery. It is on the south edge of the road. The county has done a good job of mainting the site and road so there is room to pull over and park.

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The Clarke County Genealogical Society compiled a listing of burials by walking the cemetery in 1997. I walked this cemetery October of 2016, recored the headstones, reserached newspapers for burials in the cemetery and compared to the WPA records. This is not an absolute list as I don't think that is possible. I have done my best to get as much inforamtion as I can. If you have any additions or corrections please let me know. I haved added the burials and photos to Find A Grave and the Iowa Gravestone Photo Proejct. 

I followed the Society's direction of walking so as to keep this lists somewhat similiar incase someone was comparing both lists.

The stones are recorded in the order they are set in the row. They started in the northwest corner and every row of stones was read from the north end to the south end, always working from the western-most row to the east. If the cemetery was divided into sections, each section will start in its northwest corner. The listing is by rows of stones, not by lots.

Each stone is listed with a row-stone number such as 05-03 (the third stone in the fifth row). If there is more than one person named on the same stone, the number is repeated for each one. They made an effort to determine the surname for those foot stones, based on type of stone and proximity to a family headstone, then put the surname in parenthesis. There is the possibility of error. Also in parenthesis are notations about the condition or location of the stone or additional information about the deceased person taken from the WPA's Graves Registration book.

Underlined words or numbers indicate that the word or number was difficult to read and that they have made a "best guess."

Note on sign at cemetery for Cora -

Cora Faye Jones died of Typhoid Fever at aged 2 weeks. She was buried on the farm where the family lived. The property was later the site of the "Proctor School House." She was the first born child of Thomas Alfius Jones and Fannie Rosella Rushing Jones. Her parents and brothers James, Albert and Marvin are all buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Osceola, Iowa.

Person Birth Death Section - Row - Stone Inscription / Notes
Jones, Cora Faye January 14, 1902 February 9, 1902 1-01 aged 26 days daughter of Thomas A & Fannie R
Jones, Leonard Thomas June 2, 1947 February 22, 2010 1-02 He is a realtive of Cora and wanted to be buried here

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