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The Iowa in the Civil War Project, and do not profit from the sale of the following items, nor do they make any recommendations on these sources, they are here only to inform you of their existence.
  • “Compilation of Letters to Mira from William J Huff: Documenting the Army Life of an Ordinary Soldier While Serving in the 20th Iowa Infantry Regiment 1862-1865", By Billy M Huff. 
  • From the Hornets' Nest to Custer's Last Stand. The Immigrant Story of Norwegian Sergeant Olaus Hansen by Ozzie Sollien.  Ozzie writes "In Company G in the 12th Iowa there were two Norwegian brothers Hanson, from Highland Township, Hans and Owens. The names of these two guys were actually Hans and Olaus Hansen, and Olaus had a very interesting and dramatic life. After the war, during Reconstruction, he was stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana where he was a sergeant in Custer's 7th U.S. Cavalry, and later he was one of only two Norwegians in the 7th Cavalry with Custer at the Little Bighorn. At Custer's Last Stand, Olaus actually went by a different name - Olans H. Northeg. Olaus and the other Norwegian in the 7th, John Sivertsen, was two of only about 100 men who actually attacked the Indian camp at the Little Bighorn - it has surfaced from all the research that Custer and his 5 companies apparently never reached the camp, but was slaughtered in the hillsides on the east side of the river by an outcoming Indian force." 
  • Iowa's Martyr Regiment: The story of the Thirty-Eighth Iowa Infantry by David Wildman. 
  • The men of the 14th Iowa Infantry played an important role in the battle of Pilot Knob. You can read more about this and other battles in the book "Thomas Ewing, Jr. - Frontier Lawyer and Civil War General".
  • Civil War and Iowa: Greyhounds and Hawkeyes - Iowa History Treasures from the Archives, Volume 3 (CD); contains the entire six volume roster of Iowa volunteers.
  • Civil War Pictures (CD) - Contains 4,330 rare or out of print Civil War images. Available from O J Fargo, 715 N Elm, Creston, Iowa 50801, Phone: 641-782-8625 for $10 + $3 S&H. CD of Iowa pictures is also available.