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1st 11th 21st 31st 41st 1st 1st U.S.
2nd 12th 22nd 32nd 44th 2nd 2nd Other States
3rd 13th 23rd 33rd 45th 3rd 3rd Miscellaneous
4th 14th 24th 34th 46th 4th 4th Mississippi Marine Brigade
5th 15th 25th 35th 47th 5th Northern Border Brigade
6th 16th 26th 36th 48th 6th Southern Border Brigade
7th 17th 27th 37th Union Brigade 7th Abingdon Home Guards
8th 18th 28th 38th 1st African 8th Officers
9th 19th 29th 39th 9th
10th 20th 30th 40th Sioux City Co.


star 1st Iowa Infantry

star 2nd Iowa Infantry

star 3rd Iowa Infantry

star 4th Iowa Infantry

star 5th Iowa Infantry

star 6th Iowa Infantry

star 7th Iowa Infantry

star 8th Iowa Infantry

star 9th Iowa Infantry

star 10th Iowa Infantry

star 11th Iowa Infantry

star 12th Iowa Infantry

star 13th Iowa Infantry

star 14th Iowa Infantry

The original companies of A, B, and C never served under the command of the 14th; they were transferred to and made a battalion of the 41st Iowa Infantry. Companies D thru K formed from Des Moines, Dubuque, Henry, Iowa, Jasper, Johnson, Jones, Linn, Lee, and Van Buren Counties.

star 15th Iowa Infantry

Company A - Clinton & Linn Counties; Company B - Polk County; Company C - Mahaska County; Company D - Wapello & Mahaska Counties; Company E - Van Buren, Des Moines & Lee Counties; Company F - Fremont & Mills Counties; Company G - Marion & Warren Counties; Company H - Pottawattamie & Harrison Counties; Company I - Lee & Clarke Counties; Company K - Wapello, Marion & Van Buren Counties.

star 16th Iowa Infantry

star 17th Iowa Infantry

star 18th Iowa Infantry

star 19th Iowa Infantry

Company A - Lee County, Company B - Jefferson County,  Company C - Washington County, Company D - Jefferson County, Company E - Lee County, Company F & G - Louisa County, Company H & I - Van Buren County. 

star 20th Iowa Infantry

star 21st Iowa Infantry

star 22nd Iowa Infantry

star 23rd Iowa Infantry

star 24th Iowa Infantry

Two companies - Cedar County; two companies - Jackson County; one company - Johnson County; one company - Jones County; three companies - Linn County; one company - Tama County.

star 25th Iowa Infantry

After the turn of the century, several Old Soldiers Reunions were held that reminisce about the men that served, the battles they fought in, and those surviving to tell the story. These Union Reunion Rosters sometimes gave the ages and where they were living at the time of the reunion.

star 26th Iowa Infantry

../star 27th Iowa Infantry

Company A - Allamakee & Clayton Counties; Company B - Allamakee County Counties; Company C - Bremer & Buchanan Counties; Company D - Clayton County; Company E - Allamakee, Clayton, & Dubuque Counties; Company F - Buchanan, Delaware & Dubuque Counties; Company G - Chickasaw & Floyd Counties; Company H - Buchanan, Keokuk, & Mitchell Counties; Company I - Allamakee & Clayton Counties; Company K - Allamakee & Mitchell Counties.

../star 28th Iowa Infantry

../star 29th Iowa Infantry

star 30th Iowa Infantry

star 31st Iowa Infantry

star 32nd Iowa Infantry

star 33rd Iowa Infantry

star 34th Iowa Infantry

star 35th Iowa Infantry

star 36th Iowa Infantry

star 37th Iowa Infantry - 'Greybeard Regiment'

The Greybeard Regiment consisted of men 45 years old & older from the state at large. Iowa was the only state of the Union to raise such a regiment.

star 38th Iowa Infantry

star 39th Iowa Infantry

star 40th Iowa Infantry

star 41st Battalion Iowa Infantry

star 44th Iowa Infantry

star 45th Iowa Infantry

star 46th Iowa Infantry

star 47th Iowa Infantry - 100 Days

star 48th Battalion Iowa Infantry - 100 Days

star 1st Iowa Colored Infantry; 60th US Regiment.


star 1st Iowa Cavalry

star 2nd Iowa Cavalry

star 3rd Iowa Cavalry

star 4th Iowa Cavalry

star 5th Iowa Cavalry

star 6th Iowa Cavalry

star 7th Iowa Cavalry

star 8th Iowa Cavalry

star 9th Iowa Cavalry

star Sioux City Cavalry


star 1st Battery Artillery - Griffith's

star 2nd Battery Artillery - Spoor's

star 3rd Iowa Light Artillery - Wright's

star 4th Battery Artillery - Goode's

Other Regiments

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star Northern Border Brigade

star Southern Border Brigade

star Company A of the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry

star See Larry Kinyon's Digital Library for more Civil War information from Volume 6 of the Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion.

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