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30th Iowa Infantry - Co. F

Red, White, and Blue

Roster and Record of IOWA SOLDIERS in the War of the Rebellion
together with historical sketches of Volunteer Organizations 1861-1866.  VOL. III

Red, White, and Blue

Anderson, Charles

Awalt, Ezekiel

Ballinger, John S

Barnes, Henry B

Barnes, John W

Baughn, Charles

Bence, Philip H

Bigley, Alexander

Bigley, Jacob

Blything, William

Boise, William H

Brooks, Andrew J

Brown, Sidney M

Brown, Walker P

Brumley, Ambrose

Brumley, Joseph

Burton, George

Carter, David

Carter, George W

Carter, Joshua

Cary, Augustus E

Caswell, Ransom

Colliver, John

Conaway, Richard W

Cox, James H

Cruise, William H

Daniels, Jason

Daugherty, Alpheus

Bolton, John

Drake, Robert E

Duncan, William J

Ford, John E

Fox, Alexander

Gandy, George W

Gandy, William H

Glasgow, John G

Grider, Jacob

Grosvenor, James

Halbirt, John H

Hays, Thomas

Hendrickson, James

Hill, Charles H

Hill, John R

Hotchkiss, Lucien L

Inskeep, Oliver W

Inskeep, Philander H

Jarvis, George W

Jarvis, James T

Jones, Chester

Law, John W

Lawson, William J

Lee, Howard M

Longfellow, Ransom

Macy, Reuben W

Martin, William A

Master, William D

McBride, William

McClaskey, John

McDonald, Henry

McMaines, Samuel H

Miller, George A

Mingee, Henry

Moore, William H

Moses, Chester

Newell, James P

Nichols, Thomas E

Noble, James B

Ober, Oliver F

Phelps, James H

Phelps, Thomas J

Philips, Joshua

Pierson, Robert M

Price, Nathan L

Richner, David

Rits, John W

Rullman, John A

Russell, James H

Sample, James B

Shearer, Benjamin W

Sidewell, William

Small, Daniel

Spurgeon, Francis

Swan, Enos

Taylor, William.  Age 32.  Residence Davis County, IA.  Nativity Virginia.  Enlisted Aug. 13, 1862.  Mustered Aug. 26, 1862.  Died of disease March 13, 1863, Memphis, TN.

Taylor, William H.  Age 18.  Residence Troy, IA.  Nativity Iowa.  Enlisted Aug. 13, 1862.  Mustered Aug. 26, 1862.  Mustered out June 5, 1865, Washington, D.C.

Tharp, Giles

Toner, Thomas J

Traverse, Henry C

Van Boskirk, Richard F

Varner, Isaac C

Walker, John Henry

Walker, Joseph

Watson, Charles A

Watson, James

Wayland, Wilkinson B

Wells, Elijah

Wells, James

Wiley, David

Woodson, Shadrach J

Worthington, Francis

Wray, John B

Wynn, David

Red, White, and Blue

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