19th Infantry

Company A

Enrolled in Lee County

copyrightę2005 Norma Jennings

                        The following is a list of the men in the original organization of the 19th Infantry, Company A..





Bruce, John Captain Lawyer
Sprott, Thos L. 1st Lieut Farmer
Powell, Norvill 2nd Lieut. do
McIntyre, B. F. 1st Serg't Carpenter
Ballinger, Wm.. Serg't Student
Etheridge, Hiram L Serg't Clerk
Dial, Thos Serg't Miner
Knight, Eugene Serg't Stone Cutter
Snyder, Hiram Corp. Farmer
Cotton, Bruce W. Corp. Machinist
Phillips, T. F. Corp. Printer
Schroeder, J. Henry Corp. do
Dickey, Edmund A. Corp. Tailor
Burch, Oscar G. Corp. Clerk
Boyer, John M. Corp. Farmer
Anderson, D. G. Corp. Plasterer
Parks, Fred. Wagoner Teamster
Anderson, R. C. Private Farmer
Adell, Howell G. Private do
Best, John Private do
Ballard, Julien Private do
Bain, Albert Private Brick Maker
Baltzell, Wm. B. Private Farmer
Coulter, Andrew Private Shoe Maker
Coleman, James M. Private Farmer
Chilton, Joseph Private Miner
Cooper, Joseph Private Farmer
Clark, Isaac, Private do
Frederick, Jacob Private do
Glassford, Wm. Private do
Games, John M. Private Laborer
Games, Benj. F Private Clerk
Goodwin, Benj. F. Private Musician
George, Wm. Private do
Hoffman, Ge. Private Teamster
Haisch, Jacob Private Farmer
Hawthorne, R. A. Private do
Harrison, Wm. Private Shoemaker
Howard, John Private Farmer
Holstein, Otto Private Clerk
Heaton, Elmore Private Farmer
Jones, Harrison Private do
Jones, Phillip Private do
Jones, Isaac Private do
Johnson, Henry Private do
Judd, Chas. H. Private Clerk
Lakin, David A. Private Farmer
Leming, Daniel C. Private do
Lyon, John W. Private do
Laughery, Thos. Private do
Lambert, Peter Private Gardener
Link, Geo. W. Private Farmer
Marshall, Thos. J. Private do
Mason, Jasper K. Private Cooper
McVeigh, Wm. H. Private Farmer
Marks, Geo. A. Private Miner
Mitchell, John Private Engineer
McMannis, Patrick Private Laborer
McCulley, Wm. S. Private Farmer
Pence, Joseph C. Private Miner
Pearce, Fred. A.N. Private Book Binder
Pashan, Thos. F. Private Blacksmith
Paine, Wm. Private Farmer
Quary, Alex.` Private do
Robertson, David A. Private do
Root, Jacob Private do
Reumer, Benedict Private do
Bellihan, Thos. Private Laborer
Ryder, Henry Private Farmer
Ryder, Dan. Private do
Stuart, Wm. Private do
Schmidt, Chris Private Blacksmith
Sortwell, Norman Private Cooper
Simmons, John Private Cooper
Stevenson, John P. Private Farmer
Sheetz, Andrew Private Farmer
Sheetz, Eli Private do
Sprott, James Private Engineer
Schafer, Conrad Private Carpenter
Taylor, Alex. M. Private Farmer
Towner, Chas. W. Private do
Trimble, Jasper Private do
Uttley, James Private do
Wilkins, David A. Private do
West, Wm. H. Private Baker
Wise, Daid Private Raftsman
Wright, Chas. A. Private Farmer
White, Joseph Private do
Walker, Andrew R. Private Blacksmith
Webb, Jesse W. Private Clerk