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Letter from J. F. Nixon of the 11th Iowa Infantry Company G
submitted by Jan Morrison

Saint Louis, Mo, June 1, '98

Dear Comrade

I received your brief note concerning pension and will say it will afford me pleasure to do anything for you that will promote your chances in securing a pension that is reasonable and right.  I well remember you and your service on the march to the sea and in fact throughout your intire service.  I remember you were from Keosauqua Iowa to which Bill Black who was killed at the battle of Shiloh, Richardson and Dan Kennedy was in the same squad with you that was assigned to Co. G 11th Iowa.  I could give you the names of many comrades but if you only require one affidavit perhaps mine will do.  You might refresh my memory some in your case as I remember your eyes did seem weak and you often placed your hand on hip as though in distress.  I may ask of you an affidavit shortly as I have asked a rerating in my case.  My trouble was the spine and it was rehurt in front of Atlanta.  Eph Stultz and I were carrying logs for head protectiion when he stumbled and let his end of the log fall, knocking me silly.  I can write you more extensive about my trouble.  I am trying to locate Stultz. Billy Hummil of Burlington ought to know of him as they were great cronies and bunk mates.  Milt Lehew is in Kansas City, Tommy Lehew and his father are dead quite awhile.  Tom Miller was in Manhattan Kansas.  Mat Paxton is at Rome Iowa.  Nicodemus Wooly are in Iowa.  Ed Lockwood is dead.  Bub Turney is still living.  I know of others and can find their addresses.  Your old friend Eph Lewis must be dead, the noisest man in the 11th Iowa, he could get up a breeze anytime.  Now I don't want to tire you so I will close hoping you will be successful and that you may live long and prosper.

Your old friend and comrade in arms
J. F. Nixon

I have a wife but no family.
I have moved to 2735 Chesnut, St. Louis Mo 

Red, White, and Blue

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