Annett post, g.a.r, no. 124


Annett Post, G. A. R., No. 124. Was duly organized at Spencer and officers installed February 10, 1883. They were: Commander, Cyrus McKay; S. V. C, E. Boyer; J. V. C, B. P. Huff; Adjutant, J. N. Andrew; Sergeant Major, G. H. Deggins; Chaplain, L L. Foster; O. M., A. T McConnell; Officer of the Day, W. B. Davidson; Guard, J. P. Evans. It has a membership of about seventy-seven. The Post was organized with forty-three charter members, as follows: W. R. Davidson, E. Boyer, B. P. Hough, Henry Green, D. C. Gillespie, William T. Fizell, M. H. Marshell, Edward Files, W. J. Salisbery, C. W. Hoxie, C. B. Fairbanks, A. H. Miner, J. J. G. Knowles, T. H. Jones, J. N. Andrews, Perry Hodge, James B. Barry, James Fred, G. M. Smith, E. Pickering, Cyrus McKay, T. O. Phelps, H. J. Goodell, J. P. Evans, H. K. Frain, A. B. Walters, George H. Diggins, C. E. Case, A. F. McConnell, Charles Goold, Peter Kress, A. H. Cheney, H. C. Crary, Scott Case, L. M. Rood, Walter Bedford, W. A. Stone, J. C. Tabor, John Andrews, P. E. Randall, R. A. Coats, I. L. Foster and George Andrews.

The following are the names of the deceased soldiers interred in Riverside cemetery, Spencer, Iowa. W. H. Roth, G. W. Stephenson, A. Fuhr, Peter Bergeman, D. Faulkner, S. C. Bascome, J. M. Carr, Walter Bedford, J. Wade, C. E. Waste, U. S. Waste, H. S. Bender, Charles Carver, S. J. Reynolds, J. B. Annett, S. A. Haines, S. K. Purdy, C. Dalley. A. W. Miller, W. C. Savage, R. B. Jones, A. Woodruf, J. N. Andrews, C. D. Hendershot, A. S. Hatch, H. S. Woodard, R. Roberts, J. Hovey, A. Hovey, W. M. Deane, L. M. .Marr, J. Cottrell, H. D. Parsons, W. W. Been, S. Wilson, W. J. Dailey, J. W. Stebbins, D. T. Jaynes, J. P. Evans, Delos Secor, A. M. Dye, M. M. Smith, D. F. Janes, T. P. Doty. W. R. Tubs, Alphius Adams, Ashley Smith, P. E. Randall, Chris Green, Thomas Smock, M. L. Marshall, F. P. Kress, C. G. Tinkham, Adam R. Wheeler, W. H. Austin, T. C. Dood, George Bassett, P. F. Marker, Jasper Messenger. J. C. Barry, John McConnell and Henry Thurier; making a total of sixty-two.

PAST POST COMMANDERS. Now living Time of Service Now living Time of Service E. Boyer 1885 T. H. Jones 1893 J. P. Evans 1886 L. Whitney 1894 A. F. McConnell 1887 N. T. Wilcox 1899 W. T. Fizell 1888 J. C. McCoy 1901 W. P. Bowman 1889 J. S. Ade 1904 A. H. Cheney 1890 J. P. Mills 1906 Thomas McQueen 1891

W. T. Fitzell, Enlisted Aug. 21, 1862; Co. K, 29th Wis. inf. Discharged June 22, 1865. Close war.
T. H. Jones, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862; Co. H, 22d Wis. inf. Discharged Sept. 7. 1863. Disability.
A. F. McConnell, Sergt., Enlisted Aug. 21, 1862; Co. B, 23d Wis. inf. Discharged July 14, 1865. Disability.
W. E. Rose, Priv., Enlisted Jan. 4, 1863; Co. F, 34th Iowa inf. Discharged August, 1865.
Corp. W. H. H. Clark, Enlisted 1861; 3rd Iowa battery. Discharged Oct. 23, 1864. Disability.
James Ashborn, Enlisted Aug. 17. 1862; Co. G. 6th Iowa cavalry. Discharged Oct. 17, 1866.
G. O. T. Tindall, Enlisted May 7, 1864; Co. C, 145th Ill. inf. Discharged May 20, 1866. Close.
N. C. Harvey, Enlisted Dec. 24, 1863; Co. H. 2nd Wis. Discharged July 16, 1865.
Corporal. J. H. Peck. Priv., Enlisted May, 1864; Co. D, 45th Wis. inf. Discharged Sept., 1864. Exp. of term.
Scott Case, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 26, 1861; Co. C. 11th Wis. inf. Discharged Aug. 19, 1863. Loss of left leg.
E. Boyer. Priv., Enlisted Oct. 11. 1864; Co. E. 52nd Ind. inf. Discharged July 21, 1865. Close.
A. Seibel, Corp., Enlisted Sept., 1861; Co. F. 8th Iowa vol. Discharged June 18, 1865. G. O. No. 19
C. W. Hoxie, Priv., Enlisted Oct. 7, 1864; Co. I, 13th Wis. inf. Discharged July 25, 1865. Close
J. O. Jackson, Enlisted Sept. 7, 1861; Co. D. 12th Wis. inf. Discharged June 3, 1865. Close
N. T. Wilcox. Priv., Enlisted Oct. 20, 1861; Co. D. 102nd N. Y. inf. Dischargcd Dec. 24, 1864. Exp. of term
H.B. Paige, Enlisted Nov. 27, 1861; Co. K. 7th New Hampshire. Discharged June 5. 1863.
Serg. Cirt J. C. McCoy, Priv., Enlisted Sept., 1861; Bat. I, Wis. L. A. Discharged Oct. 22, 1864. Sergt.
John Andrews, Priv., Enlisted May 9, 1864; Co. A, 46th Iowa inf. Discharged Sept. 27, 1864. 100 days.
D. C. Palmer, Priv., Enlisted 1864; Co. D, 35th Wis. Discharged 1866.
Corp. C. L. Hayes, Sergt., Enlisted Aug. 26, 1862; Co. F, 157th N. Y. inf. Discharged June 20, 1865. Wounds.
Dr. J. C. Collister, Enlisted May 7, 1864; Co. F, 138th Ill. inf. Discharged July 14. 1865. Close.
L. Whitney, Enlisted Aug. 30, 1864; Co. C. 146th Ill. inf. Discharged July 7, 1865. Close.
J. T. Ade, Enlisted July 4, 1863; Co. A, 43d Ohio. Discharged May 16, 1866. Close.
D. L. Ryder, Enlisted Sept. 3, 1864; U. S. N. Discharged Aug. 26, 1865. Close.
John Watts. Priv., Enlisted July 4, 1862; Co. H. 21st Iowa inf. Discharged July 15, 1865. Close.
D. M. Green, Enlisted May, 1861; Co. E. 34th N. Y. Discharged Sept. 20. 1865. Close. Picture of Peterson
J. W. Phelps, Enlisted 1863; Co. I, 20th Iowa inft. Discharged July 15, 1866. Close of term.
A. Paddock, Enlisted Aug., 1862; Co. D, 96th Iowa inf. Discharged May 12, 1865. Close of term.
J. W. Hartman, Enlisted Jan., 1864; Co. B, 46th Ill. inf. Discharged 1865. Close of term.
Alex. Hayman, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 30, 1862; Co. K, 105th Ill. inf. Discharged May 12, 1865. Close of term.
D. F. O. Cuttell, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862; Co. A. 24th Iowa inf. Discharged Nov. 7, 1863. G. S. wounds. George Kindelspire, Priv., Enlisted June 24, 1861; Co. H, 7th Mo. inf. Discharged June 16, 1863. G. S. wounds.
J. Wamsley, Priv., Enlisted Aug., 1862; Co. B, 94th Ill. inf. Discharged Sept., 1864. Disability.
E. D. Chamberlin, Enlisted Sept. 2, 1864; Co. H, I. H. art. Discharged June 15, 1865. G. O. 53.
P. W. Madden, No description.
S. L. Cutshall, Priv., Enlisted Oct. 1, 1863; Co. B, 4th Iowa cav. Discharged Aug. 8, 1865. Close.
A. M. Jones, Corp.,Enlisted Sept. 3, 1864; Co. G, 211th Pa. inf. Discharged June 2, 1865. Close.
E.Wetherby, Priv., Enlisted May 10, 1864; Co. D, 47th Ill. inf. Discharged Sept. 24, 1864. Close of term.
W. W. Culver, Corp., Enlisted Aug. 2, 1862; Co. A, 33d Wis. inf. Discharged Aug. 9, 1865. Close of term.
John Riley, Priv., Enlisted Feb., 1862; Co. C, 12th Ill. cav. Discharged Sept., 1865. Close of term.
William Steel. Priv., Enlisted Dec. 3, 1863; Co. A. 1st Wis. cav. Discharged July 19. 1865. Close of term.
M. E. Grififin. Priv., Enlisted Aug., 1862; Co. F, 21st Iowa inf. Discharged June, 1865. Close.
Jos. O'Brien, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 6, 1862; Co. K, 187th Pa. inf. Discharged Aug. 3, 1865. Special Order.
Ira Sargent, Priv., Enlisted Oct. 17, 1864; Co. D, 4th Iowa inf. Discharged July 24, 1865. Close.
J. A. Alexander, Priv., Enlisted Aug., 1862; Co. K, 22nd Wis. inf. Discharged June, 1865. Close.
Luke Becket, Priv., Enlisted June 16, 1865; Co. D, l0th Iowa inf. Discharged Sept., 1865. Close.
Charles O. Harriss, Enlisted Nov., 1861; Co. I, 16th Wis. inf. Discharged Dec. 25, 1865. Close.
B. F. Lowrie, Priv., Enlisted Oct., 1862; Co. K, 56th N. Y. inf. Discharged Oct. 16, 1865. Exp. of term.
Edgar Miner, No description.
A. H. Cheney. First Lieut., Enlisted Sept. 1, 1862; Co. E, l0th Vermont. Discharged Sept. 30, 1865. Major.
D. C. Gillespie, Priv., Enlisted June 16, 1864; Co. E, 12th Wis. Discharged July 16, 1865.
G. M. Bisbee, Priv., Enlisted July 21, 1861; Co. A, 6th Kan. vol. Discharged July, 1865. Close.
W.W. Claypool, Priv., Enlisted Sept. 4, 1861; Co. G, 5th Mo. cav. Discharged Nov. 11, 1864. Exp. of term.
Thomas McQueen, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 27, 1862; Co. A, l00th Ill. inf. Discharged June 16, 1864. G. S. wounds.
George W. Wright, Priv., Enlisted May 7, 1864; Co. H. 132nd Ill. inf. Discharged Oct. 17, 1864. 100 days.
W. P. Bowman, Priv., Enlisted Oct. 19, 1864; Cos. K, I, IH, Wis. art. Discharged June 28, 1864. G. O. 28.
John Patton, Priv., Enlisted Jan. 4, 1864; Co. W, 6th N. Y. H. A. Discharged Jan. 22, 1865. Wounds.
D. H. King, Priv., Enlisted Dec. 19, 1862; Co H. 33rd Wis. int. Discharged Sept. 4, 1865. Close.
H. Green, Second Lieut., Enlisted May 19, 1861; Co. F, 49th Wis. inf. Discharged Oct., 1865. Close.
William Yates, Enlisted May 9, 1864: Co. E, 40th Wis. reg. Discharged Sept. 16, 1864. Close of term.
J. S. Fadden, Priv., Enlisted Sept., 1861; Co. B. l0th Wis. inf. Discharged Dec. 1864.
J.H. Morgan, No description.
John Adams, Priv., Enlisted June 10, 1864; Co. A, 9th Iowa inf. Discharged July 18, 1865. Close.
J. D. H. Wright, Priv., Enlisted Aug. 6, 1862; Co. I, 1st Drag. Discharged Jan. 30, 1865. G. O. 83.
L. E. LaBrant, Priv., Enlisted June 16, 1864; Co. C, 17th Ill. cav. Discharged Nov. 24, 1865.
Sergt. J. S. Ada, Enlisted Sept. 1, 1861; Co. H. 17th Ohio inf. Discharged July 20, 1865.
Sergt. Frank Wright, Priv., Enlisted Feb. 1, 1865; Co. F, 147th Ill. inf. Discharged 1866. Close.
D. J. Logan, Enlisted March 1, 1864; Co. G, 145th Pa. inf. Discharged 1865. Close.
J. P. Mills. Priv., Enlisted Aug. 27, 1864; Co. E, 43rd Wis. inf. Discharged July 6, 1865. Close of war.
J. H. Doty, Enlisted Feb. 22, 1864; Co. C, 12th Reg. Wis. inf. Discharged July 15, 1866. G. O.
J. B. Walters, Wagoner, Enlisted Oct. 22, 1861; Co. M, 4th Iowa cav. Discharged Aug. 8, 1865. G. O. 3.
George Tercy, Priv., Enlisted July 4, 1861; Co. C, 17th Iowa inf. Discharged Jan. 25, 1865. Close.
T. P. Powell, Enlisted March 1, 1865; Co. K, 55th Wis. inf. Discharged July i, 1866. Close.
B. B. Offine, Enlisted March 2, 1864; Co. G, N. Y. inf. Discharged Jan. 18, 1865. Close.
G. R. Warde. Priv., Enlisted Feb. 24, 1864; Co. B, 29th Iowa inf. Discharged Aug. 1, 1865. Close.
D. C. Gillespie, Priv.‐Enlisted June 6, 1864; Co. E, 12th Wis. inf. Discharged July 16, 1865. Close.
A. J. Goodell, Priv.‐Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862; Co. E, 113th Iowa inf. Discharged June 20, 1865. Close.

THE PRESENT OFFICERS OF ANNETT POST. J. S. Fadden, Commander; L. F. LaBrant, Sen. Vice Commander; T. H. Jones, Jun. vice Commander; T. P. Powell, Chaplain; Dr. J. C. Collister, Surgeon; George W. Tercy, Officer of the Day; J. B. Walters, Officer of the Guard; J. P. Mills, Quartermaster; George Kindelspire, Quartermaster Sarg.; D. F. O. Cuttell, Adjutant; Thomas McQueen, Sergt. Major; Thomas McQueen, Patriotic Instructor.
There is a total of seventy-seven members.
~Source: 'HISTORY OF CLAY COUNTY, IOWA FROM ITS EARLIEST SETTLEMENT TO l909', BY Samuel Gillespie and James E. Steel, pages 177-182
~Transcribed and submitted by Kris Meyer