Roster and Records of Iowa Soldiers, in Miscellaneous Organizations

Vol. VI

Roster and Records Index

Page 273

(Jefferson County)

Winthrop D. Peck, Captain. William H. Williams, Captain.
John A. Ireland, 1st Lieutenant.  

Burris, Jacob. Age 33. Residence Abingdon, nativity Ohio. Fourth Sergeant.

Duke, William L. Age 18. Residence Abingdon, nativity Virginia. First Corporal.

Fresh, George. Age 49. Residence Abingdon, nativity Ohio. Second Corporal.

Gantz, John. Age 55. Residence Brookville, nativity Pennsylvania. Fifth Sergeant.

Harrison, Hugh. Age 44. Residence Abingdon, nativity Ohio. Second Sergeant.

Ireland, John A. Age 35. Residence Brookville, nativity Virginia. First Lieutenant.

Peck, Winthrop D. Age 47. Residence Abingdon, nativity New Hampshire. Captain.

Smith, John.

Thomas, William I. Age 23. Residence Competine, nativity Wisconsin Third Sergeant.

Tousey, Iredell. Age 28. Residence Richland, nativity Indiana. First Sergeant.

Williams, William H. Age 22. Residence Competine, nativity Tennessee. Second Lieutenant.

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