Volunteer Census
County Townships
2015 Mar Frank Dunwoody 1885 Cedar ALL
2014 Sep Frank Dunwoody 1885 Jackson ALL
2013 May Frank Dunwoody 1885 Allamakee ALL
2012 Nov Polly Eckles 1925 Henry Marion, ...
2012 Sep Marilyn Jacobs 1925 Polk  
2012 Jul & Dec Christine Gorball 1925 Winnebago ALL
2012 May Constance McDaniel Hall 1940 Dallas ALL
2010 Feb Allan S. Hoaglund 1885 Ida Blaine, Hayes, ...
2010 Feb Constance McDaniel Hall 1930 Dallas ALL
2009 Apr Constance McDaniel Hall 1885, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1900 Dallas ALL
2003 Aug Cheryl Westfall 1885 Johnson partial
2009 Sep Eleanor B. McCleary 1836,1838 ALL ALL
2009 May Eleanor B. McCleary & Team 1856, 1905 Muscatine ALL
2009 May Jeff Wright 1905 O'Brien partial
2009 May Jeff Wright, Don Harrington 1925 O'Brien parial
2009 May Charlene Hixon 1895 Muscatine Pike
2009 Apr Amy Tores 1860 Dallas Boone
2009-May-21 Winifred McNabb 1856 Marshall ALL
2009-May-14 Winifred McNabb 1856 Cerro Gordo ALL
2009-May Betty Fudge 1925 Iowa ALL
2009-Apr-24 Norma Radiske 1895 Cerro Gordo ALL
2009-Apr-24 Norma Radiske 1905 Cerro Gordo Geneso
2009-Apr-24 Norma Radiske 1995 Franklin Ross
2009-Mar-27 Ernie Braida 1925 Marion ALL
2009-Mar-05 Jeremiah Guild 1895 Hamilton ALL
2009-Mar-05 Jeremiah Guild 1895 Webster ALL
2009-Jan-28 MaryAlice Schwanke 1885 Hancock ALL
2008-Oct-23 Sharyl Ferrall 1895 Allamakee, Winnebago ALL
2008-Aug-29 Karen Baker 1925 Pottawattamie ALL
2008-Aug-05 Sarah Thompson 1885 Montgomery ALL
2008 Jul Colleen Ossman 1905 Hamilton ALL
2008-Jul-23 Ernie Braida 1956 Marion ALL
2008-Apr-26 Sharon Wolford 1925 Wright ALL
2008-Apr-23 Joey Stark 1925 Jefferson ALL
2008-Apr-23 Joey Stark 1895 Jefferson ALL
2008 Mar Norma Jennings, Marcia Arn 1925 Washington ALL
2008-Mar-28 Washington Co. Team! 1885 Washington ALL
2008-Mar-14 Brian Garlick 1885 Pocahontas ALL
2008-Jan-26 Jean Charbonneaux 1885 Linn ALL
2007-Dec-15 Joey Stark 1915 Jefferson ALL
2007-Dec-14 James A. Lane 1885 Cherokee Silver
2007-Oct-23 Brian Tullis 1915 Madison ALL
2007-Oct-18 Teresa Walton 1885 Hardin ALL
2007-Oct-10 Mary Shoning Klauer 1885 Woodbury Lisbon Twp
2007-Oct-10 Mary Shoning Klauer 1885 Ida Battle Creek Twp
2007-Oct-10 Mary Shoning Klauer 1885 Crawford Willow Twp
2007-Oct-10 Joey Stark 1885 Jefferson ALL
2007-Sep-04 Peggy Kelly 1885 Clinton ALL
2007-Aug-20 Polly Eckles   New State Census Project Assistant!
2007-Aug-08 Evelyn Kotouc 1885 Iowa English & Filmore Twps
2007-Aug-01 Sue Soden 1849 Benton ALL
2007-Aug-01 Sue Soden 1852 Benton ALL
2007-Aug-01 Sue Soden 1856 Benton Polk & Benton Twps
2007-Jul-02 Peggy Kelly 1852 Clinton ALL
2007-Jul-02 Peggy Kelly 1856 Clinton ALL
2007-May-02 Joey Stark 1852 Jefferson ALL
2007-May-02 Joey Stark 1855 Jefferson ALL
2007-May-02 Joey Stark 1905 Jefferson ALL
2007-Apr-20 Polly Eckles 1854 ALL The remaining Censuses!
2007-Apr-10 Barbara Hug 1925 Jasper partial
2007-Apr-03 Sally Youngquist team 1854 Lee ALL
2007-Apr-03 Sally Youngquist team 1905 Lee ALL
2007-Mar-30 Jennifer Shaw 1856 Delaware ALL
2007-Mar-30 Polly Eckles 1852 Henry ALL
2007-Mar-30 Polly Eckles 1856 Henry ALL
2006-Nov-01 Matt Mead 1885 Wayne ALL
2006-Sep-26 Cathy Labath 1925 Palo Alto ALL
2006-Aug-03 Sandy Mullins 1856 Page ALL
2006-Mar-28 Mike Larson 1885 Union Creston Twp
2006-Mar-28 Mike Larson 1895 Union Creston Twp
2006-Mar-08 Lisa Cretsinger 1856 Greene ALL
2006-Feb-08 Todd Ehlers 1885 Clayton ALL
2006-Jan-08 Cathy Labath 1925 Henry Rome twn & Tippecanoe Twp
2005-Oct-14 Ernie Braida 1856 Jasper ALL
2005-Oct-06 Cindie Meincke 1856 Calhoun ALL
2005-Sep-20 Sheryl McClure 1895 Osceola ALL
2005-Jul-27 Cindie Meincke 1856 Carroll ALL
2005-Jul-27 Cindie Meincke 1856 Dubuque ALL
2005-Mar-31 Dennis Fogleman 1895 Ringgold ALL
2005-Mar-25 Carrie Scharf 1856 Cass ALL
2005-Jan-11 Donna Deebach 1925 Butler ALL
2004-Sep-08 Constance Diamond 1852 ALL The remaining Censuses!
2004-Sep-07 Constance Diamond 1852 Fremont ALL
2004-Sep-07 Sharyl Ferrall 1852 Clayton ALL
2004-Jul-28 Steve Williams 1851 Iowa ALL
2004-May-12 Ronald Mackey 1925 Plymouth ALL
2004-May-05 Rich Lowe 1852 Van Buren ALL
2004-Apr-30 Polly Eckles 1856 Audubon ALL
2004-Apr-12 Cathy Labath 1925 Scott Buffalo town
2004-Apr-12 Cathy Labath 1856 Henry Center Twp
2004-Mar-23 Judy Wight Branson & Kent G. Transier 1849 Madison ALL
2004-Mar-23 Judy Wight Branson & Kent G. Transier 1851 Madison ALL
2004-Mar-23 Judy Wight Branson & Kent G. Transier 1852 Madison ALL
2004-Mar-23 Judy Wight Branson & Kent G. Transier 1905 Madison ALL
2004-Feb-27 Polly Eckles 1856 Adams ALL
2004-Feb-27 Annetta Tang 1885 Adams ALL
2004-Feb-03 Polly Eckles 1856 Adair ALL
2004-Jan-20 Sally Haverly 1885 Story ALL
2003-Dec-23 Thomas Dryden 1895 Poweshiek ALL


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