Cedar County, Iowa
Family Stories

An Old Settler's Story
The old mail carrier’s story (George Albin) from the days of the coach to the night plane.

Callie Mae Bumgarner is Named Tomato Queen, 1930

A Story on Andrew Crawford and Col. David W. Walton
who settled in Cedar County in 1836

A Story in the History of My Community
Cedar County’s Contribution To the Abolition of Slavery

A Story in the History of My Community
Hoover family among the founders of the Quaker village of West Branch in Cedar county.

Aunt Mercy Sailor Just Won't Grow Old, 1929

Brief Sketch of Aunt Sallie Cowgill, 1903

Dual Drowning In Cedar River Saturday, 1921

Earl Elijah, Master Farmer, 1929

F. J. McCoy's Claim
as First Child Born in Cedar County, Iowa

Former Resident Writes of Herbert Hoover, 1928

Forty-Fifth Anniversary of Hoover's Mother's Death
(Hulda Randall Minthorn Hoover)

Gin Seng Land $80,000 an Acre (Dick Witte)

Hoover Cradle Is Found

Family of LeRoy Duane Melton

James Safley (1812-1880)

J. H. Morton Has Gavel From Wood Of First Courthouse

John Ross One OF Few Veterans Of War of 1812

Life Story of a Prominent Woman, Ella Wilkerson Johnson, 1921

Local Sport History ~ Lewis Kohl wrestles Martin Burns

Micheal Maher of Cedar County, Iowa
Bringing His Family History To Life

More Light on West Branch History
T.T. Barrington Family

Oldest Mason Raised in Iowa
Alonzo Shaw, Resident of Tipton

President-Elect Hoover Thanks Newt Butler For Gift Of Corn, 1929

Rise of Dwight Oxley, 1926

Rochester Legend Still Persistent (Sarah Bernhardt)

Scholtz / Sholtz Family Story

Some Early Day People
Family of Mae Lulu Walker Hillyer

The Life of My Grandfather by Vesta Waters

Was First Tipton Editor Same Man As Judge Who Freed Wyatt Earp?
Records Show It Was Wells Spicer

West Branch in the Early Seventies (1870's)
by Albert W. Jackson, 1926

West Branch Times
by Albert W. Jackson, 1926

West Branch Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by Albert W. Jackson, 1926

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