The first settler in Lafayette township was James Collier, who settled, in 1850, on the northwest quarter of Section 15, where he opened a blacksmith shop.

Soon after, J. G. Baker settled on Section 26.

The next year James Estep, W. 0. Edgington, John Buckmaster, Daniel Walters, Isaac Null, Samuel Armstrong and Wm. Wilsey made settlement.

In 1852 Wm. Powell, Samuel Buleh, E. M. Wright, Nathan Peyton, Nathaniel Harris and his brother, and M. Sumner arrived and settled in this township.

Among those who came in 1853 were Mason Eveland (who first located in Jackson township in 1851), W. A. Felton, John Miles, Horace Wallace, John Worthington, Edward Tyrrell, Wm. Vandiver, Justis Hall, Joshua Stufflebeam and Albert Goforth.

The first election held in this township, as at present organized, was held December 25, 1858. The following officers were elected: Clerk, W. V. Lucas; trustees, Thomas Dudgeon, Samuel Lease and Wm. Vandiver; justices, W. W. Norris and L. B. Ostrander; constables, N. A. Miller and Henry Eveland. The township had been organized December 6, 1858.

The first religious service was held at the house of Mason Eveland in the spring of 1853, by Rev. Andrew Goforth, a Baptist minister.

The first marriage was that of Aerial Rima to Miss Harriett Freeman.

The first birth was a son to E. M. Wright and wife, in 1852. The child died in about three months, and this was the first death in the township.

The first church organization was effected by the Rev. James Skillen, in about 1856.

The first postoffice was established at Spring Lake, on Section 17, in 1857, with Edward Fairhurst as postmaster.

A water power sawmill was built in the township in 1858, as already has been stated, and a steam sawmill was built in 1857. It was at first located on the west side of the river, where it remained for about six months, when it was moved to the east side and located on Section 16.

There is no town in the township, and much of its early history already has been told.

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