Much of the early history of this township has been given in the early history of the county, as it was here that the first settlement was made. At the time of the first settlement, about one-half of the township was covered with timber, but at this time, 1918, much of it has been cut and the land is now being cultivated or used for pasture.

An account of the early settlers and early happenings has already been given in the early history of the county.

In this township there was organized, in an early day, a society to protect the claims of early settlers against "land sharks" and claim jumpers. This did much good in helping the actual settleri in protecting their claims. It remained in existence until the county was organized.

The first election was held at the house of James Bevard, April, 1855, and there were 64 votes cast. The following persons were elected to office: Trustees, Wm, Kern and E. J. Messinger; clerk, G. A. Michael; justices, Humphrey Hogan and W. P. Harris; constables, H. B. Boyd and W. Hogan.

The township of Jefferson was organized March 17, 1858. It has but one town, that of Denver.

Denver—then Jefferson City—was laid out by Jeremiah Farris. The surveying and platting were done by Matthew Farrington. The plat was filed for record March 20, 1856.

During the year 1856 a blacksmith shop was opened by John B. Ackerson. Powell & Farris opened a general store. Sabin Cooper opened a cabinet shop. J. Schukar engaged in wagon making and David Biggs began shoe making.

A postoffice called Breckenridge was established in 1856 or 1857, Alexander Flemming being the first postmaster. About 1863 the present name, Denver, was given to the postoffice, and later to the town.

Denver has grown to be a fine, thriving town, being up-to-date and chuck full of enterprising people. All lines of business are represented. It has good schools and two good churches. Besides its stores and shops it has one bank, a steam sawmill, a creamery, a water works system and an electric light plant. It is surrounded by some of the best farm lands in Iowa, which are also among the best improved.

Denver has good railroad connections, by way of either Waverly or Waterloo, being on the W. C. F. & N. electric railway.

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