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Civil War Burials

Cemetery Addresses PDF file, courtesy of Boone County GIS.

Boone County Iowa Cemeteries Map     Boone County Iowa Cemeteries Map
The map above left was provided by Cathy from the Ericson Library in Boone. The numbers on the map match the "Map #" in the table below. The base map is a copy (19 Oct 2000) of one found at the Ericson Library in Boone, Boone County, Iowa. The colored borders of the townships, cities and county were added to a scanned copy of the base map. Please see the lower right corner of the image for full source information of the original map.

The map above right is newer, but has slightly different numbering.

Cemetery Map PDF file, courtesy of Boone County GIS.

Known burials outside of cemeteries

The following is a complete list of cemeteries in Boone County. In addition, there are many cemeteries just outside of Boone County. View the neighboring counties list for cemeteries known to have many Boone County residents interred there.

Map # Cemetery Township Burials Map
1 Bass Point Des Moines Burials View
2 Beaver Amaqua Burials View
41 Bethel Owen Pilot Mound See: Linn View
3 Biblical College (Private Land) Des Moines Burials  
4 Bluff Creek Yell Burials View
5 Boone County Farm Poorhouse Dodge Burials View
6 Boone Memorial Gardens Des Moines Burials View
7 Buckley (Private Land) Yell Burials View
8 Cass or Cass Township Cass See: Liberty View
9 Cassel Douglas Burials View
30 Center Harrison See: Mackey  
47 Clark Colfax See: Rose Hill (Colfax)  
11 Cole Cass See: Dalander  
11 Dalander Douglas Burials View
10 David Peoples
Peoples Burials View
12 Dunkard Colfax See: Olive Branch  
11 Elk Rapids Douglas Burials  
13 Fairview Douglas Burials View
14 Fairview Union Burials View
16 Garden Prairie Garden Burials relocated and land farmed. View
17 Glenwood Marcy
18 Grace Episcopal Church Columbarium Des Moines Interments  
19 Grand Ridge
Amaqua Burials View
43 Grant Grant See: Lawn  
20 Hickory Grove Yell Burials View
21 Hillsdale
Garden Burials View
22 Holloway (Private Land) Marcy Burials View
23 Hull
Worth Burials View
9 Iowa Lutheran Home Douglas See: Cassel  
24 James Gildea (Private Land) Worth Non-Cemetery Burial View
25 Latham
Des Moines Burials View
43 Lawn
Grant Burials View
26 Leininger Dodge Burials View
8 Liberty Cass Burials View
27 Linn Pilot Mound Burials View
29 Maas Amaqua Burials View
30 Mackey Harrison Burials View
31 Maple Grove Amaqua Burials View
32 Milton Lott Grave Yell Non-Cemetery Burial View
33 Mineral Ridge Dodge Burials View
34 Mitchell Jackson Burials
59 Moerke Grant See: Union  
34 Mitchell Grove Jackson See: Mitchell  
35 Moore (Private Land) Union Burials View
36 Mount Hope Douglas Burials View
  Mount Olivet Marcy See: St. John's Catholic View
38 Oak Grove Des Moines Burials View
39 Oakwood Marcy Burials View
12 Olive Branch Colfax Burials View
10 Peoples Peoples Burials View
41 Pilot Mound Pilot Mound Burials  
42 Pleasant Hill Marcy Burials View
43 Prairie Lawn Grant See: Lawn  
44 Quincy Marcy Burials View
45 Renner Grant Burials View
31 Rinehart Amaqua See: Maple Grove  
7 Riverland Yell See: Buckley  
46 Rose Hill (Yell Township) Yell Burials View
47 Rose Hill (Colfax Township) Colfax Burials  
48 Runyan (Private Land) Pilot Mound Burials View
49 Sacred Heart Des Moines Burials View
50 Sarah Dinwoodie (Private Land) Worth Non-Cemetery Burial View
51 Schlicht (Private Land) Pilot Mound Burials View
52 Shafer-Gear (Private Land) Pilot Mound No listing View
53 Sparks Marcy Burials View
54 Squire Boone Worth Burials View
  St. John's Catholic Marcy
55 St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Harrison Burials View
56 St. Peter and Paul Catholic Harrison Burials View
57 State Hospital Cass Burials View
21 Swede Point Douglas See: Hillsdale  
58 Swede Valley Lutheran Marcy Burials View
59 Union Grant Burials View
31 United Brethren Amaqua See: Maple Grove  

Boone County Veterans buried in
Iowa Veterans Cemetery in
Dallas County

60 White (Private Land) Dodge Burials View
57 Wood Meadow Cass See: State Hospital View
29 Zion Lutheran Amaqua See: Maas